Whether people agree with each other or not, just one word!

Whether people agree with each other or not, just one word!

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whether people agree with each other or not lies in one word: fate!

as the saying goes, "predestined to meet thousands of miles, but not to meet the other side."

all relationships are due to origin.

shoulder rubbing is fate, meeting is fate, companionship is fate, leaving is fate.

therefore, whether people can get along or not depends on the fate of each other.


whether we hit it off or not depends on whether we hit it off

there are many encounters in the world, but very few people can really hit it off.

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Ouyang Xiu once sighed: "it is less than a thousand drinks for a bosom friend, but more than a word without speculation."

there is no need to please a relationship that really gets along.

as long as you hit it off and give to each other, the relationship will naturally last longer.

I wonder if you can still remember the sentence: "Palace Jade Liquor, 181 glasses; how about this wine? let me blow it for you!"

these are the lines from the 1996 Spring Festival Gala sketch "working Adventures" jointly by Zhao Lirong and Gong Hanlin.

the stage of that year is still the memory of many people.

and the friendship between Zhao Lirong and Gong Hanlin is also talked about by the world.

Zhao Lirong was already a famous old artist in the circle, while Gong Hanlin was still an unknown newcomer.

when Gong Hanlin visited Zhao Lirong for the first time, he was very nervous.

but when he saw teacher Zhao Lirong, he relaxed instantly.

because he found Zhao Lirong a humorous person with no airs and very approachable.

both of them are very serious and strict with themselves, so the more they talk, the more they hit it off.

they have worked together for three Spring Festival Gala sketches, but all of them are classics.

the two have played mother and son in sketches, and in real life, their relationship is better than that of mother and son.

later, after Zhao Lirong's death, Gong Hanlin could not find a partner who was so congenial to him.

so, since then, Gong Hanlin has never been on the Spring Festival Gala stage again.

on the road of life, everyone has an island of his own, and many people will berth there.

people who hit it off with each other stay and are happy and comfortable with each other;

those who don't agree with each other stay, they will be uncomfortable with each other.

just like Guan Ning and Hua Xin, Guan Ning only wants to read good books and improve his knowledge, while Hua Xin likes dignitaries and wants to enter the political career.

Guan Ning looks down on Hua Xin, and Hua Xin also thinks Guan Ning is old-fashioned, so they cut off their table and break up their friendship.

Yes, people who don't hit it off, it's hard to get along.

each other has different aspirations and cares about different things. if they are forced to go on, they will only hurt each other.

so, whether people get along well or not depends on whether they hit it off.

as Sunshine Sanji said, "you and I hit it off when we meet today."

because they hit it off, there is a topic and more intersection, so that they can get along better with each other.


fate can not drive away, no fate can not stay

whether people are suitable or not, to see whether they are predestined or not.

Life is a cycle of cause and effect, and a lot of fate is doomed.

who will you walk with and pass by? in fact, God has already arranged it.

Don't regret or regret who you end up with, everything is the best arrangement.

everyone says that Xu Zhimo and Lin Huiyin are made in heaven, but in the end Lin Huiyin chose Liang Sicheng.

many people find this result regrettable.

but fate has already given the answer to who is the most suitable to be with.

when Xu Zhimo met Lin Huiyin, he already had a family-arranged wife, Zhang Youyi.

although he doesn't like Zhang Youyi, he and Lin Huiyin are destined to have no fate again.

Liang Sicheng, the fiance arranged by Lin Huiyin's father, met as early as the age of 14, but they were too young at that time.

later, after Lin Huiyin studied abroad and returned home, the two got along for some time and fell in love with each other.

although many people say that Liang Sicheng is not romantic enough and physically disabled, he is not as good as Xu Zhimo.

but Lin Huiyin chose Liang Sicheng without hesitation, and they helped each other for decades.

when Lin Huiyin had a serious lung disease, Liang Sicheng accompanied her all the time and took good care of her.

Liang Sicheng is her best fate and her best place to belong.

Bai Luomei said: "when fate comes, heaven and earth are mysterious; when fate comes, the universe is clear."

those who are predestined, no matter how long the distance is, will walk together;

those without fate, even if they are day and night, it is difficult to get to the end.

on the road of life, the fate is deep and shallow, meeting one after another.

fate will help you screen, the right person will stay with you, and the unsuitable person will leave.

as Sanmao said, "those things that come because of fate will eventually be divided at other times."

you can't drive away those who are predestined, and you can't keep those who are out of luck.

people who are really predestined get along well with each other from wanting to meet each other.

therefore, there is no need to exclude those who are coming, and there is no need to force those who are leaving.

whether they get along or not is determined by fate.

as the old saying goes, "one flower, one world, one dust fate."

people, living in this world, can't avoid falling into all kinds of relationships.

those relationships are all made up of aThe word "fate" is around.

those who hit it off hit it off; those who don't hit it off feel on pins and needles.

those who are predestined will meet no matter what; those who are not predestined will never have a complete story.

therefore, whether people get along with each other or not is mainly related to fate.

cherish the predestined person, do not keep the predestined person.

the fate has come, cherish it and leave no regrets, it is the best explanation for this fate.

flowers blossom and fall out sometimes, keep each other apart and see each other in the end.

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