When people reach middle age, these people don't have to get in touch with each other. It's pointless.

When people reach middle age, these people don't have to get in touch with each other. It's pointless.

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Zhuangzi has a saying: don't go against your heart, so you can be friends with each other.

acquaintance with people, the value lies in a heart, there is no gap in the heart, will not go in the opposite direction, in order to go on for a long time.

especially when people reach middle age, there are people who are old and young, and life is too difficult. At this time, we should reduce our circle of friends.

if you have different ways, you don't conspire with each other; if you have different hearts, you don't have to be friends!

these three kinds of people will not give you positive energy, so learn to stay away.



there are always some people in this world who treat others like fools, use them when you need your kind words, and hang them up when you need them.

he's with you, and you're always the one who loses. He is greedy for bargains, looking for benefits, and he annoys you very much.

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Zeng Guofan said: don't take advantage of people at all, and don't take people's money lightly.

the person who always takes advantage of you is not enough, in fact, there is no need to deal with him, because you are only a symbol of money in his heart.

besides, such people are doomed to be alone in the end.

Let people suffer losses and take advantage of themselves. In the end, they must be far away after being seen clearly, and there is no more bargain to take advantage of.

A true friend will consider your feelings, will not always set you up, take advantage of you, and make you suffer.


A false friend who borrows money but doesn't pay it back

some friends make friends with you when they lend you money, but when it's their turn to pay you back, they always push things back.

you told him that you were short of money and needed him to pay it back, but he pretended to be stupid again and again.

I have seen such a sentence:

you can pretend to be stupid or fool others, but you must stick to your bottom line. What is within the bottom line is called character!

Middle-aged you and I meet friends who borrow money but don't pay it back, and people who have money and go back on their promises are as far away as they are.

borrow and repay, it is not difficult to borrow again, friends should support each other.

what you borrow money is money, but also trust!

once trust is lost, the distance is estranged. For those who borrow money and don't pay it back, why do they take trust and friendship seriously?


A bad friend of yours

there is a kind of friend in this world. If you are not as good as him, you can still be regarded as a "friend". Once you are stronger than him, the friendship between you will break like a string.

A writer once said:

some people, even if you do not offend him, will envy you, denigrate you, and even want to destroy you.

in fact, you are not guilty. Sin is that you are better off than him.

some people are like this. whatever their own conditions, their friends should be the same as him, and they can't stand the slightest bit better than him.

there is a sentence in their dictionary: they are flowers on the same tree, why do you bloom brilliantly?

because I'm not as good as you, I can't stand you to be good either.

this is how to denigrate friends, hurt friends, and even do things that harm friends' interests.

when people reach middle age, they should have fewer fair-weather friends, stay away from those who borrow money and don't pay it back, and make a quick decision not to have contact with bad friends. Spending more time with our families and children is the most important thing we should do.