The clutter in the headphones.

The clutter in the headphones.

I'll tell you "good night" in person.

there is a sentence from Montmartre's suicide note in the memo: "I really want to make a silent phone call. As long as you are on the other end of the phone, I can rest the phone."

I don't know if spring is coming. Recently, many people like to make all kinds of flirting /flirting moves backstage, for example, we received the guitar song "miss you so much", a cool selfie of a boy in front of Jiuzhaigou, and a continuous week of "good night" voice.

you have a lot of ideas. Thank you now.

in order for you to enjoy the same warmth, we tried to record an audio episode, excerpted from "how I wish you needed me" on April 12. I hope you can give full play to your teenagers' imagination and imagine what it looks like behind the voice. Then good night and sweet dreams.

if you have any ideas about our audio, you are welcome to put forward and discuss it together, because we also want to be more and more fun; if you want to say it, even if it is a voice "good night", you are welcome to leave a message. I don't necessarily reply, but I'll see it and hear it.