This is a world without sense of security.

This is a world without sense of security.

Why do you live more and more without sense of security?

this afternoon, after I bought several concert tickets with a certain app and left too much personal information, my account was stolen. The other person not only used my qq account to post pornographic pictures in all groups at the same time, but also opened Qzone, which I have stopped using since 2011, and posted a lot of false information, including a large number of personal records, including diary details and daily photos in those years.

everyone has things they want to keep, even if they don't look great at all, like an old diary that is at the bottom of the family's grocery room and won't touch it easily, and one day there's a bear kid who turns it out and reads it out loudly, but you can't do anything about him.

Want to look like a fairytale princess in a magnificent rose colored bridesmaid dress without spending a fortune? This is the part for the unique, as you.

it's a small thing, but it took my insecurity to a climax. At dinner, I said to my companion, "it's like sense of security has collapsed all of a sudden these days. I don't know why recently. Wherever I go, my heart is hanging in mid-air."

A girl asked me for help in a panic a few days ago. After her friend was misunderstood by a second-hand object transaction on the Internet, she was misunderstood by an unrelated third party, a marketing public platform, and put all her personal information, including ID card and phone number, online on po. After it was later confirmed that the incident was a misunderstanding, the tweet was deleted, but the subsequent harassment continued. The other party didn't even have an apology or even an explanatory tweet, and threatened them not to take legal action, threatening to further smear them.

she wants us to come out and talk about it, but after our analysis, we can only suggest that it is more effective for her to coordinate with the other party or call the police directly. These days, I have been bitter about not helping them, and her last sense of powerlessness: "being threatened, public opinion allows them to manipulate at will, and it is even more difficult to safeguard their rights. Why do we have no choice but to admit defeat every time we can do nothing?"

I don't easily say "I know how you feel" to others every time, because you will think, "how can you know how I feel?" just like if someone says, "I don't have sense of security," it's hard for you to understand. is her so-called "no sense of security" a hypocritical groan, or is she really in a great panic?

from the Liuyan bridesmaid incident, the Heyi Hotel incident, and the Chang'an woman murder incident, sense of security has become a hot keyword in this society overnight. Think of an article about "sense of security" that I wrote before but didn't post it.

what is the experience of people living with a sense of insecurity for a long time? For example, I often do an experiment in which I walk on the road, close my eyes and give my hand to the person next to me. I have done this experiment many times, and each time I can only experience a strong sense of panic, and then I find that I can't give my hand to one person at will, just like I can't fall asleep in any car unless the driver is my parents.

or maybe I can go out without my keys, but I never go without money. A group of people plan to travel, and I have to participate in every detail of the ticket and hotel itinerary. Before leaving, I wrote a note of more than 800 words, including what time you should go out tomorrow at the latest. I will always make a reservation for an hour. I never believe that they will not be late. But with my family, it doesn't matter if I don't take money with me. Wherever I go, it's always something I didn't think of. They help me figure it out.

friend An once tried to sleep in a hotel room with a classmate of the opposite sex because of her work. When she woke up the next day, she watched the sunrise on the balcony, boiled water, wrote her work schedule for the day, and wrote a 3000-word paper. He asked A, "wake up so early?" A said, "I didn't tell him, but I haven't slept for a second." It's strange that I don't feel like I don't trust him, but I just don't sleep like a pig when I'm with family or friends. "

I was anaemic. The only friend I trusted in the class, he sat far away from me. I walked through the crowd and walked up to him with only a little consciousness left. Later, when I heard him say, I pinched his arm and said "help me" in a very low volume with my mouth closed, I fell down. So when you are in a strange and untrusted person, not to mention no one you know, it's like, "I'm going to die. I don't know what they're going to do with my body after I die."

when Tong C came to see me at school, we talked about this topic on fake grass. I asked her why it was like this, and was it just me? She said that many people who don't have sense of security when they grow up may be due to the influence of childhood.

