With tenderness and half a pair, Xu is calm all his life.

With tenderness and half a pair, Xu is calm all his life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

like such a sentence:

gentleness is the softness of the clouds, the warmth and coolness of the moonlight, and the mellow aroma of fine wine.

Life is half gentle and half bright.

Life is half enterprising and half letting go.

A piece of misty rain, half a curtain of dreams, in the depths of time, waiting for the flowers to bloom, watching the flowers fade. Do not panic, not long, with a quiet, gentle and calm.


with a gentle heart, everything can be bright.

I like gentle things more and more. Such as the afterglow of the sunset, soft, light, but also warm. It is not as strong as the noon sun, but gently strokes the mountains and trees.

the orange light seems to cover everything in the world with a layer of tulle. So as not to disturb, to fear, or to wander.

the corner of the season, light look at the hustle and bustle, shallow fleeting time.

where there is prosperity, some scenery will come to an end. When time is over, someone will be separated.

there are always some people, just passers-by. There are always some things, just memories. There are always some feelings, trapped in obsession.

along the way, the flowers fade and bloom, and the moon is full and missing. Life is impermanent, only peace of mind has a place to return.

growing up, people become more and more gentle. Slowly began to understand the world, but also began to accept all the imperfections. Be true to your heart and move forward slowly according to your own rhythm.

learn to choose, let go of what you shouldn't cling to, and choose what you need to stick to. The heart is warm, kind and bright.

some people say:

May your heart be gentle and be gently waited for by time.


calm, it is a calm attitude towards life.

because I understand the impermanence of life, I cherish the present more and live in the present.

on the way of life, do not be impatient, do not panic, practice a white breeze of indifference, and a person as light as chrysanthemum calm.

if you are tired, take a rest and dance with the breeze. If you are tired, take your time, stare at the flowers and plants and smile at yourself.

when we stop and observe life carefully, life will have endless beauty. Those jumbled and trivial, but also in the precipitation of the years, melted into a gentle river, flowing slowly and leisurely.

calmness is also a kind of compassion in the heart.

No one's life can be plain sailing. But there is always an attitude that can be leisurely for a lifetime.

turn sadness into strength and care into strength. Tolerant of the world, but also tolerant of themselves. Even if you are ravaged by bad luck, you should live a natural and magnanimous life.

be leisurely strong, elegant and leisurely.

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No matter how many rapids and reefs there are in your life, you must have the ability to get out at any time. In the heart, build hedges and plant chrysanthemums to nourish the nobility of life.


writer Lin Qingxuan said:

gentleness is a soft state of mind. Be gentle to yourself and be kind to the world.

leisurely, it is an open-minded attitude towards life.

in case of trouble, do not panic, calm down, calmly live a lifetime.

the best thing I can think of in life is sincerity, both tenderness in my bones and armor in the face of wind and cold rain.

there is not only a dream to pursue with all one's strength, but also a calm and calm state of mind.

there is a saying: "the true meaning of life is to live it calmly and calmly."

if you put your heart into it, the days of fireworks can be full of poetry. If you love, the long years can run deep in still water.

time knows the taste, and the years smell good.

with gentleness and gentleness, Xu is calm all his life.