Don't always say you don't know anything.

Don't always say you don't know anything.

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"I can't write recently" and "I feel the bottleneck period".

\ "then experience more, get to know different people, and go to different places.

had it not been for a trip to Chengdu last week, the Inner Mongolia couple who had met the enthusiastic "planning to travel around the left half of China" on the train had seen the contradictions and frictions between the tenants in the shared house. When I heard "what is fluke and what is luck" in the communication with my predecessors, I don't think I would have realized a sentence: "people can't live too much of themselves. Limited to the current circle, they can only see the people in the circle." What you have achieved can only be the best achievement in the circle, and you have limited yourself. "

so on the return train, a friend asked me, "but I don't have the money to travel. What should I do?"

I said, isn't there a saying: "read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles"?

since you can't walk thousands of miles, you might as well sit here and read ten thousand books now.

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"all of a sudden"

it's full of surprises .