when I was a child, I was almost suffocated by a quilt. I was afraid of claustrophobic space when I grew up, and I was afraid to take the elevator alone. I was nearly killed when I was immersed in the water. I was afraid of water when I grew up, so I didn't dare to take a boat or swim. I have been robbed, so now when someone comes near, I will subconsciously step back two steps as a warning.

has been harassed, so I reject unnecessary physical contact with ordinary people; being followed, so walking at night will take three steps and one turn back. Every time people laugh at me that I'm too old to drive, and almost all my peers around me have driver's licenses, I don't tell them what it feels like every time I get in a car accident that a big truck will hit me in the next second.

I am a rational and sane person, but I still can't escape to suspect the person I like. That sense of insecurity is not that I can't find him or I see him with another member of the opposite sex. What's worse, he's standing right next to you. You don't know where he is. I have been forcing myself to do one thing, which is to keep my trust in a person to a minimum. The advantage is that every time they do something beyond the minimum value, I can feel a great surprise rather than disappointment. Later, I found that if I said "I believe this person", it would be a more valuable and tearful thing than I love this person.

"drinking with friends before school starts, he doesn't."I would drink until I threw up, because I was lovelorn, and then I told him not to drink. He said, "it's all right. Anyway, I know I can get home safely with you guys."

one night I chatted with a friend I didn't know until three o'clock in the morning on the playground. In fact, our lives were very different. They were the kind of friends I said he didn't understand, and I felt incompetent. But we were able to talk a lot about emotions that had never been exposed to people before. At that time, I asked, "Why do you rest assured to tell me these things? we don't know each other very well." He said, "trusting a person is never about being familiar, is it?"

I tried to track down a man anxiously in the noisy venue. When you saw him standing there, like feet floating in the air for centuries, suddenly landed on the ground, there were so many people in the square. I only saw him at that moment.

when I experience panic and emptiness for no reason, I will call that person, the other person does not have to ask me what happened, as long as he answers, I will feel at ease, because I just want to make sure that this person is there.

A few days ago, my friends sneaked to the school from two cities to see me, because work left them out for two days. I promised to watch a movie with them on Saturday afternoon, but I couldn't get away because I had a temporary appointment to talk about work. When they waited for me in the cold wind for more than two hours, I was in the warm coffee shop like spending a boring afternoon chatting with each other. How I wear away their trust in me little by little.

more than two hours later, the scheduled afternoon tea time was already dinnertime, and when I showed up full of guilt, there was a bag of cold medicine in front of me. In the two hours when I stood them up, they walked a few kilometers in a strange city, on a remote campus, to buy such a bag of medicine, which was divided into coughing, cold coughing instead of hot coughing, colds, eating now and when it was serious. That's a symptom I don't even know.

actually I don't know what "sense of security" is

, but I know what makes me feel at ease.

I know that no matter how late I am,

there will always be someone waiting for me.

I know that no matter what I do wrong,

someone will stand up for me.

I know that no matter how desperate I am, as long as these people are around, I won't starve to death.

you can be shrewd and capable in front of others, and you must overcome all difficulties and be omnipotent. In front of you, you only need to be a retard. Every time the pressure is so great that you want to escape, just want to put everything off as an ostrich, buy a ticket to leave, and the end of the ticket is where you are. I appear in front of you, there is no need to say any reason, you will directly take me to dinner.

is such a sense of trust, when you are poured cold water by others, when you are discouraged by various social situations, you know where to find this warmth. The feeling may be that you are out in the rain, even if no one will jump out and send you an umbrella, but you know that there must be a cup of ginger tea for you.

I will try my best to overcome my insecurity by myself, but before I do that, I want to thank everyone who is willing to prepare a cup of ginger tea for me on a cold and rainy day, and everyone who is willing to lend us a hand when we are helpless. Like Jia Ling of Liuyan, the female tenant of Jiuwan, thank you, let us find a little bit of sense of security in the great sense of insecurity.