"who will you marry a divorced woman at 27 and an unmarried woman at 35?"

"who will you marry a divorced woman at 27 and an unmarried woman at 35?"

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I have seen a street interview: "who would you like to marry a divorced woman at the age of 27 or an unmarried woman at the age of 35?"

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A man chose a 35-year-old unmarried woman for the reason: "if you have bought all used cars and houses, do you want to pick up a 27-year-old divorced second-hand product?"

another man also said: "A first-married man should not marry a second-married woman, because his reputation is bad and his price is too low!" .

but for 35-year-old unmarried women, some men commented: "35-year-old unmarried, must be ugly."

"leftover women are either particularly ugly or particularly picky. They must still be poor, or they have slept with a lot of men."

it seems to them that women who are old and unmarried or have experienced divorce are tainted.

remember that he Jiong once said: "few people will say that this man is very successful, but he has been divorced; but he will say that this woman is very successful, but she is divorced."

in my opinion, neither single nor divorce can be used as a criterion to judge whether a person is "valuable" or not.

A divorced woman does not necessarily mean that she has problems and bad character.

No love, disagreement between values, tiredness and betrayal may lead to divorce.

whether you are single, married or divorced, it is for your own happiness.

but sadly, the view that "divorce is a defective product and marriage is a prize" is still imprinted in the hearts of many people.


low-quality marriage

is not as good as high-quality single

. Some people have summed up the four major tragedies of Chinese women: motherly spouse selection, babysitting wife, widowed child-rearing and widowed marriage.

I think so.

in the recent broadcast of "Men who do housework 3", the family relationship between Nie Yuan and his wife Qin Ziyue caused a heated discussion.

Qin Ziyue and her parents got up early to cook, and the three were busy, and the meal was ready by 10:00 in the morning.

while Nie Yuan is still fast asleep.

Mother Qin was afraid that the food would get cold and affect the taste, so she took the cover to cover the dish.

at 12:00, before Nie Yuan got up, Qin Ziyue went into the room and called several times.

Mom's food was reheated several times, and there was an unhappy expression on Qin's father's face.

wait until 2 o'clock, Nie Yuan finally woke up, the family can finally eat this "breakfast".

after Nie Yuan finished eating and wiping his mouth, he said, "I'm going to play ball" and left behind the family and the rest of the housework.

Men wake up with hot meals, can do what they like after eating, and lead a more natural and comfortable life than when they were single. On the other hand, women have to sacrifice their interests and keep busy at home, doing all the housework and taking care of the children, like a wind-up top.

Qin Ziyue also guided him to do housework, but he thought cooking was too simple and didn't want to do it, so he brushed the toilet under the excuse of doing it often, so he didn't do it.

Qin Zi more seriously told Nie Yuan about his grievances at home, but Nie Yuan said, "Don't be in the mood, it's not necessary, what are you doing?"

then he turned to play with his cell phone, turning a blind eye to his wife's emotions, not even a word of comfort.

I once read a complaint on the Internet: "some women go to be wives, and some women go to be nannies."

does a woman marry to serve you?

is it right for women to take care of their children, do housework and work hard at home?

A low-quality marriage is far inferior to a high-quality single.

what is even more frightening is that when you are over 25, relatives and friends around you begin to urge marriage, telling you: "although marriage is a tomb, it is better than exposing corpses in the wilderness." By the time the old leftover girl is old, she will be a mess. "

it's ridiculous.

Guo Caijie said on a program that although she is not married, she also hopes that the process can be controlled by herself, and that only those who meet love will get married, instead of being urged by parents to find someone to make do with.

so a guest said, "Don't overestimate the tolerance of a marriage without love."

Marriage without love is hard to endure.

because marriage is not a child's play, it needs to be implemented in various details such as housework, money, children, parents, firewood, rice, oil and salt, and so on.

being single is not like a scourge, but a good time to be alone and ascend.

I have a friend who is single but has been working and living seriously.

I read books, watch movies, go to the supermarket and travel around the world by myself. I also go to see art exhibitions, eat hot pot, be in a daze, sing songs, watch the sea, have a successful career, and make a lot of friends.

she once said her views on love: "look forward to it like he will come tomorrow, and live like he will never come."

she has also been courted by several boys, one of whom is very warm to her, but the other only cares about her verbally; another guy often secretly checks his cell phone when he goes out on a date, and she finds that he is chatting with several girls at the same time.

it's not that she's picky, but that she has to wait for someone she really likes and is willing to be nice to her.

what we are pursuing is happiness, not two people making do with each other.

enjoy being single and fall in love with yourself.

as Yishu said, "I have only one life, and I cannot give generously to those who do not love."


A good life is not inferior to this life

there is a Japanese documentary living together."single woman" tells the story of seven single women between the ages of 70 and 82.

the seven grandmothers live in different rooms in the same apartment, each living independently and taking care of each other.

they spend every day wonderful and free: hair dyeing, makeup, afternoon tea, shopping, travel.

because each of them has each other's room key, they can turn to the girlfriends group for help when life is in trouble.

from buying tea to having headaches and getting sick late at night, I will ask my girlfriends for help.

for them, people are old, but their hearts can't be old.

even if they are single, it does not affect them to continue to pursue the happiness of life.

Marriage is not the purpose of life, happiness is.

but I'm not encouraging people not to marry. If you meet the right person, you can join hands with him for the rest of your life.

follow your inner choice and pursue happiness bravely, it will be worth your life.

they have experienced the hardest days since they got married.

but their love is not defeated by these poverty, and it also makes their love stronger.

Grandma said that she still remembers that the old man liked to go shopping with him very much. what she liked, the old man always said to buy.

Grandpa said that he felt that he had let Grandma have the most difficult life, and he didn't buy anything good for her at that time. Later, he burst into tears.

after the two are old, the relationship is still sweet.

Grandma went to geriatric college, and Grandpa took her by the hand to take her to school.

after arriving at school, Grandma goes to class, and Grandpa finds a place to read the newspaper and waits for Grandma to finish class.

Grandma always worries that Grandpa is too old to remember things, so Grandpa will leave a note before going out and tell Grandma where to go and what time he will be back.

this is probably the most simple and romantic love letter:

"Old woman, I'm going to pay the electricity bill and property fee."

"Old woman, I'm going to buy vegetables." Bao, I went to buy Daoxiang Village. "

Grandma is also reluctant to throw it away, keeping one by one, because this is the witness of two people's love.

Grandpa often amuses Grandma.

this is probably the best appearance of love.

when you meet, the two love each other for ten thousand years;

when you fall in love, you are in your eyes and love in your heart;

when you are in poverty, you do not leave when you are poor, and you do not give up when you are rich;

until you hold hands and grow old together.

there is no standard equation in life. Whether or not to get married is a personal choice. The most important thing is to live your life as you wish.

whether it is the joy of celibacy or the sweetness of love, it is the choice of your own life.

other people's opinions are only reference answers, while your own opinions are the standard answer.

A good life is not bad for this life.