When people reach middle age, they learn to precipitate.

When people reach middle age, they learn to precipitate.

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Life is a journey, on the way you will encounter all kinds of scenery, there are gains and losses, there are smiles and tears.

some staggers do not know how to deal with it, and some efforts never see results.

in fact, although some situations are inevitable, they can change their attitudes and solutions through a change of mindset.

the world is changeable, so you should learn to precipitate yourself and adjust your mood and state.

there is a saying:

precipitation will make people wise and transparent.


precipitation emotion

emotion is a barometer, reflecting the joys and sorrows of the heart.

everyone has emotions, but not everyone can manage emotions.

he Jiong once wrote a sentence on Weibo, which made me feel deeply:

it's better to talk about bad emotions less.

the family was sad, the friends were worried, and the opponents snickered, which made them feel sorry for themselves and lost their morale.

too emotional to solve any problem, it only hurts the intimate relationship.

once you get out of control, it's like facing a scourge, which is painful.

emotion ABC theory holds that

events are only the indirect cause of the consequences, and the direct cause is people's negative emotion.

think about it. Of many communication problems in life, 30% are content and 70% are emotions. The problem itself is not serious, but emotions have the upper hand, magnifying conflicts indefinitely.

so sink your emotions and don't be swayed by them.

the book "emotional separation" mentions that

means to cut off thoughts that may produce bad emotions from the source of thinking;

means to give up superfluous thoughts that you should not have. avoid causing mood swings;

the so-called separation is to leave the thoughts that make you depressed and focus on the pure thoughts in your heart.

change the way of thinking, appease the mood in advance, deal with things later, will prevent unnecessary communication obstacles, but also guide the direction of the situation.

when you are depressed, keep silent, don't reinforce your inner feelings, don't make any decisions, and focus on how to solve the problem.

tolerate each other's mistakes, and don't worry too much about your own face. How stable your mood is, how comfortable you will be.


words and deeds   words and deeds

as the old saying goes, "if you are careful in words, you can honor his virtue, and if you are careful in deeds, you can strengthen his will."

speaking carefully can reflect a person's lofty virtue;

doing things rigorously can reflect one's lofty ambition.

being cautious about good words and deeds and the unity of words and deeds is not only the moral character and self-cultivation of people, but also the bottom line and principle of doing things.

language is like an arrow, one shot is hard to recover.

say ten words, nine good words may not be praised, if one sentence is wrong, you will be blamed.

as a man, I would rather be silent than speak lightly;

would rather be slow than impulsive and impatient.

Don't boast about a compliment from others. Learn to take yourself to the bottom of your heart and talk about others.

I remember one time when Huang Bo was on the show, Lu Yu said, "you are very hot now." Huang Bo replied, "No, you can sit here and chat with Luyu." one sentence amused everyone.

lowering yourself and elevating others is a kind of EQ, which not only respects others, but also wins face for yourself.

doing things the same way, think twice before you act, take your time, be steady and steady.

when it's time to save your energy, don't rush to get ahead;

when it's time to fight, don't try to make a splash.

because the fastest way to success is not to accelerate, but to walk every day in a down-to-earth manner and temper yourself with your heart.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "I reflect on myself three times a day."

reflect on yourself many times a day to see if your words and deeds are appropriate.

if you have a point in speech, you are wise;

when you have a code of conduct, you are benevolent.

precipitating words and deeds is a kind of growth.

everything you say and do today is to lay out the layout for future success.


precipitation experience

A hot topic spread on the Internet:

there is an answer with more than ten thousand likes, which has aroused widespread concern:

an old screw, cannot work overtime, will often ask for leave, and the cost is still very high.

Enterprises should not only increase revenue and reduce expenditure, but also maintain new body vitality, and training is so easy.

it can be seen that the topic is not groundless and is indeed a common phenomenon.

Li Xiaolai's words hit the nail on the head:

most people are anxious because they have no accumulation, or they accumulate too little;

two have no method and experience, so they cannot ask for it.

when people reach middle age, what is terrible is not that they grow older and are replaced by new people, but that with the passage of time, there is no accumulation of knowledge and the value is devalued. This is the real cause of the midlife crisis.

Old Mr. Chu Shijian, an entrepreneur, once warned young people:

Don't worry about making money, learn to make yourself valuable first.

can not earn money to earn knowledge, can not earn knowledge to earn experience.

if you have earned all the above, it is impossible not to make money.

everyone wants to achieve something, but they don't know that all the calmness that comes at hand is the precipitation of accumulated strength.

when people reach middle age, they should know how much they have paid and how much they have paid to the end.How much it's worth.

take responsibility and sum up instructive knowledge instead of seemingly painstaking mechanical repetition year after year and eventually self-elimination.

set a goal to plow deeply, cultivate your own irreplaceability, and carve it carefully in the process.

Let time slowly precipitate experience. With more experience, there will be more skills, and the road to life will become wider.



it is said that modern people are becoming more and more impetuous, pursuing short-term pleasure and eager for success.

want to be in good health, eat too much and lie flat every day; if you want to get rich overnight, you still have to muddle along without any action.

is not satisfied with the status quo, but can not find a shortcut, only to complain about bad luck and lack of talent.

as everyone knows, people who cannot have peace of mind lack reason, are apt to overestimate themselves, and often lose themselves and lose their original happiness because of blind impulses.

I like a passage in Mo Yan's book:

when your talents cannot support your ambitions, you should calm down and learn;

when your abilities cannot control your goals, you should settle down to experience.

Dreams are accumulation and precipitation.

Let the heart settle down, get rid of distractions, don't make a big fight, don't aim too high, and don't give up easily.

internalized in the heart and externalized in the line.

give yourself an accurate position, seriously build life, slowly become calm, quiet in the hustle and bustle.

Life is a process of constantly choosing, reconciling with the world, and constantly surpassing oneself.

Don't dwell on the past that hurts you, and don't be afraid of the tomorrow that deters you.

improve your execution and start with the present.

know that every day of life is a gift from God and a test of fate. Learn to bear and accept.

No matter good or bad, sorrow or joy, cultivate a delicate heart and face the ever-changing world calmly.

ask yourself every day if you are happy and what you have gained.

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the heart is pure, and the trouble is gone.

precipitate my heart and make myself gentle and strong in the baptism of the years.


there is a good saying: "Water is clear not because it contains no impurities, but because it knows how to precipitate."

precipitating oneself is not only an attitude towards life, but also the best sublimation of life.

it makes life stand up to the temper of secular and ordinary, and gradually become concise and rich.

precipitate emotions and grasp the wind direction of mood;

precipitate words and deeds and have mature bearing;

precipitate experience and make life more valuable;

precipitate the heart and harvest calmness and wisdom.

precipitation does not allow people to solve problems immediately, but it can improve their ability to solve problems.

Life is like tea, which slowly precipitates and lasts for a long time.