You just almost had the courage.

You just almost had the courage.

Actually, it's in your hand.


the most comments in all the past articles were "I don't want to miss you" at the end of last year, almost all of which pointed to the same meaning, "I dare not, I also want to tell that person what I think."

I don't know how many of the thousands of people who have read that article and the hundreds of thousands of people who have left messages have accumulated enough courage to "not miss it" in later time.

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if you haven't already, you might as well take a look at the @ Bai Jun cartoon drawn by Bai Jun from the official account "Little Bitch White apartment" tonight.

after reading the comics, good night.


there are too many courage lost because of "almost"

you will feel

or regret

, but the courage you have lost

is no different


Don't be afraid to worry

Don't hesitate to

take the last step bravely


is actually in the palm of your hand

Comics /Bai Jun  original Story /@ Zhang Chengzi and Orange  adapted /Bai Jun  March 21, 2016

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