Wang Zepeng, where are you?

Wang Zepeng, where are you?

Wang Zepeng, my mother wants to see you.

the night before last, the eel whale and I launched a "battle for Wang Zepeng" in the comment area, and the editor-in-chief was teasing us, "I'll laugh at you two single dogs." but this doesn't stop us from imagining countless pink bubbles about "Wang Zepeng". We are constantly discussing everything about "Wang Zepeng", from height and appearance to what movies you like to eat spicy or sweet.

the result of the discussion is that we coincidentally put all our imaginations of our future boyfriends into this "Wang Zepeng".

"you can't find what you want, life is not so romantic, you can only find a make-do, and then slowly run in with him, two people change each other, is to change for each other, and finally slowly turn yourself and each other into what you want in the relationship."

because I know that you will never meet a man /girlfriend who meets your criteria. Orange wants a sunny boy who plays basketball with a sunny boy who is only two centimeters taller than her. Amo wants a gentle boy who can play the piano and wear a tuxedo, but ends up with a sloppy guy in the chemistry department of our school.

one day I asked Amo why he was with an otaku instead of 1.8 meters. Amo said, "you'll know later." when you meet the person you like, all your imagination about your future boyfriend can be invalidated. "

until you meet that person, all the criteria are unreliable.

I don't know who Wang Zepeng is, but the Wang Zepeng I imagined is very clear, because I put all the criteria into it, and it's irreplaceable, but I don't like it.

so you can't ask me "what is he worth to like?" I always insist that emotion is more real than reason. I always insist on "seeing feeling" whenever I have a feeling. I like it first, and then I am interested in slowly discovering what advantages he has. Instead of objectifying the other party first, see what his value can provide for me, and then decide whether to like it or not. This is not the case. "like" should not be like this.

if I like Wang Zepeng, I think he can be any kind of person, because I like him, so his height is the height of my ideal boyfriend; because I like him, he likes basketball or the piano. It will be my ideal boyfriend's hobby; because I like him, so his economic level is my ideal boyfriend's economic level.

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because I like you, you can be any kind of person. Only when I don't like you, will I say, "you're fine, but."

there is a saying that "the standard is always to prove true love in reverse. One day you can step on all your so-called standards for one person. Congratulations and find true love."

most of the time we work hard to prove that that person is not the one we are looking for.

who is Wang Zepeng? I don't know. I don't know when to find someone I like. I've been very confused recently. My mind was full of bitterness after a sudden scream last week. Then it took ten minutes to make a decision. I wrote this on my cell phone on an old tin train going northward. I know this time is really too numb. I don't know what I can feel, or even lose heart and indifference. It was written that night, "probably there is enough strength to embrace the blank, so it doesn't matter how long you wait, so it doesn't matter if you don't come. You know you're boring and you know you want to go, so she never stays. She's a bird with no feet."

Wang Zepeng, wait for me, wait for you.

the day Wang Zepeng appeared, I saw a Hong Kong film called Wang Jiaxin. The storyline is roughly that after the male lead Junxian ran into a girl selling tickets at the front desk at the cinema, he kept thinking about it. When he went back to her the next day, he found that she had resigned the day before, and then he began to look for the name on the nameplate in that impression-- Wang Jiaxin. When he called Wang Jiaxin all over Hong Kong and there were countless Wang Jiaxin around him, he was told that the girl was never called Wang Jiaxin, but Wang Baoxin. He broke down and cried bitterly that I must find her, but when Wang Baoxin accidentally appeared on the same bus a year later, he just watched her swipe her card and get off the bus.

the movie ended and the rain stopped outside the window. I wrote a sentence in my notebook that Wang Jiaxin, whom I had been looking for for so long, was just what I thought he was.

then Wang Zepeng appeared. recently, many people have been asking, who is Wang Zepeng, why are you looking for Wang Zepeng, and why does Wang Zepeng appear at the top of selected comments every night?

good question, because I don't know him either.

Wang Zepeng is looking for a girlfriend. We joked that "Don't go after school". Last night, everyone took turns asking who Wang Zepeng was. So I asked them, does it matter who Wang Zepeng is?

because whether he is Li Zepeng, Zhang Zepeng, Yang Zepeng, or Wang Zepeng, to us, he is just a code name, and we have been looking for that person's code name.

the Wang Zepeng I was looking for in primary school was like the flowers of Meteor Garden, handsome, tall, rich and talented. He must automatically shine for him as soon as he stood there. The Wang Zepeng I was looking for since junior high school is like Zhou Jielun, single eyelid, small eyes, not so handsome, not so tall, it doesn't matter, as long as he is talented. After high school, Wang Zepeng is like Eason Chan, although he has been fat and has short legs. The hairline keeps moving back, but it doesn't matter, he resonates with me.

but at that time, Wang Zepeng around me was always shorter than me, and he had enough money in his pocket to go to Internet cafes. His grades were always on the bottom and he never wanted to make progress. He would only use his Nokia phone to send me a message saying, "I want to know you better."

later, I don't know from which year, the height of Wang Zepeng around me went up, from which year, Wang Zepeng became very good-looking, and from which year, Wang ZepengBrilliant, which year, Wang Zepeng has the ability to pay the bill for dinner. When this year, there are many "excellent" Wang Zepeng around me, but I just want to go back to the Wang Zepeng who is not so "excellent", not so good at flirting with girls, and not so "tasteful". He will only come over and tell you, "I want to know you better."

over the years, Wang Zepeng's standards have been changing, the world is becoming more and more complex, and the standards are getting simpler and simpler. In fact, falling in love is nothing more than meeting a Wang Zepeng, leaving a Wang Zepeng, looking for the next Wang Zepeng.

on the day I met Wang Zepeng, I will know that there is no standard, because Wang Zepeng's standard is mine.

so, Wang Zepeng, no matter where you are, I will come to you.

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I hope there will be more fun jokes like "Wang Zepeng, leave the school gate and so on" in the comment area tonight. Let's pick you out and have fun together.