What is the difference between children who do housework and those who do not?

What is the difference between children who do housework and those who do not?

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I see a question on Zhihu:

my family is a daughter. If I teach her to do housework now, will it be cheaper for her in the future?

among them, there is a girl's answer, which is very impressive.

in fact, whether boys or girls, we teach them to do housework just so that they can live on their own in this world.

American psychologist William James said:

American psychologist William James said:

American psychologist William James said:

American psychologist William James said:

American psychologist William James said:

to cultivate children's ability to do housework since childhood is to let children learn to manage themselves and live independently.

the gap between children who do housework from an early age and those who do not do housework is really not a little bit.


excellent children love to do housework

Harvard University in the United States has done a study found that: compared with children who do not do housework, the adult employment rate is 15:1 and the crime rate is 1:10. Children who do housework have higher mental health index and family happiness index. Children who do housework tend to do better academically.

and an educational research institute in China has conducted a survey on 20,000 primary school families across the country. The results show that the proportion of children who like to do housework is 27 times higher than those who do not.

what's the mystery that a little housework can make a child so good?

1. Children who do housework have a strong sense of order

in the variety show "Don't underestimate me", there is a little girl, Xiao Tao, who is very likable.

the room, which had been turned upside down by several children, was soon tidied up and restored to its former appearance.

Xiaotao, who is only 5 years old, can clean up a messy room so neatly that he can see that he has done a lot at home.

the guest said that Xiao Tao is a child with a strong sense of order. in the process of painting, she will put the messy pen caps back to their original position one by one.

Children who can do housework must have good tidying up ability. Their external performance is to clean up, and their internal performance is the child's sense of order.

Children with a strong sense of order have a strong sense of concentration, their hearts are not easily disturbed, and they will focus on one thing.

Harvard Business School has found that children with clean and tidy desks tend to get good grades, cheerful personality, concentration and endurance.

there are many processes in every housework.

when children do housework, they will constantly think and implement, and gain better concentration, hands-on ability and thinking ability.

2. Children who do housework are more responsible

during the Spring Festival last year, a 9-year-old boy from Henan went to Xi'an to help his parents sell vegetables during the holiday.

although he has to get up at more than four o'clock every morning to sell vegetables, the boy says that he can help his mother pull and load vegetables and is very happy to help them with their work.

parents go out to do business all the year round in order to make a living. the boy does not know how busy his parents are at home, and only when he comes to help can he realize his parents' hard work and responsibility, so he must help.

while helping his parents, the boy realized the difficulty of life and the hard work of his parents, better understood the importance of responsibility, and cherished the moment of reunion with his parents.

Dad also said that he wanted his child to realize from an early age that it was not easy for his parents to spend money on him, and he had to work hard to gain.

A child who does housework will learn to share and take responsibility in the process of work, and understand that he is a part of the family more sympathetically.

Tolstoy said: whether you have a sense of responsibility or not will determine life, family, work, learning success and failure. The cultivation of children's sense of responsibility comes from family education in the first place.

only when children learn to do housework from an early age will they regard housework as an established fact and shoulder their responsibilities bit by bit in the process of growing up.

after they feel the difficulty of housework, they will also know how to be grateful and respect.

the first step in developing a child's sense of responsibility is to start with housework and learn to pay for the family.

3. The child who does housework has strong independence

17-year-old prodigy Wei Yongkang. When others did not finish high school, he was admitted to the Chinese Academy of Sciences with excellent results. However, he was persuaded to quit because of his poor ability to take care of himself.

in fact, the great "sin" lies in the mother, who thinks that as long as she studies well, she will not let him encounter anything other than study.

parents do everything for their children, cutting off their children's wings for independence.

Children who do housework from an early age have the ability to solve life problems independently and have the soul of independence, self-confidence and self-improvement.

since childhood, they have been spoiled by their parents and replaced all their children, and they have lost control of their lives.

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Julie lythcott haims, former director of the freshman guidance Center at Stanford University, said in his book how to raise an Adult:

if a child can't even do housework, how can he have the necessary abilities to control the future.

Children who participate in housework from an early age can be more independent, and the future is worth looking forward to.


far-sighted parents are willing to use their children

Wei Shusheng, former director of the Education Bureau of Panjin City, Liaoning Province, said in a speech: I will be the director, and we will go back to implement it from tomorrow. All the children in Panjin have to do housework when they go home. There is time to do more, no time to do less, but can not stop. You have to do it for a minute, and it's even better to do it for half an hour.

1. Learn to share housework with children

2. Be willing to use it for children, good at boasting