When you are old, be sure to leave seven cards for yourself.

When you are old, be sure to leave seven cards for yourself.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is a porridge, a rice, a mu of field, a hoe, a flock of geese fishing, a day and a night, a warm Kang a book.

when people reach old age, be sure to keep these seven cards for themselves, which is really very important! Let's see how many you have left?


the first card: wife

home-cooked meal, coarse cloth, knowing cold and heat to marry.

A young couple is a companion in old age, and it is most important for a couple to stay together all their lives until they are old.

Su Wu once wrote: "if you marry as husband and wife, there is no doubt about love." maybe you will quarrel when you are young, but when you are old and sick, you will always be accompanied by your wife.

some people say that the wife is the "last audience" of a man, and it is your wife who really sees the end of your life.

the wife who really knows the cold and the hot is the most precious treasure in this life when he is old.

in the morning, you and I help to look at the sun at the entrance of the alley and go to the market to buy fruits and vegetables.

in the afternoon I sit in a rocking chair and read a book. You trim the beautiful flowers among the flowers.

wander in the ridges covered with red clouds in the evening, close your eyes and feel the fragrance of grass in the soil.

first of all, we should grasp the first card in our hand, occasionally create a little surprise for our wife, let alone neglect our wife because we take care of our children, and remember that our wife is the one who accompanies us to the old age the longest.


the second card: old nest

people should have a home of their own to avoid the cold and rain in their old age.

at home, in your own fence yard, lying on the cool chair and rocking slowly.

listen to my wife talk about her parents, talk about new things, and sigh about the rapid development of the city.

what could be more pleasant than looking up at the flower blooming and falling, letting it roll and falling, bowing its head to play with the flowers and plants, and teasing the round cats and dogs?

as the saying goes, Jinwo Silver Wo is not as good as its own nest.

remember: parents' home is always their children's home, and children's home is never their parents' home.

therefore, protect your own nest, have a home, have a wife around, there is fireworks, then you will always be happy.


the third card: the old age

middle-aged and elderly people should have some savings, master their own background, and master this equally important card.

money is not everything. Without money, it is absolutely impossible.

to be a son and daughter, I have worked hard all my life, supporting the old and the young, and saving all my life.

when you are old and free, please satisfy your little wish.

see a delicate set of chess? Buy it! See a beautiful scarf? Buy it!

does the little grandson have a crush on Transformers? Did your granddaughter fall in love with Barbie? Buy it!

our children are not around very often. If we leave some money in our hands, we can give our children a lot less trouble.

sometimes, children are in urgent need of money, and we can also help ease their urgent needs.

We should not only be willing to spend money, but also give ourselves some background and strike a good balance.


the fourth card: the old book

half of life, the fight is the body.

the body is the capital of life, especially for the middle-aged and elderly.

as the years go by, the decline of physical function is also natural in ancient times.

have regular physical examination and follow the doctor's advice.

drink more tea and drink less; walk more, sit and lie less; smile more and worry less.

lived half of my life, experienced great winds and waves, saw through life, but also looked down on life, put peace of mind, the body from Kangtai.

A strong physique is not only wealth, but also the capital of self-reliance, but also the greatest contribution and support to the children.

with good health, you can watch your children get married and start a career, watch their grandchildren go to college, find a partner, and take them home to show you. Children and grandchildren, several generations in the same house, is the most beautiful family happiness in the world.

only in good health can we have more opportunities to enjoy a happy life, and good health is the foundation of everything.


the fifth card: old friends

people say it is a pleasure to have friends coming from afar.

A good friend and best friend in a young age should always get in touch with each other, ask about the current situation, talk about troubles, and talk about children.

make an appointment with a few friends, walk the dog, tease the birds, dance, play chess, sing, recall the old days together, talk and laugh, and the days when old friends are around are not so lonely.

people should make more friends and interact with others in their old age.

the Internet has opened up a platform to interact with people who are thousands of miles away. Through Wechat, we can meet like-minded friends, and we can chat and talk about things at home.


sixth card: old pretty

people are moderately "old" in middle and old age, which is not only the need of personal physical and mental health, but also the need of modern civilization.

White hair looks much younger once it is dyed black. Look at yourself in the mirror and your eyes brighten up. Borrow your daughter's lipstick, put on a touch of pretty color, and go out happily.

frequent shaving can keep your face neat, radiant, straighten your collar, clean your shoes, accompany your wife, and go out.

go to the alley in the shade of the trees to fight for a game, or call my sisters to the square to dance, a good appearance will certainly bring a good mood.

when they guess their age is wrong, they have a good mentality, their appearance is young, and their clean and exquisite appearance will also give you a good mindset.

as the proverb goes, "always be fashionable, less well-behaved."

the old beauty not only beautifies herself,Add spirit, and also beautify the society, become a "sunset scenery", but also conducive to social activities, physical and mental health.


the seventh card: happy in old age

people should still be happy in their old age, which is one of the elements of physical fitness.

have tea and play chess with three or five friends, buy food and cook with your bosom friend and wife, and shout for your children and grandchildren on weekends.

look at the old plays of the past, recall the past bit by bit, think about the new movies now, and buy a ticket to buy a bucket of popcorn to relax.

raise a pot of magnolia, plant a pomegranate tree, raise a puppy, and feed a pot of goldfish.

enjoy yourself by watering, pruning and feeding every day.

look at the garden full of flowers in spring and recall the innocence and splendor of childhood; look out of the window in summer and think about the passion of youth;

look at mature pomegranates in autumn and invite friends to eat pomegranates; watch heavy snow in winter and hold a lovely little grandson to discuss with him how many snowflakes there are.

Exhausted of searching for an outstanding sister of groom dresses? Immediately after buying, you get a peace of mind.

when you are old, gray, nodding by the fire and recalling your youth, don't forget to count your seven cards. How many have you saved?