Who is important to me?

Who is important to me?

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I hope to write all my words at once

recently I often think about this question: who are important to us except those who are born related to us?

I thought they were the people who accompanied me through many moments.

when I was in high school, my roommates and I had a good relationship and often discussed our lives after lights out every day. At that time, we often discussed issues that high school students would discuss, such as which girl we had a close communication with on QQ recently, or whether a girl might like herself. At that time, most of us were separated from our junior high school classmates, so our high school roommates were as important as life-saving straws. if something bad happened to any of us, we would ask the dormitory to sit on the balcony of the teaching building. talk about your worries and listen to songs. Seven of us once went to have morning tea together, and then everyone ate like desperate sea food. As a result, we ate three rounds of simple morning tea, with more than ten cages of snacks in each round. We still remember that after eating, we were all so full that other organs except our fingers were flexible and malfunctioning, so we picked up our phones and sent a Weibo saying, "continue next year."

at that time, I thought we would be brothers for a lifetime. Who knows that most friendships are the same as the love of young people, as long as the distance increases a little, it will blow ash into oblivion. After the second year of senior high school, we each have a new circle of friends, the overlapping part of the circle of life is getting smaller and smaller, and the common topics become less and less. The so-called "gathering once a year" has gradually become a long way off, not because the time span of one year suddenly breaks through the laws of physics and becomes longer, but because we no longer want to waste some precious resources on each other, such as the money spent at the party.

slowly, time seems to eat up the connection between us, and we can't even be called like acquaintances, because I didn't even add some of my roommates' Wechat. So, the person who goes through it with you is not necessarily important.

but not all the roommates at that time haven't been in touch with each other. Two roommates have been playing with me until now, and every time I have a big holiday, I will go to their house for a day or two to gang up and chat. The two of them are very important to me. Why?

Be beautiful, stylish and outstanding when in our gowns young bridesmaids'. We have cuts and forms to fit any silhouette.

I remember, maybe it's because every time I talk to them, they reply me very seriously, although they often add some funny words and foul language, but it still makes people feel that they can gain a lot from their conversation. Sometimes what I need is understanding, and they will think from my point of view, and sometimes when I am unrepentant when I have done something wrong, they will directly shout abuse on Wechat.

in fact, every time I finish an article, I send it to some of my friends to read it. At first, their comments are very simple. They come and go with those three words, "very good" or "not bad". So every time they say "very good", I will ask them what is good about the article, and if it is "not bad", I will ask them where the deficiency is. When they were asked in this way, their mouths were slowly pried open by me, telling me how they, as readers, viewed the views in the article and what were the shortcomings of the article.

until later, as soon as my article appeared in their Wechat messages, they would open reader mode to read it carefully, and then take a few minutes to tell me their opinions, sometimes one or two hundred words of "empathy". Sometimes a few 60-second voice messages. After receiving feedback, I will revise that article. Do you still remember the "moments Transformation Plan" posted not long ago? That article turned out to be a rather extreme critical article, and when I sent it to them, it could be described as "a flood of bad reviews", so I deleted the whole article and rewrote it. It was only then that I had the "moments Transformation Plan" with more than 1000 readers.

after a discussion, while playing with my mobile phone, I asked my girlfriend, "Why are you willing to read my writing so seriously?"

she thought about it, then looked at me very carefully and said, "because I feel my opinion is important to you."

I nodded and said nothing but "um", because that's why she was so important to me.

A person is important to you, not because of how good he /she is to you, but because he /she can always give you the right feedback at the right time. Without this correct feedback, even if two people live face to face for another hundred years, they will pay no attention to each other just like the left and right eyes of each of us.

so if you want others to think that you are important, you might as well answer every question they ask when we get along with others, or ask them for advice after you have a problem. this will make the other person feel that he is important to you. This feeling of being "needed" can be addictive, but you also need to be careful and don't pretend to understand. Slowly, you will feel that you are also important to him or her.

what do you think?

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