Your circle of friends determines your life pattern.

Your circle of friends determines your life pattern.

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there is a saying:

be careful, it is true.

your circle of friends, to a large extent, determines your vision and height, as well as your life pattern.

what kind of life you will have with the kind of person you are with.

walking with the wise is extraordinary, but with the fool, he is doomed to mediocrity.


the old saying

probably means that the canopy grass grows in the hemp field and can stand without support; when the white sand is mixed into the black soil, it will become as black as the soil.

A bad circle of friends will only have a negative impact, and may even determine the direction of a person's life.

for example, I have a college classmate named Brother Chao.

because he is usually righteous and easy-going, he often organizes people to participate in a variety of community activities during the university, and his abilities in all aspects are very outstanding.

so even people of the same age like to call him "Brother Chao".

imagined that Brother Chao must have made a success in society in the future, but he never thought that he had completely changed in just three years.

it turns out that not long after graduation, Chao's family was designated as a demolition household.

he lost several apartments and a lot of money at once, and he thoroughly experienced the feeling of "getting rich overnight".

but since then, Chao's circle of friends has also begun to change.

the friends around him began to change from the working class to some local small openers and "dismantling the second generation".

even we old classmates are beginning to alienate.

under the leadership of his "rich" friends, he became addicted to gambling and quit his job.

shuttling between clubs and casinos all day long, spending a lot of money and losing tens of thousands of dollars in one night.

after experiencing the sweetness of sudden wealth, you will be more greedy for money.

at the end of last year, I heard that he had invested in a new club of casino friends.

I thought I could make a profit and collect high profits, but I didn't expect that when the epidemic broke out, the situation was not good, and the casino friend directly rolled the money and ran away.

the reparations for demolition, together with work savings in previous years, all went up in smoke overnight.

in a short period of 3 years, I watched him rise a tall building, entertain guests, and see his building collapse.

those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black.

as the writer Jia Pingwa said:

with positive friends, you will only become more motivated;

with friends who aim too high, you will only become lazy and greedy.

on the journey of life, everyone you meet and everything you do is quietly affecting your fate and determining where you will go for the rest of your life.

you become the person you choose to be with.

you will have what kind of life you choose to enter.


there is a saying on the Internet:

if you go with the excellent, you will go farther; if you go with the enterprising, you will go more steadily.

recently, all 6 students in high achiever dormitory # rushed into a hot search.

there are six sisters' dormitory majoring in journalism in Hebei University, of whom three are admitted to graduate school and three are admitted to graduate school.

the children in this dormitory usually urge and encourage each other and sit in the front row in class.

whether it is the postgraduate entrance examination or the postgraduate entrance examination, the process of preparing for the exam is lonely and hard, and they have become the most solid dependence on each other.

for them, admission to graduate school is just the beginning.

the six of them have already promised each other that they will continue to forge ahead and strive for a higher place to meet.

perhaps people have long been familiar with this kind of "high achiever dormitory".

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but the truth is never out of date-a good circle of friends really has a great influence on people.

whether many parents make painstaking efforts to create conditions, they should also let their children strive to be admitted to a good university;

it is the same truth that many people in society have broken their heads and want to join a more advanced circle of people.

when you get close to good people, you will become better yourself.

excellence is a habit, and getting used to it is contagious.

when people around you have good habits, it will make you better and better;

when people around you have bad habits, it will only make you more and more depraved.

I wonder if you have such an experience?

if you have colleagues who stick to fitness, you will unwittingly start exercising;

if you have friends who like reading, you will slowly start to read;

and even sometimes your words and behaviors will gradually be similar to those around you.

because people are very typical environmental animals, it is easy to change themselves due to the influence of the surrounding environment.

when other people around you are working for something better, you also have a certain sense of urgency, unwittingly, influenced and infected by them, and slowly change yourself according to their behavior.

there is a question and answer on Zhihu: what kind of experience is it to be with excellent people?

one of the high praise answers is:

because we all have the instinct to be bright and close to good things.

so, when we get close to "that light", we will try our best to shine when we have nothing.


has always believed in a social theorem:

that is, what kind of people you come into contact with, you will.What kind of person you become.

what kind of people you live with, your life will be like.

what kind of people you want to spend the rest of your life with is a proposition worth thinking about.

for the rest of your life, may you

stay away from lazy people and get close to hard-working people.  lazy people are happy for a while, but this feeling of happiness will not last.

when you stay with lazy people for a long time, you will become lazy yourself.

before you know it, this habit has taken root in your mind.

at this time, it is not easy to get rid of a bad habit.

stay away from ferocious people, get close to good people

people with heavy hostility, their hearts are dark and violent, and they always can't control their behavior and temper.

No matter how much harm their actions will do to others, they don't care.

such people, although they are not hurting you at the moment, it is difficult to guarantee that they will not hurt you in the future.

if you want to live a more peaceful and normal life, get closer to good people.

because kind-hearted people, they will only bring warmth and thoughtfulness, and you will feel more at ease when you are with them.

people who stay away from negative energy, those who are close to positive energy

writer Li Shanglong said:

emotions are the most contagious, and people with negative energy will only add traffic to you.

Life is not easy, no one likes to be depressed, and no one will give up casually.

if you can, be sure to stay away from negative people and get close to someone who gives you positive energy.

Life is short and time is limited.

I hope you can meet someone who will make you better and better together.

I hope you can strive to be a better person and have a better and comfortable circle.