When the weather is cold, I think of the McDonald's with you.

When the weather is cold, I think of the McDonald's with you.

"A double cheeseburger set, please."

in fact, as a writer, the most important principle is to "make up and hide the real feelings in the fictional plot." Because once you find that your life is better than the story you write, it shows that you are still an unqualified "creator".

so some things can't be forced, life will always move forward, instead of looking back on the past over and over again, right? You have gained strength from movies and stories, so don't waste it, try your best to find it, or try to run in, until you find your own Lin Zhenxin, Xu Taiyu, and even Ke Jingteng and Shen Jiayi.

or find someone who is willing to eat McDonald's with you.


I don't know since when, as a boy who hasn't graduated from college, it seems a shameful thing not to have a car. Maybe it's because of the rapid economic development, just like I was wearing red and white shoes in my second year of high school, and I was so out of tune with the NB and NIKE around me.

every time I wait for the bus with her, I look forward to an empty bus, just like the bus driver specially prepared for us. But you know it's impossible, sometimes the car that comes is so crowded that you can't catch each other if you two want to protect your belongings, and if you want to protect each other, you can't guard against dead thieves.

so I was silent for more than ten minutes on the bus.

she thought I was carsick, so as soon as she got on the bus, she would just stand next to me quietly, pulling the orange handrail above her head.

do you know that the color of the handrail is like the setting sun, and if you stare at it, it will remind you that you are already an old student and will soon step into society, as if an old man is going to die. Maybe you can say "because I'm a student" now, but when you graduate, when people ask why you still take the bus, you can only smile awkwardly.


once I heard a girl say to me, "you think, you just think you think."

this sentence means that we always put our thoughts on others, especially in our relationships with members of the opposite sex, we most like to think about other people's views on this matter with our own feelings. You don't think it's your fault that you don't have a car, because it's like you can't get into a heavy college but you can't blame the teachers at your alma mater for being too poor.

but this is not the case. If you find that most of your friends earn 2500 yuan a month but drive about 20W cars, it is hard to guarantee that the girl holding your hand will think about this question:

Need a perfect fit elegant gowns for wedding in purple for every occasion? We have the perfect selections to cater for all tastes.

"how hard is it for me to find a boyfriend with a car?"

then she will find that the exhaustive method alone can answer this question. Those junior high school and high school students around her seem to be able to find a lot of boyfriends with cars. Although they have no spiritual pursuit, they can at least have enough to eat. You can go on a self-driving trip on weekends.

really, I'm telling the truth. You may not know, but that's what my small town is like. Most people live from 25 to 60. Their work is easy and simple, and they have two days off on weekends. There is no work pressure, no need for spiritual pursuit, the house is assigned in the village, the car is bought at home, and you only have to think about one thing every day:

"where are you going to play tonight?"

or, "where are you going to play Mahjong tonight?"


when we got off the bus, I asked her where she wanted to eat, and there happened to be a McDonald's opposite.

she pointed to the sign with the main color red and yellow and said, "Let's leave it there."

I say let's go for a steak. She says she hasn't had a double cheeseburger for a long time. So we walked into McDonald's hand in hand. At that moment, we felt that it was the warmest place in the world. The brisk music set off my inferiority complex. I obediently told the waiter that I wanted the set meal of 25 yuan, and then asked her to wait for me first.

"Sorry, it's rare to eat these at a time."

"take me to the buffet later."

she smiled and told me what had happened recently, and I found that the four-wheeler outside the window no longer roared, but like the Gaussian blur of Photoshop, only her outline was clearly visible in the world.

if you take my advice, cherish the girl who accompanies you to McDonald's.

because if you think about it, it's really hard for her to find a boy with better material conditions than you?

which moment makes you

confirm that she /he is the person you should like?