Why is it that the cleaner the house is cleaned before the new year

Why is it that the cleaner the house is cleaned before the new year

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not long ago, I went back to my hometown and took a stroll around the village and found a very interesting phenomenon:

all poor families have all kinds of sundries scattered in the courtyard and in front of their doors, while families with neat, clean and tidy arrangements in front of their doors and courtyards are generally more affluent.

these days, I have been thinking about this question: what is the causal relationship between tidy courtyards and affluence?

is it because you are rich that you have the energy and time to clean up the courtyard, so the courtyard is clean and tidy? Or is it because the courtyard is clean and tidy that life becomes rich?

and the poor are tired of three meals and have no time to clean up at all? Or is it because you are too lazy to clean up that your life is in chaos and poverty?

the heart changes with things, and the emotion changes with things. If you look at the room, you'll know how your life is going.

after years of research, Harvard Business School has found a phenomenon:

successful people with a strong sense of happiness tend to live in a clean and tidy home, while unfortunate people usually live in messy and dirty.

then explore such a conclusion:


cleaning is to clear the mind

space, which has a strong appeal to people's emotions: a dirty room will make the whole space full of inertia, and people who are involved in this torrent of inertia will naturally be infected with inertia.

there is such a true story:

A little flower girl gave the rest of a rose to a beggar by the side of the road.

the beggar made a decision to stop begging today and go home!

he put the roses in a bottle at home and raised them, then put them on the table and quietly enjoyed the beauty of the roses.

he suddenly thought how such beautiful flowers could be placed on such a dirty bottle, so he decided to wash the bottle clean.

he sat by the side quietly admiring the beautiful roses. Suddenly he felt that such beautiful flowers and such clean bottles could not be placed on such a messy table, so he began to clean the table and tidy up the mess.

after dealing with it, he sat on the side quietly admiring everything in front of him. suddenly he felt that such beautiful roses and such a clean table could be placed in such a messy room.

so he made a decision to clean the whole room, put all the things neatly, and clean up all the rubbish out of the room. Suddenly the whole room became bright and warm.

while he was intoxicated, he suddenly found a dishevelled, untidy, ragged young man in the mirror. How could such a man be qualified to stay in such a room?

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so he immediately went to take a bath, shaved, changed into clean clothes, and tidied himself from head to toe.

then look in the mirror and suddenly find a handsome young face in the mirror that I have never seen before!

at this time, his soul suddenly awakened, he suddenly felt very good, and he immediately made the most important decision in his life!

the next day he stopped being a beggar and went looking for a job. With his unremitting efforts, he gradually lifted himself out of poverty and became a small boss.

is cleaning really so magical?

indeed, cleaning seems to be a simple manual work, but in fact it contains profound wisdom in life.

the messy environment represents the accumulation of negative energy in the heart.

Let the environment become refreshing, emotional energy can flow naturally, the mood is happy, and thorny problems are often easily solved.

cleaning the house is to clean the mind, and the mess in the house also brings confusion of thought. Cleaning home is equivalent to cleaning up the garbage in the brain, and wisdom will naturally grow!

A person's home often contains the most authentic self.

whether a person's life is good or not, his family has already given the answer.


get up at dawn and sweep the court

actually, making your life organized and tidy is not as difficult as you think. What you need is a "cleaning power".

sweeping power is the magic generated by sweeping, which includes not only external cleaning and tidiness of the room, but also inner introspection to create a benign "psychological magnetic field", which helps to solve troubles and achieve career.

the process of cleaning is the process of dealing with, selecting, sublating and discarding. It is your interaction with the environment. A clean environment clearly shows your logic and organization.

so at the beginning of Zhu Zi's Family motto, he warned his descendants: "get up at dawn, sweep the court, and be tidy inside and outside."

such seemingly simple words embody the wisdom of the Chinese ancients in running the family.

for as long as I can remember, every day my mother "gets up at dawn, sweeps the courtyard" and sweeps the house and courtyard.

now, every time I go back to my hometown on vacation, I find that the house and courtyard are clean and tidy.

I get up every morning and find that the house has already been cleaned and washed, and even the marble floor of more than 200 square meters of courtyard has been washed with water.

I noticed that my mother always changes her shoes every time she enters the house. In our hometown and countryside, people don't have this habit at all. So I reminded my mother, "Don't change your shoes when you enter the house, so that no one else dares to come to our house."

Mother said, "I know that. I am very careful that once someone comes, I don't change my shoes."

Mother not only keeps the house clean and tidy, but also keeps herself clean and refreshed, taking a bath, washing her hair and changing her clothes every day.

when a person has formed a good habit and has a clean space, the quality of life will continue to improve.

so a mother in her 80s is clean, straight, Hale and hearty.I am so angry that I can't see the twilight of an old man at all.

when you keep cleaning up your home, the clogged areas inside you will become more and more smooth, smooth, relaxed, and love and gratitude will flow in!


break up and throw

A blogger named Yu Tsai filmed a video of throwing away useless things at home, which received 1.1 million high likes.

netizens commented that they saw their own figure in her.

Yu Tsai just felt that the space at home was getting smaller and smaller, so he wanted to clean up the clutter.

unexpectedly, after starting to clean up, I found that it was as "grand" as moving, and there were really too many things!

unused mops and buckets, a lot of unused cell phone casings, data cables, bags brought back from every shopping, all out-of-date medicine.

clutter in drawers, ugly cabinets in the kitchen, piles of moldy grains and unused seasonings, and a few bugs.

of course, the most important thing is clothing.

clothes that I thought would be worn and matched were not worn once after hanging up; a large number of items bought on sale were not cut off; there were all kinds of gifts that were not needed at all.

when she finished cleaning up, the unwanted sundries took up more than half the size of the house, which was beyond imagination.

in fact, many of us are like Yu Tsai, and many items are always thought to be useful in the future.

when you see something that looks good, when it comes to discounts and sales, you can't control your desire to buy.

but the fact is, the more you buy, the more you save, taking up a lot of space at home, probably using less than 1/10.

and the extra items have become a drag on life, which is so heavy that people are out of breath.

there are often three types of things that need to be cut off: unnecessary, inappropriate, and unpleasant.

more than half of the things in our living space may be forgettable, that is, things that have been forgotten about existence itself, many of which you don't need, but you think you can use them.

there are a lot of inappropriate, inappropriate clothes, inappropriate shoes.

what is unpleasant is something that many people tend to ignore. What is unpleasant?

for example, if you don't feel comfortable using it every time, throw it away early to get a new one and make you happy.

breakup is not simply dealing with sundries and throwing away waste, but awakening "circulation" in the long river of life full of closeness.

throw away a piece of useless, a little more space; throw away a piece of excess, less a burden;

throw away a piece of waste, restore a bit of freshness.

everyone needs to break up and get rid of unimportant things in order to return a piece of clean land to us, so that we can make a breakthrough and grow.

the ancients said, "sweep the floor, sweep the heart, sweep the place without sweeping the heart."

when sweeping, sweep away all kinds of bad habits, such as greed, anger, ignorance, slowness, suspicion, and so on, so as to restore the mind to be clean, pure and happy.

May our home be full of bright windows, flowers in full bloom, elegant family style and laughter. The whole family is neat and happy.

maybe this is the most beautiful way of life.