You have to believe that my lies today are all true.

You have to believe that my lies today are all true.

The point is that I didn't say anything, so you have to read between the lines.

the advertisement copy of a certain brand of air conditioner was an "incomparably convinced" slogan called "one kilowatt-hour per night". According to this calculation, you only need to pay 30 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month to enjoy a cool sleep every night. At that time, my family bought this air conditioner for such a frugal and practical purpose, but we were surprised by the N-fold figure on the electricity bill at the end of the month. What about "only one kilowatt-hour per night"? Isn't this deceiving consumers?

when I grew up, I finally realized that the phrase "only one kilowatt-hour per night" didn't lie to me, but I just lied to myself. People only said that it was only one kilowatt-hour every night. It didn't say that it was only "half an hour" or "overnight"; but we understood it as "waking up every night from before going to bed to the next day, no matter how long it takes."

actually, it's because you choose to believe what you want to believe, because you prefer to enjoy air conditioning without paying high air conditioning charges, so when I tell you, "only one kilowatt-hour of electricity per night", this slogan that meets your needs and meets your requirements will be believed by you.

because you need it, you believe, at least, you pretend it's true.

if someone confesses his love to you today, do you believe it or not? I think the answer is obvious: if the person you like, you will believe that even if you already know that today is April Fool's Day, you will say to yourself, "he /she likes me"; if the person you confess is not what you like, then you will say, "Today is April Fool's Day".

of course, the copy of that brand's air-conditioning advertisement was later changed to "as low as one kilowatt-hour every night." this sentence is correct. "as low as" means that there is a lower limit and another starting point. To make it clear is that "at least one kilowatt-hour of electricity should be used, and there is no upper limit."

it didn't deceive you at first, it just partially concealed it.

it's like a saying in the press, "you don't have to tell a lie." this sentence has an embarrassment that both sides have their own intentions but know it clearly. No one asks you to tell a lie. You just don't have to tell the whole truth, that's all.

this reminds me of Mr. Ji Xianlin's "whether you are a spokesman or not, you should remember two things: one is absolutely not telling lies, and the other is not telling the whole truth." So, your ads on TV don't lie to you, it just uses the best products to give you the illusion that it's the same with you.

just like I said "I don't like you" on April Fool's Day, I really don't like you. Some words will be abrupt in person, so use a holiday to express it.

"I'm out."

"I support you."

"I let go of the former."

"Yes, I do."

"I just think of you as a brother."

"me too."

"if I had no money, would you still be with me?"

"definitely not."

"you go."

"OK, I'll go."

you see, just because today is April Fool's Day, either side of the above conversation is likely to lie and is more likely to take the opportunity to say something that can cover up embarrassment with the holiday even if there is no result.

Today you can refuse someone, or you can deny your heart, but before you refuse, before you deny it and run away, please think about it. Even if today is a holiday where you can lie, many people will tell the truth and spend all their courage.

there are some things I don't say today, if I don't take the opportunity to say it, maybe you won't say it at the last minute of my life. A girl commented the day before yesterday, "because I don't have the courage to see you owned by her."

if you can lie today, tell a lie so that the other person will know it is the truth.

people who think like you know that what you are trying to say today is between the lines, and he or she will know that what you are trying to say is what you did not say, not what you said.

when you say "I don't like you."

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I hope someone will say to you, "I like you, too."