What can I do after graduation?

What can I do after graduation?

The new year, the old problems.

Wen /Zhang Jingzhi, snow blind, Tong c

@ snow blind  my father told me this morning that their unit has recruited two more master's degree students from Jiaotong University, majoring in electronics, but now works in the field of finance and economics. I was so shocked that I went on to talk about this topic: "so they've taken a lot of detours?"

their life directions all deviated when they were undergraduates.

but one of them, because of his distinguished family background, his father sent him to Tokyo to study finance again, while the other spent a long time quitting his job at Huawei, retaking the postgraduate entrance examination, and re-choosing economics. In any case, they have spent a lot of money, time and energy to correct the "direction of life".

and I don't think I can, because I don't have the money to send me abroad to rebuild my father, nor do I have the energy to spend in my precious youth.

"my life is a building that can only be built once, and I have to make it extremely accurate." This is the sentence I remember most after watching to Youth. From an early age, we are inculcated with the determination to grow up to be a successful person, or at least a person who takes fewer detours. However, nine out of ten graduates want to resign, and many have nothing to do with their university majors. They want to be stable, but they are tired of the people and things at hand again and again. Some people can use capital to make corrections, some people can use time to adjust direction, but most of us can't do that.

I have always envied those people who have a clear goal from an early age and are still fighting for it until now. They spend their whole life doing things that they can't do well in a year. A few people are lucky to have their own clear goals at an early age under the combination of weather and geography. In college, people keep talking to me about this topic: "I still don't know what I can do."

I want to say to them, "the best time to make a change was ten years ago, and the second best time is today."

1% people sit and wait, and good luck will fall from the sky. But even if it's my destiny, I'm going to find it myself.

@ Tong C

although the future is dominated by the unknown, career direction and planning are often semi-solid for "me in the eyes of others". Because I am studying in a normal university, whenever other people, whether they are relatives, friends or passers-by, hear that I am in normal school, they will naturally say, "Ah, if you become a teacher in the future, it is good to be a teacher, with a high salary and a lot of holidays." And I often pretend to be sophisticated enough to cater to their ideas.

because no one ever asked me what I wanted to do in the future. And what I want to do in the future has nothing to do with them, so who wants to care about you?

after two minutes of jet lag in the college entrance examination, I had to follow the orders of my parents and teachers to go to normal school, although I enjoyed the sense of achievement of teaching others in the process of helping others. However, it has been emphasized that being brainwashed "being a teacher pays well" and "your personality is very suitable for being a teacher." So much so that for a long time I didn't know whether I liked the professional pleasure of preaching and teaching as a teacher.

I used to be rebellious, too. I would quietly cater to what they think I should be, and then turn around and continue to do what I am happy. I always imagine that for the next five, ten or twenty years, I will be sitting at a desk in a certain school correcting essays, preparing lessons on time and talking to students. I will feel that this random fun life that can see at a glance that the possibility has been completely lost is really, it's terrible.

however, life is always full of surprises.

there are too many occasional opportunities. I slowly began to come into contact with business creation and literary creation. I learned in different teams and summed up a simple and clear truth: "the field that suits you is the most important." The path that others habitually think is not necessarily the one you will take in the future, just as your future career is likely to be completely out of line with your current major; the things you like may not have the lucky opportunity to support yourself, interest to interest, eating is the most basic, there is no survival to talk about life.

and there is only one thing I have to do in the next three years:

find something that not only supports me, but also suits and likes me.

@ Zhang Jingshi

I always play the role of experienced people in chaos, saying to them every day: "there is only one thing you need to do as a freshman and sophomore, and that is to find something that suits you and you like."

during the summer vacation, I went to work as an intern in a company, also as a new media operator, but when I really started to sit in the office and clock in, I realized how ignorant and naive I had been. I not only do not have a conceptual understanding of the word "new media operation" at all, but also know nothing about some things in the workplace.

so much so that my boss at that time said to me: whether you "do things" or "do things", you are still a student.

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I had a really miserable time. While I did a lot of useless work at work, I felt that I couldn't learn anything there. I resent myself for not coming out early to get in touch with society, so that I don't have to take so many detours. But I know clearly:

these detours, I can never bypass.

in fact, when I was a freshman, I had a little chance to get around it. Because our whole school has done an assignment called "career planning" and listened to a lecture on career planning organized by the school staff association. But this seems to be of little use, because the 3,000 words required for the assignment are copied and pasted, and the lecturer is on the stage.I was playing with my phone and didn't look up all night.

because career planning is too far away from us, I clearly remember what he said to me when I encouraged my roommate to take a part-time job with me as a freshman: "I don't want to do a part-time job as a freshman. I want to play this year."

so we passed our freshman year, and we were in no hurry in our sophomore year, and we didn't realize the seriousness of the problem until our junior year. But it's a little late. I've talked to several brothers and sisters about employment, and all of them mentioned that career planning is a more important thing in our lives.

if I can, I'd rather earn less at McDonald's and learn about some industries I'm interested in, such as working as an intern at 4A Advertising Company and seeing for myself the lives of those advertisers. And secretly understand their mindset.

because only by getting close to them can you see the tip of the iceberg where the profession has surfaced.

Dongguan Science Popularization Center recently opened an activity called "CEP" (full career Exploration Camp), which allows you to experience five types of work covering all jobs in seven days under the professional guidance of global career planners.

it will take you to less than 50 companies in Hong Kong's top 500. It will also give you access to finance, accounting, human resources, advertising, marketing and media. By understanding the characteristics of different industries to position their own future direction.

you can have direct contact with senior people in various industries and talk directly with them to see if they will work overtime every day and understand their working environment and culture. This is not only contact, but also communication, so that you can know more about your chosen career path before graduation.

in fact, circles are really important. in these seven days, you can not only meet professional career planners and people in various industries, but also meet a group of partners who share your aspirations, which is also one of the highlights of this project.

actually this article is a promotional article, but to be honest, the person in charge of the project and I did not stop in the coffee shop from 7 p.m. to 11:00. That night, he said to me a sentence I remember now: "it's nice for you to do this in such a small circle, but I know that most of your views come from Zhihu, and what you need more now is experience."

Hmm, so I also want to participate in the CEP project.