You will meet 29.2 million people in your life.

You will meet 29.2 million people in your life.

So don't miss your whole life for those 80,000 people.

yesterday I posted the following sentence:

it only takes a few seconds of deliberation to judge whether the rumor is false. To say that they are stupid is to tell them that verification is the first step, not to add a few warm words, it becomes a right word, no matter how warm it is, it is still wrong. I am unwilling to think for a few seconds, being laughed at and blaming others for not having enough quality. Think about the things behind it. Millions of people withdraw cash because of a low-level rumor and have such an interesting lesson, recognizing that they are stupid and will not die. Why don't you say, "Damn it, you still want to lie to me at this level?" Remember, something that doesn't fit your idea is right. Independent thinking is an ability, not a state.

I thought such words would not be accepted by some people, but I found that the number of fans increased after the words were spoken, indicating that the people I had attracted back before the chaos were exactly the people I wanted to attract. And I don't have to pretend not to see something to please people.

I sent the above paragraph to 16000 people, and not many people could read and reply to me, and some of them discussed with me rationally, praised me, and complained about life to me.

but there are two or three people who hate this paragraph, and one of them says:

are you stupid? Not everyone is born to doubt the world, we believe in truth, goodness and beauty, so we have no doubt in our bones. And you have been raped countless times in your hometown, and you hate rapists as well as the world.

I took this passage out to show you, not because he was in a mess after he finished, so I had to reply to him in the article. But because I want to tell you one thing:

"even if you have the opportunity to occupy a message record of 16000 people in a moment, in the end, only a few hundred people will seriously read what you say, and only 70 of these hundreds will communicate with you, and two or three of these 70 will certainly try their best to tell you that they don't like you."

that is to say, there are only two kinds of people in the world who care about you, except those who like you and those who hate you.

some people have calculated that we will meet 29.2 million people in our lifetime. So if you think about it, how many of these 29.2 million people will try their best to criticize us for no reason and hate us. There have to be tens of thousands of such people, right? They are usually a gentleman in their own life, but when they meet you, he can say that you have been raped countless times for no reason, just like the person above, until you become a sociopath and skeptical person.

especially in Weibo, moments, and even Zhihuli. Your chances of meeting them will be infinitely magnified, because they no longer worry about other people's feelings on the Internet, and their quality has become the last thing they want. They seem to be your destiny to fight, you can't avoid them, you always meet, and more than once, if you think I wish I had the bad luck to turn around this time, then you are very wrong, because next time he will hit you with a different face.

it's hard to like someone, but it's extremely easy to hate someone.

people will meet 29.2 million people in their lifetime, so let's not miss it for the sake of those 80, 000 people.

so there is only one solution, that is, to block them immediately, because they killed your time, blocked the faces of those 29.12 million people, and made you no longer believe in truth, goodness and beauty, but in fact, they are only 80, 000 of those 29.2 million people. As long as you meet one blocking one, you will find that the world is still so beautiful.

if the three values are different, it is good to block them.

PS: if you don't want to lose your manners, say goodbye before blocking, but I advise you not to do so, because I've tried.

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some people say that I am too radical. They just accidentally spread the rumor. I don't have to be so serious.

everyone says that the most important thing in general education is to learn to think independently, but independent thinking is not following the crowd, nor is it a maverick. It's not a state, it's an ability that determines whether you can sift through knowledge and then absorb and output it.

I just changed the way to tell you something that I don't know.