What does it mean to be a man? this is called being a man! (too much in place)

What does it mean to be a man? this is called being a man! (too much in place)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

it's so simple to write about a person; it's too complicated to be a person all your life.

it's easy to say, but it's very difficult to be a man.

make a living, you have to be diligent; socialize, you have to be magnanimous; family, you have to take care of the whole!

it is even more difficult to do one of these three things well. How easy is it to be a person?


livelihood is a difficult problem, you have to suffer!

people are forced to do things.

in this life, different people have different backgrounds.

I don't have any great ability, no good background, not very smart, and my EQ is not high.

wander into the workplace and hit a brick wall everywhere; a post is a few years; if you don't make much money, you don't dare to spend too much; get out early and come back late, year after year!

in the adult world, who doesn't put life into "mute" mode?

without support, you should be your own pillar; if you have no one to take care of you, you should be your own harbor.

from the beginning of a collapse, to the later fearless, are step by step, a little to support, step by step to grow!

to put it bluntly, our days are all made out!

you have to endure, always day after day; difficulties you have to endure, always emerge one after another.

Life, there is no good way out, suffering is the only choice!


Communication, the heart will be tired, you have to be bearish!

how many relationships, it doesn't matter if you walk;

how many feelings, you become a stranger.

there are some changes that none of us can predict, but we have to bear it.

some people, no matter how much you give, you will not cherish; for some people, no matter how much you give, you will not be grateful.

those who hurt you will not take into account your feelings; those who hurt you will not take into account your grievances.

Life, my heart is tired because of communication, sad because of feelings, annoyed because of loss, and missed because of parting.

A relationship that always makes you hurt, makes you cry, and makes you miserable, learn to give up!

look down on some communication, so that you can live a comfortable life; open up some of the past, so that you can not be aggrieved!

be a man, just have a clear conscience, communicate, and know how to cherish it!


Family is the home, you have to be responsible!

Family is not only the end-result of the body, but also the home of the soul.

Family is the most important person in our life, the driving force for us to fight for, and the harbor that gives us warmth and happiness.

when you are in the doldrums, there is no one to help you, your family to help you;

when you encounter problems, there is no one to accompany you, your family to accompany you.

Family is the one who will always support you and support you in this world. They will not despise you or despise you.

when we get along with our families, we are more tolerant, less concerned, more considerate, and less confrontational.

Family is our favorite and the one who loves us most. If we say too much, both of us will get hurt; if we always quarrel, both hearts will be cold.

getting along with our family requires us to constantly improve our patience and change our attitude.

the more patient you are, the warmer your family is; the better your attitude is, the more harmonious your family is!

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it's hard to be a man, difficult to be a man, difficult to be a man!

I hope that each of us will learn to precipitate ourselves and be diligent and enterprising, be kind to others, cherish our family and live up to ourselves on the way forward.