When we graduated, we agreed to meet again.

When we graduated, we agreed to meet again.

If you say goodbye, you really don't have goodbye.

Z Jun is a guy who likes playing lol so much that he chooses to live a life upside down day and night from the night after graduation, so we all call him "Doctor Z". Because in a TV series about doctors, which was so popular at that time, the image of doctors working constantly at night and sleeping during the day was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, just like Z's daily routine.

when I painstakingly told Dr. Z to stop playing lol all night, he scratched his hair and looked at me with two dark circles under his eyes. He said: "in fact, I only play at night because the good friend I play with is only free in the evening, so if we want to play duo que, we can only make use of the evening time." He's like my only comrade-in-arms, and you girls can't understand this relationship. "

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when I heard the word "only", I realized that lol really has emotion in it for boys. It's not just a game. So I broadened the topic and asked him if the people he played lol with were "friends" in their hearts. Z replied without hesitation, "not only a friend, but also a comrade-in-arms."

it turns out that Z Jun will play games with him in separate groups and chat. I thought boys would only put their girlfriends on top. It turned out that there was a top out of this emotion.

it turns out that the friendship between boys can be very simple because they play games together.

it turns out that for so many years I have misunderstood that games simply mean "doing nothing".

it turns out that boys do not necessarily play, that is to say, far more than games, but those "brothers" who gang up together for so many years.

maybe Z Jun's "love" of the game can be explained from another angle. His "love" of the game is proportional to "the importance of the people who play games with him to him." How important people are, sometimes it may be reflected in the severity of Z's dark circles under the eyes.

if the friendship between boys is so simple that you can start with the sentence "which district are you lol from, my Zuan?" At first, the girl's should be sensitive and complicated. But this "little" is really limited to "a little". For example, girls can get sense of security and be recognized from the sentence "Hey, accompany me to the bathroom", because for girls, going to the bathroom, going to dinner, and doing morning exercises are all "activities" that need company. Once this sentence comes out of a girl's mouth, it generally means that it is equivalent to "you are my good friend." So we will be together in everything we do. "

once one day, a girl sees that she is the only person who thinks she is "the only one who can go to the bathroom together". She goes to the toilet hand in hand with her new deskmate. It is simply a silent drama in her heart, "what did I do wrong? why did she snub me?" "Why didn't she ask me to go to the bathroom?" "can we still have lunch together?" "will people think we had a fight?"

some people even say that the friendship between girls begins with hating the same person and ends with liking the same person. "

I used to think that the term "possessiveness" can only be talked about in a romantic relationship. It turns out that in a girl's friendship, because a woman is naturally sensitive, it will lead to possessiveness, probably just like love. Afraid of giving all the time but being replaced by others. Especially in this combination of three people, once two people talk about one person together and the other person does not know the topic, the atmosphere will immediately become interesting. An and B do not know that C feels bad, C does not know when An and B know only things she does not know, An and B will discuss privately what happened to C afterwards.

"A girl's friendship needs a sense of existence and company. It's not necessarily how important the other person is to play with her, but there must be a reason that you don't want to be left out. Because it's so hard to eat and go shopping alone. " Miss G said this to me in such a miserable tone that I had to agree with her.

maybe you think that this kind of friendship is just companionship, but you can't deny that for some people, companionship is friendship.

but no matter how important our comrades-in-arms are, or those who are bored with each other all the time, the friendship we once thought was "very important" will die quietly and slowly.

it's like burning charcoal. You don't know when it's going to go out completely, but you know it's no longer hot. But sometimes we will choose "long pain is better than short pain". We will say goodbye to each other at some point in time and extinguish the friendship with one or two bottles of tearful beer.

well, that time node is graduation season.

in this parting season, we raise our glasses, hug each other, wish each other a happy graduation, keep everyone with photography, and try to keep the rest of our youth.

and low-light customization can just tailor your youth photo album for you.

they will help you keep precious moments with the most professional attitude and design.

at the same time, they are also messy together to do a photo collection activity that "at this moment, the tide will never return". This time we will draw 100 fans and customize their own photo albums.

you give us the photos and we'll give you back your memories.

of course, the way to preserve memories is not just photo albums. For example, I think of my grandmother when I smell ginger, my best friend when I eat Spicy Hot Pot, and disorderly when I drink Vitasoy. And all these memories are because they have a real visible and tangible basis.

I looked at the note in the cupboard. The notes written by her had passed through the four front and back tables of that year before they were sent to the edge of my desktop penholder, but there were only nostalgia, not yearning.

but after all, that's what we lack.In the female era, it was only after that that I learned that the word "good-bye" in some scenes actually meant "never to see again", so now I seldom say "good-bye" to anyone. Because after saying "good-bye", it is often followed by a "take care", and there is only a farewell to the cherished scenes.

because I know I can't go back one day, so I keep reminding myself to remember this moment. But it turns out that no matter how much you remind yourself, it is useless. You will not experience loss until you graduate, and you will regret not having cherished it. I desperately shoot, using the lens to keep precious memories, to discover.

it's not that you regret not cherishing it, but that you really want to go back to the past.