I hope you don't miss every opportunity to make progress.

I hope you don't miss every opportunity to make progress.

Really, heartfelt advice.


sometimes, we are all afraid to give and work hard.

because I am afraid that if I go in the wrong direction, it will be in vain. And effort and effort is a process, it does not necessarily mean a good result. As a result, I saw many college students playing all kinds of mobile games in class, rushed to their bikes after class, and then rushed to the dormitory with an one-shoulder backpack with nothing on their backpacks. When they got back to the dormitory, they were busy ganging up and planning to play.

for them, homework does not exist and occupation does not exist.

my place is so clear, because it was me two years ago. Although I was disorganized at that time, it was just one of my interests. It was nothing. It had no fans, no original logo, no advertising, no appreciation.

at that time, I was very confused. I wanted to join the student organization, but I found that I had already rubbished into the student organization and didn't need me. Instead of forcing a smile on my face, I squandered my life with the living expenses given by my parents. I went back to the dormitory to play with the computer and to the classroom to play with myself.

during that time, I didn't go to the library, take part in activities, watch interesting movies or write articles that other people like.

everyone has experienced that kind of time, that is to say, profligacy, but endless loss when preparing to go to bed at night.

and looking back on that time, I have no recollection of what I did. It's like a complete puzzle that loses several puzzles in succession for no reason. You know exactly what shape can fill those gaps, but you just can't fill them.

because the puzzle is gone.


as I have said before, to know how important effort is, you must first know what a sense of powerlessness is. But I forgot to explain what "powerlessness" meant at that time.

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for example, if you decide to run 8 kilometers every day, that is, 20 laps of standard track and field, you don't think it's a difficult task at first, but on the eighth lap, your legs start to get out of hand. each time the leg lift becomes more and more difficult, and you begin to struggle with your thoughts and persuade yourself that it is better to run next time.

then you insist on two more laps, and on the tenth lap you say to yourself:

"I've run 10 laps today, and no one can make it to the sky in one step." Add two more laps tomorrow, and you will be able to run 20 laps in five days. "

so you drag your tired legs back to the dormitory, and you feel powerless. You will inexplicably want to lose your temper with yourself, because you clearly know that you can run 12 laps today, but you have compromised and compromised with yourself. You know your weakness, but you can never overcome it. You can lie to others, or you can lie to yourself, but there is a feeling in your heart.

well, that's the sense of powerlessness.

Today, I went to chat with an elder who did ancient book restoration for an afternoon. At 12:00, I asked on moments if anyone could have dinner with me, and she talked about me privately.

at dinner, I asked her, "Why do you like such a job that doesn't have much money and takes a lot of time and patience?"

she smiled and said, "when I first came out, not only did I not know what I would do, I didn't even know what I liked. I was very confused at that time and kept changing jobs. It was not until I met my master that I realized that I liked the restoration of ancient books. Then I became a monk halfway, from a layman to being able to make a living on it.

in fact, the most important thing is not how much money it gives me, but that it makes me realize that there are so many possibilities in life. I am a junior college student, but in order to learn how to repair ancient books, I read all kinds of reference books and went to collect some dilapidated old books on the weekend to repair them myself. When you like something, you will overcome all difficulties to complete it, that sense of achievement, money can not be given. "

Yes, the sense of powerlessness makes us realize that we will die if it goes on like this, and the sense of achievement makes us feel like" I will go on like this even if I die. "


in fact, I say so much to tell you that people are going to be hired again. We still can't afford to pay for it, but if you're good enough, I'll help you earn as much living expenses as you can earn. We have income, but it all depends on your personal ability, because the money will never come to you on its own, and what I want to do is to get the money back with you.

it's a bit vulgar to talk about money, but I know that it's impossible to cheat and draw big cakes.

I would like to share all my experiences with powerful people, just as I did with eel whale, Tong c and Zero. I am also willing to work with people who have the ability to plan events, just like me and Cai Wei and Vivi in chaos. We are short of people, very short of people, but I know what it means to lack rather than abuse, disorganized as long as strong people.

use your work to talk to me. I will read every letter in my mailbox before April 13. If you don't get back to you, keep trying.

We are going to go to Guangzhou on June 18 to watch my sister's concert. I hope there will be you then.