What is the most expensive thing in life? (big truth)

What is the most expensive thing in life? (big truth)

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when people reach a certain age, experience some things and see the warmth of human feelings, they can really understand what is the most expensive and most valuable thing in a person's life.

it is not a luxury house, a luxury car, let alone something outside the body.

even if you live in a mansion, without warmth and affection, it's just an ice cellar.

even if you drive a luxury car, it's just a means of transportation, so why be so persistent?

the pursuit of more money and wealth will be a thing of the past after a hundred years.

in fact, when people live in the world, the most expensive thing is not luxury cars and mansions, let alone fame and power, but the following things.


what is kinship?

Family affection is something we have to wait for all our lives, and it is a warm harbor for our whole lives.

No matter how bad you are, your parents still accept you and never give up on you. When you are down and out, your relatives still support you and encourage you.

the true affection will not be completely different to you because you have no money, let alone leave you because you are down and out.

Friendship may drift away because of distance and time. Love may go its separate ways because of its freshness, but only the flesh-and-blood relationship, whose blood is thicker than water, will not leave you and accompany you for a lifetime.

Family affection is always the most expensive and most worthy of our treasure.

Don't ignore those who care about you for the sake of those who eat, drink and be merry. Nothing is more important than affection.

Don't be busy socializing all day, snubbing the family, spending more time with your elderly parents is the most worthwhile.

Don't betray the lover who helps each other because of the freshness of the moment. We must keep a good balance when we get along with the opposite sex, which is the best treasure for our loved ones and the greatest responsibility for our family.

Family affection is very precious. Once we lose it, we must repent and wait for it, because it is too precious. Relatives, you cherish them and know how to be grateful and give back, which is something we can't give up for the rest of our lives.


A tree without a trunk will wither to death.

if there is no steel bar, the building is bound to collapse.

if people lose their backbone, no one will look up to you.

as a human being, our integrity is like our dignity, so that no one dares to look down upon you, dignity exists, and people respect you.

A person who, in order to satisfy his vanity, loses his backbone, bows to others and flatters constantly, such a person will not only not be respected by others, but will also be laughed at and despised.

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Wen Tianxiang, a national hero, always regarded the interests of the country and nation as the highest interests in times of national crisis and showed no mercy to capitulators and traitors.

in 1259, when the Yuan army crossed the river around Ezhou, Dong Songchen, the emperor's favourite servant, encouraged Emperor Song to move the capital. Wen Tianxiang bravely went up and begged Dong Songchen.

in 1275, the court made Lu Wende, a general of the surrendered Yuan army, king of Heyi County, and promoted his nephew, Lu Shimeng, as the rear Shang Shu. For a moment, the atmosphere of surrender pervaded the capital, and Wen Tianxiang sent a letter to beg and beg Lu Shimeng to stabilize the morale of the army.

after Wen Tianxiang was captured, a group of surrendering thieves in Liu Mengyan bravely tried to persuade them to surrender, and Wen all reviled them, even when Emperor Song Gong, who had surrendered to the enemy, came to persuade him to surrender.

Wen Tianxiang clearly put forward that "the state is the most important and the monarch is light". He is not foolishly loyal to emperors, but only unconditionally loyal to the country and nation.

on January 9, 1283, Wen Tianxiang died bravely in Dadu.

after his death, he left behind a large number of poems, such as "everyone will die, let me keep my loyal heart in the history books", which shows the great righteousness and character of the nation everywhere.

only then do you know that when a person loses his backbone, he or she loses his dignity. If he or she loses his dignity, no one will want to come near, let alone work with you, or even be spurned by others.

A person can achieve something in life only by engraving his integrity in your bones, abiding by the bottom line and correcting his or her character.



Mr. Cai Lan said:

Life is more bitter than happy. Instead of competing with yourself everywhere, it is better to live a life of chic and unrestrained style.

I am deeply convinced that at the end of life, parents will grow old and their children will start a family. Only by themselves will they accompany them forever.

Don't think about relying on others. In the dark, even your own shadow will leave, so how can you pin your hopes on others?

money is gone, as long as people live, money can be earned again, if the body crosses, money is a piece of waste paper.

Life is bittersweet. Being kind to yourself and taking good care of yourself is the most important thing in this life.

other people's mouth, their own way, do not care too much about other people's opinions, care too much about others, the heart is tired of their own.

Life is short, life is not easy, don't let people lose to the mood.

if you meet people who are sincere to each other, treat each other with sincerity, and if you meet people who are false, turn around decisively. Don't waste your feelings for someone who is not worth it.

I would like to be the best of myself for the rest of my life, be open-minded and transparent, be worthy of every part of life, let nature take its course and leave everything to providence.

in the end, a person's life will be in vain. It is most worthwhile to love yourself, be kind to your body, cherish the people in front of you, cherish everything you have now, and leave no regrets in this life.