Whether you are a couple or a lover, you must remember these 15 pieces of advice

Whether you are a couple or a lover, you must remember these 15 pieces of advice

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Don't get married too early

I have seen too many girls rush into marriage because of the urging of their parents and the vision of the outside world.

guarding the kitchen every day, circling around the child's husband, and sighing in the mirror late at night.

but in fact, there is really no need to rush to get married.

when you have a longer-term plan and a more stable economy, your future life and love will not be too bad.

Marriage is not a game for children. I would rather get married later than regret it in the future.


the so-called love affair over time, but it all weighs the pros and cons

many people are too idealized about marriage.

the essence of marriage is to start a family after weighing the pros and cons.

in fact, the long-term love of small water is the result of careful consideration.

We are all ready to leave at any time, but we still strengthen each other among the many choices.

this is a mature marriage.


either you have your own money or your mother's family has money

how can you avoid suffering from anger in marriage?

first of all, you must have money.

to a large extent, a woman's position in marriage is determined by her economic strength.

this strength is either given by my mother or earned by myself.

if your mother's family is rich, your mother-in-law dare not despise you or bully you, and your husband will respect you for three points.

if you have money, you can buy whatever you want. You don't need to look at anyone's face. They still have to please you.

people are snobbish in their bones, and so is marriage.


marrying far away is a road of no return

Why do I advise you not to marry far away?

only the girl who marries far away knows how hard it is for a woman to marry far away.

there are only one or two bitterness that can be told to others, and most of them can only be carried by themselves in silence.

parents have lost their daughter, and no matter how much she thinks of filial piety, her daughter is powerless.

I owe both myself and my family.

what is even more terrible is that I made a mistake and married the wrong person.

originally thought that this was a journey for love, but finally found that he was a "cross-provincial labor service."


purple short prom attire proves not only sense of beauty, but also a charming silhouette. These are the best options for the big day.

Don't overestimate the relationship, don't verify the relationship

Women are born with curiosity and can't restrain their past feelings for their partner.

occasional temptation is stimulant, long-term temptation is sick.

what he wants to say to you will naturally tell you, and you will never know what he doesn't want to say.

curiosity kills the cat. If you don't do it, you won't die.

too many temptations and you will cry.


Don't love someone too much, you will be tired

there is nothing wrong with loving someone, but the wrong way is to love someone.

you may be willing, but in the end, you are so humble that you lose yourself, and what you get is only taken for granted.

seven points for a lover is enough, leaving three points to love yourself.

Don't regard feelings as all, learn to love yourself, is the beginning of lifelong romance.


Don't let children become victims of marriage

Children may be the crystallization of love at first, but they are never the magic weapon to maintain a marriage.

but from the moment you choose to have a child, it means a lifetime of responsibility as a parent.

give the child life, please love him well.

Don't let him become a painful product of fake and shoddy families.


if you can live separately from your parents-in-law, the problem of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is probably an eternal problem.

some things can also turn a blind eye, encounter some irreconcilable, accidentally will lead to a family war.

the best advice is: if you can live separately, you can live separately as far as possible. If there are no conditions, then try to create conditions.

the way of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, either change or adapt, if you can't do the first two, then you have to give up.

Don't try to get your husband to choose between his own mother and his wife.

because crying won't solve any problem.


No matter who you marry, you may end up regretting the sentence: "every woman wants to divorce 100 times and strangle each other 50 times."

those who are full of happy fantasies about a better life in the future before marriage are gradually spent in the firewood, rice and salt after marriage.

the huge gap has made many people lose confidence in marriage.

but in fact, imperfections in marriage are the true normality of life.

in the world, there is no marriage as passionate as before, only in trifles to find the value of ordinary life.

I've seen the worst of you, and I'd like to be with you.


the biggest killer in marriage is not quarrelling, but silence

Williams said:

"I thought the worst thing in life was to die alone, but it wasn't. The worst part is to end up with people who make you feel lonely. "