Who hasn't thought about the meaning of life?

Who hasn't thought about the meaning of life?

"I think, so I am in" Wen /Zhao Qiancheng got a book recommended by a friend yesterday, which was translated into Chinese as "every time I find the meaning of life, it changes again".

I got a book recommended by a friend yesterday, which was translated into Chinese as "every time I find the meaning of life, it changes again". Without looking at the content, the title of the book itself resonates with me from the bottom of my heart. just like when I discussed values and beliefs with a brother before, I told my brother about my own confusion, that is, I established a value or belief at every stage. However, this value was quickly overturned, and every time I found a belief that I thought might be the ultimate belief, time always proved that it was not.

just like before the term chicken soup appeared, motivational articles were designed to make most people survive the third year of high school, such as Lai Ye's "invincible blossoms", he Shuting's "broken cocoons into butterflies, my road to Peking University" and so on. Every time we can't hold on, these articles will give us the motivation to come back to life. Later, after the emergence of the term chicken soup, people began to hate chicken soup. At this time, the thick black of anti-chicken soup is sought after by many people, until today, people find that there is no difference between thick black and chicken soup, and the cycle of rapid overthrow and transformation of values becomes shorter and shorter with the development of the spirit of independent thinking of contemporary people. in order to gain a spiritual foothold, more and more people begin to think about the meaning of life.

when we encounter major setbacks and failures, when we are so busy every day that we still have endless tasks, when we work very hard to do something, but still can't see the future of things, we think about the meaning of life. What is the meaning of what we are doing now? this is a kind of positive thinking, a kind of thinking that can help us better understand what we are doing, but when we fail again and again, this kind of thinking slowly deteriorates. Gradually, we no longer think about the meaning of life as a kind of thinking, but become a habit every time we don't want to stick to it, and every time we can't do something. When you encounter setbacks, you will unconsciously think that you have been in this world for so long and have been living a repetitive life every day. What is the meaning of life? Thinking about the meaning of life has become an excuse for us to be lazy when we are thinking confused and trying to complete the work that has been delayed by thinking at some time in the future.

in fact, there are many people who cannot extricate themselves from thinking about the meaning of life. Just like the author in the book mentioned at the beginning, he began to write down some philosophical sentences in a small book from an early age. Just to let himself live a better life in thinking about life, every sentence recorded will write down his own experience and understanding of this sentence at that time. The last golden sentence I remember in the book is the name of the book: "every time I find the meaning of life, it changes again."

but at that time, the author is already in his thirties. Like the lyrics sung by John Lennon: "you look around and make plans, but you don't know that most of life is over." we have been looking for and thinking about the meaning of life. Life slips away when we think and look for it.

centenarian Yang Jiang said in her advice to young people: "the biggest problem for many young people is that they read too few books and think too much."

in fact, what we need is not to think about the big concept of the meaning of life, we just need to reflect on everything you do every day, because you reflect on your actions today and you can do the same thing better tomorrow. And thinking about the meaning of life, even if you realize some thoughts that you think are valuable today, you still have to eat, take classes, and do tasks assigned by others tomorrow, and then you will find that your life has not changed anything because of your thinking. what's the point of not changing your actions and thinking that has an impact on reality?

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when we focus on the present reality and experience enough experiences, the answers to the questions we once wanted to think about, the so-called meaning of life, will slowly precipitate in our hearts. The meaning of our original thinking is that we gradually realize that the original thinking is meaningless.