Is your nuisance important to me?

Is your nuisance important to me?

Remember, no reservation never means no scruples.


"the writing is too bad, pass."

"this article is not interesting at all. I don't know what I'm talking about."

We get messages like this every day, and most of the time I choose to ignore them, because we know that the other person doesn't know anything about chaos, so there's no need to argue with them. But sometimes I can't help writing a lot of long speeches in anger, but after clicking on the reply, I found that I couldn't reply to each other at all, because he had already closed it.

so since such people show up every day, you might as well write an article like this and reply to those who like to say "I hate you" to others.

if you are not the kind of person who likes to say "I hate you" to others, you can also hide this article, because in the long road of life, this kind of person will come to you and give you a cold punch. At that time, remember to throw this article in their face.


when we were young, when we were at odds with our good friends, we would run up to him and say, "well, I hate you."

and look back with disdain after saying that, and be sure to smile at the corners of your mouth. Remember, smile, and the more frivolous the better, not sad, because when you are sad, it will be revealed. Even though he used to be your best friend, the game officially began the moment he said "I hate you". We should pretend to be chic and disdain, with the look of "there are so many things in the world to replace you" to prove that the other party is vulnerable and dispensable.

as long as you do all the above, you can reap your trophies. But this trophy is not that we really get a person to hate, but a real sense of existence.

Why? I'll answer this question later.

in fact, the sense of existence is a very subtle emotion, it is like oxygen, sufficient people never care about them, but scarce people are willing to do whatever it takes to get them.

when we were young, we always thought we were unique, but we didn't know until we grew up that we were nothing. Especially when we went to college, we could find our sense of existence through our grades before, but now we can't even see a lifesaver.

I don't know what "career planning" is.

I don't know how to make others like me.

I want to improve my ability, but I don't even know what my ability to work is.

so now can you understand why so many freshmen want to join the student organization? Because only by finding a place in the organization and taking a title can many people feel that they have finally done something in college. And this "do something" is a sense of existence.

while another part of people will choose to work, take part-time jobs, trade time for experience, and exchange money. The moment I got my salary, I felt that I had lived a full life.

but there is another way to find your sense of existence without time or interview.

as I said above, you can gain a sense of existence by saying "I hate you" to someone you hate.

because the sense of presence can come from hurting each other. The more sad you make the other person, the stronger your sense of existence will be, because it will make you feel "I am important".

I have a friend who often travels everywhere, mostly on his own. During the summer vacation, she said she was going to make a pilgrimage to Tibet to feel the power of religion. In the first few days, she would post her thoughts and thoughts in Tibet to her moments. From the photos, we can see that he was very happy. But slowly, he sent fewer and fewer moments, sometimes only one sentence: "Today is very happy, I wish you a very happy."

I commented on him, why not put the picture out.

he didn't reply, but talked about me directly in private. He said: "every time I post a picture, someone always tells me what it means to travel poor, and that the altitude sickness in Tibet is very uncomfortable. I don't want to post it again if I see too much of it."

I said, then delete all those people.

he told me helplessly that they were all friends he knew.

I am unfair for him, but he is also the kind of honest man. I can only post a circle of friends silently: "if you find me pretending, please don't expose me, because exposing me won't do you any good."

I don't know since when, poisonous tongue seems to have become an advantage, especially for some girls, who seem to be honest when they say a few foul words. Some rules have been thrown away, and people do not have to worry about anyone's face. as long as they are in a good mood, others can be in a bad mood.

is it really hard for you to take care of the other person's feelings? I have no idea.

The impressively beautiful maid of honor dress sequin is on the most affordable sale. The collection is in different beautiful materials.

and I don't know how bad you have to live in life, so some people will choose to use this method to gain a sense of existence.

remember, no reservation never means no scruples.

besides, is the nuisance of strangers important to us? Actually, it doesn't matter at all. Because if you were a little better and more motivated, you would have "trained" a group of friends who can feedback the real information in time, and you also know which seniors you can consult when you encounter a bottleneck, instead of listening to the criticism of self-righteous strangers.

so block up those who don't take care of your feelings, which can save you a lot of time and trouble.

believe me, this is the most cost-saving way, there is no one.


A while ago, in a mess, some people were willing to place advertisements. Every time we pushed, we would discuss with each other for a long time, and then write as good as possible.The article. But after the push, a classmate said backstage that we lied to him, like a liar.

I asked him, "Why did we lie to you?"

he said: "Literature and art should not have anything to do with money, and chaos becomes impure."

I asked him, "so should all creators starve to death?" Or ask your family for money all your life? We write day and night, thinking about how to write tonight's article at dinner, and how to write tomorrow's article in class. We've all left it all on it. Is it really dirty to make money because of writing now? "

he said, "OK, I understand."

I said, "that's good, thank you."

again, thank you for reading this article.