Why should December be nicer to us?

Why should December be nicer to us?

Why is December only nicer to Kobe Bryant and Edison Chen?

"time is the fairest"

on the last day of November, three major events occurred in my moments:

u200d1.VICE produced a documentary about Edison Chen

2. Kobe Bryant announced his retirement at the end of the season

3. Please be nice to me in December.


these three things compete against each other in my little mobile phone screen, and no one is better. After I read all the articles that brushed my screen, I found that they were all related to the word "time".

Let's start with Kobe Bryant. What I admire most is that he hasn't left since the moment he entered the Lakers. In 20 years, he has created a lot of data that can be used to show off to his son 20 years later. In that letter, Bryant mentioned that he had been fond of basketball since he was 6 years old, that is to say, he has loved basketball for 32 years now.

according to the "10,000-hour genius theory", the word "genius" can not be used to describe Kobe Bryant. Because assuming that apart from eight hours of rest every day, he spent about 100,000 hours on basketball in 20 years. What's more, he asked a question that is still hot even as the title of the article:

"have you ever seen Los Angeles at 4: 00 in the morning?"


I have a friend who calls him Mr. glasses.

he is a junior college student of the same class as me, so he has come out for an internship now. It is said that he is an internship, but he has not done a formal job since he left school. He always does this during this period of time, but quit after a period of time.

because he thinks he can play for a while after graduation. anyway, there are plenty of job opportunities here.

but only after playing for two months did I know that for a man like him who thinks that "college is just fooling around", a lot of job opportunities are not for him. Sending a resume is like throwing a stone into the sea. The sound of entering the water is not as loud as the waves. You have to hold your breath to hear the sound of entering the water.


tonight I saw him post a moments saying, "Why should December be nice to someone who only knows how to eat and drink?"

it looked like a bit of self-abandonment. I asked him in the comments about how he was doing, and he pulled me to the edge of the court all night. He said that when he came out, he found that he could not do anything. Although the computer had passed the first level, he found that this "first level" was not even an entry into the workplace.

A month ago, he went to interview for a clerical job, and the first question the interviewer asked him was: "will you use WORD for this resume you gave me?"

"not to mention the resume, I can't even use WORD to format a paper."

I asked him, "do you know it now?"

he: "what will it be?"

I: "do you know how to use WORD for your resume?"

he looked embarrassed, seemed to know what I wanted to say, looked at me and said, "still no, I've been very busy lately." And by that time it was too late to learn. "

I didn't say anything, because I know you'll never wake someone who pretends to be asleep. He can convince me with a hundred reasons, but he knows that even if there are ten thousand reasons, he can't convince himself. I will send him this article and then wait until New Year's Day in 2016 to ask him how his December is going.

people often say to me backstage, "I like writing, too, but it's too late to start now."

people who actually say that to me, even if they do start writing, I know they won't be able to stick with it. Because whenever they encounter any bottleneck, they will subconsciously think that they have started later than others. Just like doing Subscription account, how many people put data on moments to say that Subscription account has declined. But in the past two months, I have witnessed a Subscription account gain 40W fans, and almost every article has broken 10W.

so you trash, not because you lag behind others on the timeline, but because you trash, okay?

time is the fairest. Kobe Bryant spent 32 years on basketball, so he was able to swipe your moments with a letter. The author of the 40W fan for two months said she tweeted on her hospital bed the night after appendicitis surgery and tried to rack her brains at the computer in the bus, taxi and airport in the middle of the night.

Van Gogh didn't start painting until he was 27.

Haruki Murakami didn't start writing until he was 29.

the inventor of instant noodles was still selling salt at the age of 48.

when you were 21 years old, you lamented that it was too late and regretted that you could not be the first person to enter the four-dimensional space. You think it's too late, but you just don't have enough motivation.

the goddess asks you to go for a run at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. what time will you go to bed tonight? If you write a 10W word advertising planner, you can get into Ogilvy. Will you copy and paste online?

at the religious level, we often pray for the gods to fulfill their own wishes that they cannot accomplish. But many people in moments often pray that they can finish what you can do for you.

this is not a prayer, but a veritable daydream.

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only those who are helpless and powerless can ask for daydreaming. Because this is not just "your Yida", it is your December, the last 31 days of 2016, although 31 days later you can send another "Hello, 2016", but time has passed, don't you feel ashamed to follow yourself in December?

Don't think that you won't become glasses without glasses.Mr.


in the end, I don't want to repeat and comment on Edison Chen's performance in the first episode of the documentary, nor do I want to comment on what kind of person he is. It's just that this documentary can become popular in one day. There's always a reason.

and I just want to show you his trailer for the second episode.


the second episode back to Origin

there are a lot of people

no matter what you do

he thinks you're wrong

mainly because you need to know

what you want to do

the author introduces

Zhang Jingshi


that will explode in December. Have fun with us

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