You are the character of which cake you choose at first glance!

You are the character of which cake you choose at first glance!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

when a person makes a choice out of his own heart, he or she can see his true character.

actually, it's your subconscious.

now, let's take a test. What character is hidden in your heart?

you will have a better understanding of the subconscious of yourself and others.

which of the following six cakes do you like best?


choose A

you are a person who doesn't like complexity and advocates simplicity, and has his own unique taste.

in your heart, you know very well who is good to you and who is bad to you. You know how to distinguish between love and hate.

you have a good attitude towards your relationship, and you don't express your feelings easily. if the other person feels your love for him, there will actually be five points, and if you can feel five points, there will actually be seven points.

once you are in love, you will give 100%.

you have a strong insight, but you often see through people and things you don't like.

with high self-esteem, you do things decisively, always appear strong in front of outsiders, and are willing to gamble and not admit defeat.

you seem to have a dual personality, hot and cold, trying to follow the rules and a little rebellious at the same time.

this sense of mystery makes people want to explore.

when you treat strangers, you will be polite and keep a certain distance. It is difficult for people who do not know you well to know what you really think. In front of friends, you will become talkative. Once you identify this friend, you will cut both sides.

when you have something to worry about, you don't like to cause trouble to others and get used to solving it on your own.


people who choose B

you pay more attention to the practicality of things than good looks, and you are a person who can make a living.

for you, if you work with a procrastinator, lazy, ink person, you tend to become irritable and irritable.

because you can't accept too much procrastination, your personality is more direct and straightforward, and you are a little impatient. You will say what you have and do what you should do.

efficient is always your goal.

in life, you do not want to be bound by rules and regulations, do not have too many requirements on people, let alone struggle with bad people and things, and know how to let go in time.

after all, chic and comfortable is the most comfortable life.

in your life, you are simple, casual, natural, casual, will not over-consume, do not do grandstanding, will not be sharp, domineering, you oppose too formal romance, reject flashy things, and yearn for a real ordinary life.

you are magnanimous and attach great importance to your family. You want to protect your family from the wind and rain and become their umbrella.


people who choose C

you are the little sun in the eyes of a friend, and you can shine wherever you go.

it's a quite pleasant experience to be with you.

because you are friendly, usually unguarded, don't haggle, and hate calculating with each other, you can communicate with many people easily, neither flattering nor belittling.

if you like to laugh, you are content and happy, and every bit of goodness in life can make you feel happy. It is a typical optimist. At the same time, you are also a little fickle and like the new and hate the old.

for life, although you may not have a strong plan, you can always live a hot life.

there is a good saying, the mentality is right, people will not be so tired.

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living in the present and having fun in time is your credo in life.

if you are positive and optimistic, you will not be easily knocked down by difficulties, nor will you fall into sadness for too long, let alone dwell on bad people and things all the time.

because you always think that the most important thing to be happy is to be alive.