Even if the heavy rain turns the city upside down /I will give it to you

Even if the heavy rain turns the city upside down /I will give it to you

It's all because I spent a rainy day with you. It would be happier to watch the rain alone.

what to do when it rains? I miss you so much

Mother of Nanquan

it seems that rainy days are always associated with "missing".

maybe the gloom of rainy days can evoke the sadness of missing; maybe the continuous raindrops seem to be intermittent; maybe the memories of rainy days are always a little sad.

A rainy day is like a flood of emotions.

I miss you, you on a rainy day.

the heavy rain missed in those years  the love missed in those years

I want to hug the courage you missed

Hu Xia, in those years

when I was in high school, I had a crush on my front desk.

he is a very good-looking boy in a white shirt, with a bit of a slim back. When he looks at the blackboard and takes notes in class, he can't help but wander away from his back.

at that time, I was so shy that I was often too nervous to take the initiative to say a word to him. When he turned to ask me about my homework, he almost dared not raise his eyes and lowered his head so low that he quickly buried it in his exercise book before he dared to talk to him about it.

the only thing I can do bravely is to watch his back for a long time.

once there was an evening self-study when it suddenly began to rain. In the classroom, everyone is quietly learning, the slight sound of fans turning and pen strokes touching the paper, while outside the window is the patter of rain, the sound of dripping on the leaves, and the sound of cars driving past, plunging into the puddles of the road, splashing water.

Indoor and outdoor, the tacit understanding is like music in the rain.

he suddenly turned around and asked me, "do you have an umbrella?"

clutching the pen, I didn't get back to myself. I bowed my head and hurriedly said, "No, no."

all of a sudden, he handed over a neatly rolled up umbrella: "take mine, you will walk home after class."

I took it foolishly with my head sideways, and my heart seemed to be covered with raindrops and wet.

do people become very careful on rainy days?

his sudden concern is unexpected to me, and I don't know why. Perhaps it is a unique surprise in secret love-non-emotional care, but it gives me endless fantasy and joy.

I just remember that I went home with his umbrella as happily as I ate honey. I also remember that since then I have been looking forward to borrowing his umbrella again on a rainy day. I remember that every time it rained, I remembered my secret love in a white shirt.

although there is no result, the memory of the rainy day is the most beautiful result for me all the time.

the most beautiful thing is not the eaves that have sheltered from the rain with you on a rainy day.

Zhou Jielun, the secret that cannot be told

has met a very nice boy.

what do you call it?

once, I had a contradiction and argument with him. Both of them got angry when they tried to take me home.

he tried not to speak loudly to me, but his whole face was gloomy. I was also in a bad mood, curling my mouth and blackening my face, as if I was more worried than the rainy days outside the house.

he took me downstairs with a big umbrella. It was raining cats and dogs, like who knocked over a huge basin of water, falling heavily one by one.

No one is in a good mood, and the atmosphere is awkward and silent.

he walked on my left and opened his umbrella. When I walked into the rain curtain, I moved 2/3 of the umbrella to my side.

when I was still angry, I still didn't say a word.

"are you cold?"

it was the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The rainy night is also chilly.

". Cold. "

he stopped at the roadside. Silently, he took off his coat and hung it on me.

"put it on and don't catch a cold."

when he took off his coat, he was left with a sweater that looked so thin. I pursed my lips, my breath didn't go away, but my eyes were sour, and I felt very complicated. Silently put on his clothes, the big coat covered me all over.

he stared at me emotionally, put on his coat, and then pulled me on.

raindrops are patting on the umbrella. Standing here, I was covered by his umbrella, connected to his arm, surrounded by a piece of heaven and earth in the rain curtain. He over there, half of his shoulder is outside, and his clothes are drenched.

as I bit my lip, I was in tears.

actually, I don't know what "very good" should be. But when there are contradictions, still think of you, for your sake. Here is the umbrella, the coat and the heart. I think it's "very good".

the most unforgettable thing is the edge of the umbrella you moved on a rainy day.

I tried to hold your hand on a windy day

but the rain is getting so big that I can't see you

Zhou Jielun, sunny day

Huang Weiwen wrote a lyric like this: "it's all because I spent a rainy day with you, and it would be happier when I was alone watching the rain."

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wet streets, dripping Rain Water's eaves, slightly wet hair tips, raised corners of clothes-because we have experienced a rainy day together, all rainy days will be full of memories.

Love at first sight on rainy days, shelter on eaves on rainy days, break up on rainy days, hold the same umbrella on rainy days, watch a movie on rainy days, read a book on rainy days, run outside and get drenched on rainy days, walk in raincoats on rainy days, take pictures of rain scenes with cameras on rainy days, there are too many people and cars on the street in rainy days, and people in busy streets get drunk at night.

-when it rains, it's like a prelude to a play, with different stories-- soundtrack with the sound of rain, rainThe romance of the sky, the embellishment of raindrops.

the protagonists in rainy days are constantly parting and meeting each other over time.

and whether they have said goodbye, drifted away, or met for the first time and came slowly, they all quietly left traces, intertwined and parted in the rain.

I remember every rainy day and every wisp of thoughts surrounded by rain.

just like this umbrella, I remember you.

what should I do when it rains?

-you know, even if the heavy rain turns the city upside down, I will give it to you.