When you are angry, recite four sentences in silence! (after reading it, I will no longer be angry.)

When you are angry, recite four sentences in silence! (after reading it, I will no longer be angry.)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

it is impossible to make everything perfect when you are alive.

even Mr. Lin Qingxuan said, "nine out of ten things are unsatisfactory."

having said that, people can't help getting angry whenever something goes wrong.

but anger is the most useless way to vent.

because the anger is oneself, the injury is the body, no one will care, and it doesn't make any sense.

so, instead of being angry and wasting time, it's better to take it easy and straighten out your anger.

the next time you get angry, read these four sentences silently and you won't be angry!


forget it!

many times people are miserable and angry, not because they can't get it, but because they can't let it go.

over some trifles, fight to the death; haggle with some unimportant people, make a mess.

in the final analysis, the obsession is too deep.

it's like there's a fire in my heart. I can't let it go, I can't let it go. In the end, I can only constantly compete with myself, and I can't extricate myself from feeling remorse, indignation, and constant obsession.

however, if you keep falling into this obsession, you will only make yourself more and more tired.

on the contrary, only when you know how to let go and be bearish can you have peace of mind.

in the face of the vagaries of the world, you might as well tell yourself to forget it!

as Franklin said:

sometimes choose to put it down, but it is more likely to reap another scenery of "dark willows and bright flowers".


not bad!

as the saying goes: there are no unhappy people, only discontented hearts.

looking at other people's silk and satin, I am sad that I am shabby;

looking at other people's delicacies and disdain for three meals a day;

watching others spend a lot of money, entangling their own sufferings.

if people are not satisfied, how can they talk about happiness?

There is nothing more desirable than one of our white short dress for wedding. These are the best options for the big day.

so, if you want to be happy, you must first learn to be content.

as the folk saying goes, "the above is less than the lower."

once people feel "surplus", life will follow the surplus.

just like the breeze and the moon, floating life is self-resting.

as a person, you should act according to your ability and do your best. Regardless of success or failure, say "not bad" to yourself, and the future may be really good!

from now on, may you live every day in contentment and every year in happiness.


it doesn't matter!

as a person, you will always encounter unhappy things and unreasonable people.

but if we never let it go and can't let it go, we will be bothered by trifles, tired and boring.

if you are angry, you will punish yourself for others. If you are angry, you will only make others complacent.

so learn to be smart, face other people's mistakes and learn to meditate: it doesn't matter!

most of the time, to let others go is to let yourself go.

No resentment, no more thought, no more sadness.

as a saying goes:

We live in the world, what we live is the mood, and what we live is the state of mind.

learn to prune the extra branches in life, and life will naturally be complete.

May you have a good state of mind for the rest of your life. After the vicissitudes of the world, your heart is still looking forward to the sunshine.


will pass!

I have always liked a few lines in a poem written by Pushkin:

if life deceives you, don't be sad, don't be impatient! You need to be calm on melancholy days:

believe that happy days will come!

everyone will have a very difficult time, the embarrassment of life, the frustration of work, the pressure of study, panic all day long.

but God is fair to everyone. When it closes a door, it must open a window.

so believe that everything will be all right.

Edison, a scientist, succeeded in inventing the electric light after countless failures and blowing up the house.

musician Beethoven, who is deaf in both ears, still insists on music creation, which leads to the Symphony of Destiny.

historian Sima Qian, who was sentenced to prison and even sentenced to palace punishment, still rewrote Historical Records with humiliation.

it is precisely because they firmly believe that the difficulties will pass, and all this is slowly getting better.

Lu Xun said:

the truth of life is that flowers and thorns exist together.

only by maintaining optimism and positive setbacks can everything get better and better.