What you think is "easy to raise a hand" is really not "taken for granted".

What you think is "easy to raise a hand" is really not "taken for granted".

Why is it that some things are easy for others, but they don't want to help?

"taking is not taken for granted."

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originally we also thought of chartering a bus directly to the scene of the Strawberry Music Festival, but in the end, some people went there on the 28th and came back on the 29th, while others came back on the 28th or 29th. So if you want to forcibly charter a bus, everyone's share of the cost must be very high, and the most cost-effective way is for everyone to organize charter according to their own needs.

I made numerous group announcements on that group of only 65 people, and one by one I helped them count the contact information, the number of people, and the last few days into an EXCEL for everyone to download and contact each other. Every time I take the trouble to explain that I am just responsible for helping people with statistics and giving them a platform to communicate easily, rather than chartering cars for everyone.

as a result, one night, a boy added my Wechat and told me that he had seven people and wanted to charter a taxi.

I said, "you can contact them on the group."

he said, "aren't you in charge?"

I said, "I'm responsible for your statistics, but you still need to get in touch with the charter."

when I was taking a taxi back from Nancheng with my friends, I received a voice message:

"didn't you say you were in charge of chartering?" Now that I say no, I'm really speechless. "

when I saw this sentence, I was so angry that I almost deleted his friend. You know, from starting a group to helping people with statistics, I finally saw that they were successfully organized one by one. I received a total of five times "Thank you" and "Thank you for your hard work" and a sentence "I am really speechless".

well, a sentence that I don't understand really destroys the other five words of gratitude.


Last week a friend asked me for help and asked me if I could write a manuscript about Subscription account. In fact, we don't know each other very well, and we just had a few conversations on Wechat, but the less familiar we are, the harder it is to refuse others. I asked him what subject matter he wrote, and he said to write a film review. Because we were introduced by a very close friend, I didn't even ask him for the fee.

I asked him if he was free to play, and he said yes. So I wrote him a film review of "American Beauty", which was similar to the previous chicken soup, with a little story around me. It has been written for most of the afternoon, about 2000 words.

after I sent it to him, he was disappointed, really disappointed, because he gave me a "sweat wipe" expression.

he looked embarrassed and said, "this article may not be popular."

I was surprised because I would not say such a thing when I asked for a manuscript. I asked, "which one is hot?"

"the review of your article" my Girls "is very good. I thought you would write that."

I thought I was just doing me a favor, so I wanted to try a different style, who knew he was also here for the volume of reading. In fact, there is nothing wrong with reading volume, but high reading volume means high investment, so I asked him, "I don't know how much money you are willing to pay."

he sent me another sweat wiping expression: "isn't it free to ask for a manuscript?"

after I replied a paragraph, I deleted his friend. I said:

"I once wrote a manuscript for someone else, and they gave me a fee of 200 yuan. finally, because I felt that the article could not meet the requirements of the other party, so I returned the fee. Money is not the most important thing, but I hope you can respect my work. The article is not readily available. I hope you can understand it. "


every monitor and student committee should have said the same four words countless times, that is, "receive, please come back". Recently, I have also encountered situations where I want to use these four words, such as assigning some topics to people in the team, and every time I want to add the word "receive please come back" at the end. Because I'm really not sure if they know what I'm trying to say on the other side of the phone.

but I didn't use it because they realized the problem because I didn't want to use the word "please".

and my student committee is even more conscientious. Sometimes there are too many notices above, sending three or four text messages to our class in one night. She begins by saying, "Sorry, I'm going to harass everyone again."

of course, she may just be polite, but I have also heard such words in the dormitory of other classes:

"really annoying, my monitor sends me this kind of text message every day."

I don't know since when, what the class committee and student cadres do has become a matter of course in everyone's eyes. Last week, I went to the creative meeting of "never thought of". After entering the venue, there was no room, so I had to sit on the stairs.

I heard some students complain to the staff: "since we can't arrange seats for everyone, why send so many tickets?"

the staff is a cute girl who thought she would keep saying "I'm sorry" and take all the blame on herself like the bad guy in the movie. She stopped her work, put away her smile and said to the classmate:

"We just want more students to see the people they want to see, and hope you can understand."

that momentum is really cool.


I have seen such a question on Zhihu: "Why are there things that others just raise their hands but they don't want to help?"

the answer is actually very simple, because the so-called "easy work" is just what you take for granted.

others are willing to give because it can bring him some "benefits", which can be material or spiritual. If the person you help can't give back some material or spiritual reward, please tell him loudly, "I don't take it for granted to help you."

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of course, you can be less direct, or smile, or tell the truth euphemistically.

but you can't silently put up with other people's incomprehension, because you know, he can fade your enthusiasm today and make more people more indifferent tomorrow.

sweeping the snow in front of each door is not because there are fewer good people, but because there are more bad guys who take unlimited money.

the elderly fell to the ground unsupported, not because society became more indifferent, but because the bad guys got older.

No one wants to be the first to lose, not because people become more realistic, but because they don't get what they deserve. The

principle is not used to limit ourselves

We should use it to reject other people's unreasonable demands

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