When talking to others, talk less about these three things about yourself, and there will be more and more blessings!

When talking to others, talk less about these three things about yourself, and there will be more and more blessings!

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Zhu Bailu, a famous educator in the Qing Dynasty, said: if you behave in the world, you will lose too much words.

means to deal with others, you must be careful what you say, and it is easy to lead to disasters if you open your mouth.

in the process of communication, there are some things you can say and some things you can't say. If you don't keep a proper balance, it's easy to damage your morality and your own happiness.

when talking to others, there will be more and more blessings if you talk less about yourself.


Secrets are secrets because they contain personal privacy and secrets that we cannot be outside humanity.

everyone has some secrets at the bottom of their hearts, which are hidden in the deepest corners of our hearts.

you don't have to show it to others, because you will have no secrets.

there is an English proverb: a secret is your prisoner, and once it is leaked out, you become its prisoner.

when keeping secrets, secrets are loyal servants; when secrets are revealed, secrets are the culprit.

A person who gives away a secret, even the slightest bit, will never be at peace again.

because you don't know if others will take your secret and turn against you.

No matter how deeply you know someone, don't tell him the secret when you talk to him. Don't trust your feelings too much. What you think is a good acquaintance may be a casual acquaintance in the eyes of others.

is a secret, so we should give it correct treatment, lock it in the heart, and never leak out, in case of disaster.


Inner complaint

when people are alive, there will inevitably be moments when they feel unfair, angry and anxious, and want to spit out their grievances.

the more times like this, the more cautious you are in your words and deeds, because you can't say anything nice in a negative energy mood.

everyone's situation is different. If you complain to others, they may not be able to empathize with you.

if you open your mouth in front of others for a moment of pleasure, complain that someone who has a problem with you is unfair to you, he will lay the groundwork for disaster.

because you don't know whether the person who listens to your complaints will convey your bad words to the person you complain about, resulting in disputes and troubles.

on the other hand, when others see that you care so much about things, they will deliberately stay away from you, and good opportunities will leave you.

Di Zi Gui says: the Tao is good, that is, good, and the more people know it, the more they think of it; to promote evil is evil, and the disease is serious, and the disaster is done.

illness comes from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth. When talking to others, regardless of closeness, try to speak less of your grievances and say more good things about others, so that blessings can flow in.



there is a sentence about the method of dealing with the world in Li Changling's "Taishang Induction" in the Song Dynasty: do not highlight other people's short, do not show off their own strengths.

to be a man, you should remember not to uncover the weaknesses of others and not to show off your strengths.

when talking to others, no matter how rich you are and how great your achievements are, don't show off.

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tell others what you have, and few people are genuinely happy about what you have.

their emotions are more likely to be envy, or jealousy, or even hate.

when others are lower than your height, what most people want is not to work hard and stand at the same height as you, but to get the people above to come down as well.

once people around you have these feelings for you, you are not far from disaster.

Li Bai said in the Book of Pei Chang History of Shangan Zhou: heaven does not speak but acts at 04:00, and the earth does not speak and everything is born.

Heaven does not speak, but the four seasons do not change. Although the earth is silent, all things never stop growing.

to make friends with others, only by not showing off your strengths, not boasting, keeping a low profile, being modest to others, and being cautious in words, can you stay away from disasters and have long-lasting blessings.


Jin Ying of the Qing Dynasty said in "motto Jiewu" that cautious speech comes first when it comes to the world.

in dealing with the world, careful speech is the most important thing.

when talking to others, you must be careful with your words and be careful with your discretion.

Don't tell others your secrets casually, don't complain to others, don't show off what you have, you can stay away from disasters and have endless blessings.