When is the healthiest time to get up? (permanent collection is recommended)

When is the healthiest time to get up? (permanent collection is recommended)

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for us, we discharge during the day and charge when we sleep at night.

only 50% of the charge is charged at night, and 100% is released during the day, so where does the remaining 50% come from? Is to borrow from the five internal organs.

in ancient books, the five Zang organs are "five Zang", which means "hide". What you hide is the essence of the human body. if you always borrow from the body, the average person will collapse in 15 years.

I didn't feel anything when I was young, but when I was in my forties and fifties, all the diseases came.


when to get up early

five o'clock: wake up

there are 24 solar terms in a year, and one day is the epitome of the year, there are also 24 solar terms.

3 the Beginning of Spring, 4 Rain Water, 5 sting, 6 the Spring Equinox, 7 Qingming, 8 Grain Rain;

9 the Beginning of Summer, 10:00 Lesser Fullness of Grain, 11:00 Grain in Beard, 12:00 the Summer Solstice, 13:00 Lesser Heat, 14:00 Greater Heat;  15:00 the Beginning of Autumn, 16:00 the End of Heat, 17:00 White Dew, 18:00 the Autumn Equinox, 19:00, 20 Frosts Descent;  21 the Beginning of Winter, 22 Lesser Snow, 23 heavy snow, 24 the Winter Solstice, 1 the Winter Solstice, 2 Lesser Cold.

sting refers to the hibernating animals, including bears, snakes, frogs, worms and so on.

Animals can feel the change of yang between heaven and earth, so they will wake up.

Man belongs to advanced animals, but people's excessive ego weakens their perception of objective nature.

what is dormant in the human body? It is the sun of the night, and it needs to be born at 5 o'clock, just like finishing sowing in spring.

how does yang come into being? There is only one way, that is, "spring master wakes up and takes the initiative".

by 5 o'clock, you must wake up and get up and exercise, so that people's yang will rise.

sensitive people wake up around 5 o'clock in the morning, while insensitive people are still fast asleep.

what if I can't get up at 5 o'clock?

you may have been lying in bed feeling sleepy one minute and still struggling with your mind. Do you want to get up or not?

but when you really get dressed and move, you suddenly don't feel sleepy.

Why? Because your yang is growing up.

people who like to sleep in have a bad temper.

instead of getting up later, I feel more tired. Try sleeping until 12:00 noon.

do not get up early, Yang Qi is not born, people are weak, but also like to lose their temper, because Yang Qi becomes angry, so people have a big temper, and the evil fire in the body is too big.

the liver dominates acid, and turbid acid erodes the kidney. more than 100 million people in the country have kidney disease. The root cause is that they get up too late and the liver qi does not grow out and is held back in the body.


people who insist on getting up early for a long time

A number of health studies by authoritative academic institutions around the world have once again proved the benefits of getting up early. According to the research results, experts sum up the following points:

energetic, not sleepy

the study found that early risers usually get up faster, have more flexible minds, and can quickly concentrate on their work and study. Also not easy to fatigue, more energetic.

academic performance is more outstanding

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A study by the University of Texas in the United States found that

the person in charge of the study said that students who get up early lead a more regular life, attend classes on time, and learn more actively. And there are no health problems caused by staying up late.

handle affairs more carefully

some studies have found that early risers have a clearer head, plan in advance, and act more boldly. They are more efficient, more organized, more targeted, and pay more attention to detail.

more productive during the day

while night owls are still struggling in bed, early risers may have finished running in the morning, finished breakfast, and started to deal with the necessary tasks.

when arranging major events of the day, you can start to make plans in advance and implement them in a timely manner.


researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada have found that early risers of any age are more emotionally positive, feel better about themselves and have a stronger sense of health.

this may be related to the fact that early risers can start their day in the sun and have a better mood for life, study and work.

the risk of depression is small

people who get up early are more organized, prepare in advance, are less busy, and therefore have a more cheerful personality.

people who like to stay up late are more likely to suffer from depression, and lack of sleep is also a major cause of depression.

people are kinder

A psychological study from the University of Sydney found that early risers are generally friendlier and less likely to have "dark personalities".


can you control your life

Nan Huaijin said:

if a person can't even get up early, what do you expect him to do on this day?

the ancients said:

how can you catch the day if you can't catch it in the morning?

when you wake up in the morning, the human body wakes up from the sleep state with the lowest metabolic rate. Proper exercise will help to increase the metabolic rate and improve blood circulation.

in fact, getting up early is a minute!

many people think it's impossible, but it's actually very simple. You can try it.

get up at 5: 00, but there is psychological contradiction in the few minutes when I get up.Can't afford it? Get up, I'm so sleepy! No, it's not good for your health!

but when you really get up, move a little, or walk or jump, or stretch your body, you will feel less sleepy, and your body will be relaxed and comfortable.

what should I do if I am really poor?

you can get up at 5: 00, exercise for 10-30 minutes, and then lie down and go back to sleep. By this time, Yang has already arisen, and sleeping again will not suppress Yang.

in this way, you will be relaxed and happy when you get up again, and you will have a lot of energy to work and study, otherwise you will be tired during the day and don't have enough energy to do anything except yawning or dozing.


the solution to sleeplessness is to get up early

of course, there are many people who want to go to bed early, but can't sleep, one of the solutions is to get up early.

when you get up early, take a rest for half an hour at noon. You feel refreshed in the afternoon and get sleepy early in the evening.

when you are not sleepy at night and do not get up in the morning, you have been in a vicious circle. How to break this circle?

means getting up early.

Sleep is not a matter of time, it is a matter of time. From 9: 00 p.m. to 3: 00 a.m., it is a time when heaven and earth are replenishing people's energy. if you sleep, you catch up, and you add a little bit; if you don't sleep, you don't catch up.

what if I miss it?

if you don't catch up, you don't catch up. There is no other way. Not sleeping is your own business, and the laws of nature will not be changed by any one person.