when it rains, someone is waiting for an umbrella and you are waiting for the rain to stop

when it rains, someone is waiting for an umbrella and you are waiting for the rain to stop

I heard that there will continue to be torrential rain in Dongguan tomorrow.

there was a heavy rain in Dongguan today.

if you ask me who I think of when it rains, I'll tell you it's Wong Kar-wai.

the first screenshot of his movie scene was Tony Leung's conversation with Maggie Cheung in the rain:

"I didn't think you would really like me."

"I didn't think about it either.

but it turns out that a lot of things come unconsciously. "

tapping on this dialogue, I suddenly understand why all the movie scenes I screenshot are rainy days, because rain is a matter of surprise, and we love someone unprepared, but what I want to say is that forgetting is also a matter of surprise, and many people never forget it. When you remember that you forget, you will be startled.

"I always remember that his birthday was October 17. In the first year and the second year after graduation, I kept 12:00 on October 16 to say Happy Birthday to him. On October 21 of the third year, I remembered that it was his birthday a few days ago. If you ask me when I realized that I had put it down, it should be October 21 of the third year."

what you really forget is that you forget that you should forget.

what a simple truth, you will forget ancient poetry, but you will not forget the lyrics, this is the difference between forced and like, let you remember do not need you to deliberately, let you forget, give it to time, don't think too much, useless.

two /

I don't know if this is a girl's heart or a glass heart. Whenever it rains without an umbrella, someone will tease "you need a boyfriend" and tell me what is the relationship between rain and the need for a boyfriend. Why do we have to remember to find a boyfriend /girlfriend when it rains?

all you need is an umbrella.

if you choose your partner as if you meet your needs, there is no need for two people in the world to match each other through the taste of their favorite movie and music dishes, and the only condition for choosing a mate is "what can you offer me?"

the more materially you can give me, the more dependent I am on you.

terrible, really terrible.

three /

I think of putting down my pen after writing the last subject of the college entrance examination. I don't know where I am. I do nothing. I lie on my stomach, listen to the rain outside the window, and recall three years. At that moment, I knew that I had finally lost everything. It was a kind of steady and unfinished loss and put down. There was a kind of calm waiting after the great storm. When I walked out of the examination room, I saw students in twos and threes and teachers waiting for umbrellas. I looked at the sky and said, "I can finally go home to sleep."

looking back at my alma mater, I can't tell whether I want to stay or go.

from now on, every day I listen to the rain, I will think of myself who used to be regardless of the consequences of love and hate.

four /

yesterday I was used to having roommates with umbrellas. I went to class alone. When I walked downstairs after class, I stepped on the stagnant water on the ground to remember that I didn't have to worry about rain because I had a roommate with umbrellas. I felt so sorry. I thought of you only when I needed it.

I'm used to it. I don't even have a "thank you". I'm sorry to say "I'm sorry" this time.

I ran back, wondering if there would be less rain than walking back, and whether my white shoes would be soiled by the splashing water.

I went out without an umbrella and no one sent an umbrella when it rained. I ran back to the dormitory with wet hair and changed clothes to continue my homework. There was no sadness or pity. Instead, I remembered a poem called "mistake".

my horse's hoof is a beautiful mistake

I am not a passer-by

is a passer-by with the smell of loneliness and courage, lonely and alive.

five /

Get prepared to buy a fabulous wedding gown with crystals and be the center of attention? Pefect for formal affairs or an informal ceremonies.

Walking in the rain

I never hold an umbrella

because every time I open my umbrella

, I think

it should be big enough for two people to say something to

, so let it rain all the time.