What about not staying up late?

What about not staying up late?

For some reason, the length of an hour from 12:00 to one o'clock seems to be only ten minutes, which always passes in the blink of an eye.

I used to be a person who liked to stay up at night. The day when I stayed up the most in my youth must be the third year of high school for most people. There was a saying at that time: "staying up late is to spend other people's dream time to realize their dreams." "

everyone around me is working hard for his dream university, but I am hopelessly in love with Y.

has always had a good relationship with Y. we delved into the troublesome math, physics and chemistry together, shared jokes about life as a seasoning, and chased House of Cards together in our spare time to make this bloody competitive senior year less boring. She has a habit of never staying up late even under the intense study pressure of the third year of senior high school. She should go to bed when she is sleepy.

one day I finally plucked up the courage to express my love. Thirty days later, she became my girlfriend.

her good night is a lamp rope, gently pull, "click", and put out the lights of the whole city.

in my third year of high school, I hardly stayed up late. The school has a very tight schedule. Except for sleep, we spend 10% of our time at school, that is to say, we are almost always with each other. When she was about to go to bed, I picked up the cluttered science papers on the table, sat by the bed after washing, and said good night to each other on the glowing screen.

nothing must be done in the middle of the night. Slowly, not staying up late has become my habit. Before the college entrance examination, we help each other to complete the standard movements in class, and then worry about distance in the ranking of the model exam.

the charm of the college entrance examination is not to get what you want, but to make mistakes.

Y went to Beijing, but I stayed in Xi'an. Because of distance and time, there were many contradictions between us. In the end, she chose to leave me. Suddenly feel that their own life is so small, so controlled by the world, limited, adapt to her absence is more like gouging out his own flesh with a knife. The habit of not staying up late after she left was one of the things she left on me. There is a line in "this killer is not too cold":

"my deepest love for you is that I have made myself look like you after I was separated."

until now I seldom stay up late, even without that person's two words:

"good night."

@ Tongc

V used to be a very important friend of the opposite sex whom I can rely on psychologically. Before I met V, I almost never tried to turn off the lights and go to bed at 11:00 in the evening. But because I met someone who could chat very well, I would not go to bed until 1.2 o'clock every night during that time, because time was so precious that I only went home on weekends. At night in the quilt across a channel to talk to V about all kinds of interesting things. What touched me most in my life was that I had severe gastritis and had a rest with injections and medicine, but I still felt sick until the evening. V called at this time and asked me if I was still not feeling well. I said yes. Then, in order to distract me, he began to read me the contents of his physics book like a newscaster until 03:30 that night. I didn't know until long after I came over. At that time, V actually had an exam at eight o'clock the next day.

We have not become lovers, nor have we been good friends all the time. Occasionally we will have a few pleasantries on Wechat, which can be regarded as embarrassing, tacit embarrassment. After all, some things do not need to be explained too bluntly. But the mood of being able to do a lot of stupid things for an important person has long stayed in the past and has never been with me now. I finally understand what Shen Jiayi said to Ke Jingteng in "those years": "once I've been liked by you, it's hard to think that others like me so much."

I have never met anyone who can stay up late and feel precious. I no longer have the idea of staying up all night chatting.

before I worked as an editor in a studio, I was under a lot of pressure for a while to promote the brand. Both intensity and density are reminiscent of perversion. During that busy day, I always stayed up late to write articles and do interviews to sort out materials. I slept during the day and wrote manuscripts basically like this. The traces recorded are "4: 00 in the morning, 6: 00 in the morning."

stay up late, which makes me feel very diligent. It's just that I feel very diligent, that's all.

until one day a senior came to me and he sent me a screenshot of the chat transcript. I told him in a serious tone two months ago:

"Don't stay up late and don't think that you are young and healthy and get used to staying up late. This is really harmful."

of course I forgot long ago that I had said these words to him. When he showed me what I said, I felt like I was hitting him in the face, right. He continued: "I can understand that you can stay up late for what you like, once, but you always stay up like this, two or three times, or even for a week, but to be honest, it's a little self-touching." Do you think you work hard when you stay up late? "

I said, "Yes."

after the conversation, I deleted a lot of moments that recorded staying up late, because, I know, staying up late makes me feel very hard. In fact, I am really touched by myself. This is something that really makes me dislike myself.

I'm still writing today, but I won't stay up late anymore.

after all, if you make good arrangements, you can still work and study during the day and go to bed early at night.


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in fact, there are only two kinds of people who often stay up late.

A person who does nothing during the day but always tries to hide his mediocrity by relying on a friend late at night. They fought with willpower to make the subconscious feel that he was still fighting, and it was only when they woke up the next day that they knew it was a struggle.

the other kind of people are very busy during the day but are afraid of falling asleep.

for fear of falling asleep and remembering the person who was so busy during the day that he wanted to forget.

is there a third?

tell us in the comments.