What a reversal! The "hardest champion" of this Olympic Games looked at the whole website and cried

What a reversal! The "hardest champion" of this Olympic Games looked at the whole website and cried

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Tokyo Olympic Games, China's sixth gold medal, won very exciting.

in the men's weightlifting 67 kg final, Chen Lijun narrowly won the gold medal.

he cried after the game.

many netizens who knew about his experience also cried, including me.

because this is not only a surprise motivational gold medal, but also a counterattack life for a bitter child.

his story is especially worth seeing.  01

Li Jun was born in Anhua County, Hunan Province, a rural family.

his family is extremely poor, his parents work in agriculture, and his family also has an uncle with congenital heart disease and an elderly grandmother.

my father is a burly man, and he is well-known "Hercules". When running freight, he can easily pull up 500 jin of goods.

therefore, when the weightlifting team of Yiyang Children's Sports School was recruiting students, someone recommended to coach Jiang Yilong that the Chen family had a child, which might be a good child.

Coach Jiang specially ran to Chen's house and called for the child to have a look. He was thin and small, not quite like Hercules.

but in the standing long jump test, 10-year-old Chen Lijun jumped out of the concrete with a random jump in his bare feet.

measure one ruler, 2.36 meters!

this is an amazing achievement.

if you do push-ups again, Chen Lijun is full of strength and can do more than 50 in one breath.

Professor Jiang was surprised that it was the first time he had seen such a gifted child in so many years of teaching.

he tried to convince the family that the child must be successful in lifting weights.

Dad is very supportive: I firmly believe that you can turn him into a world champion!

but mother Chen Youzhen thinks more:

weightlifting is too hard. If the child does not show his grades, his stature is still short, and it is difficult to find a girlfriend in the countryside.

if the mother doesn't agree, the child can't take it away.

for this good girl, Coach Jiang invited five times in one summer vacation.

Chen Lijun really wanted to go, too. He hugged his coach's leg and begged his mother.

after begging, my mother finally reluctantly agreed.

Xiao Li Jun came to the sports school as desired and began to train.

weightlifting training is unimaginable hardship.

but Chen Lijun does not behave like a child in his early teens. He is very conscious and hard-working, and is bent on getting good grades.

it's a pity that his poor family collapsed in less than a year.

Chen Lijun's father suddenly suffered from brain cancer, was bedridden and lost his labor force.

coupled with the burden of an uncle with a heart attack and an elderly grandmother, the burden of a family of five fell on his mother Chen Youzhen alone.

she works in a tile factory and earns 700 to 800 yuan a month. She has to support her family and earn her husband's medical expenses. She is still a little disabled and her hearing is very poor.

although her son was free of tuition at the sports school and the coach took good care of her, she was still very tired and helpless.

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Xiao Li Jun felt sorry for his mother's difficulties and decided to give up weightlifting.

he sneaked home, ready to work to earn money and help his mother support his family.

Coach Jiang was so worried that he rented a tractor and chased him to Chen's house.

he chatted with Chen Youzhen for a long time and told her that the child was really good at lifting weights and would certainly get good grades in the future.

Mother was moved. She gritted her teeth and made up her mind that no matter how difficult it was at home, she must let her son go after her dream.


in 2010, 17-year-old Chen Lijun won the World Youth Championships.

Chen Youzhen was very happy, as if she saw a glimmer of dawn in the darkest night.

she went to Changsha to work by herself, earning a little more than before.

the family seems to be getting better.

but in 2012, the bad news came.

Chen Lijun's father died of illness.

this man, who has a difficult life, has always dreamed of his children's success.

however, although he strongly supported the child's weightlifting and vaguely felt the hope of tomorrow, he died because of a serious illness and did not see his son play a game.

Chen Youzhen comforted her son and forced herself to cheer up.

she stayed in Changsha, working three jobs, working day and night.

on the other hand, Chen Lijun trained harder and harder to himself. In 2013, he became the champion of the World Weightlifting Championships.

in 2015, he defended his title and broke the world record.

finally made a little money. He paid off his family's debts and repaired the house in his hometown.

but unlike those popular sports, weightlifting has a limited income even if it reaches the top of the World Championships.

Chen Lijun's greatest hope is to win the Olympic gold medal.

in 2016, 23-year-old Chen Lijun went to Rio to participate in the Olympic Games for the first time.

he is the favorite to win the weightlifting in the 62kg class.

on the eve of the Olympic Games, a reporter visited his hometown and took pictures.

the home of the world champion is sadly poor.

the cement walls cracked in many places, and the floor was covered with traces of rain leakage from the house.

there are elderly people at home, but there is no glass in the windows and no railings on the stairs.

the only appliance at home is a double-door refrigerator, which Chen Lijun bought after winning the World Championships.

and Grandma was so ill that she needed an operation, so she didn't dare to tell him.

at the Rio Olympic Games, the whole village was looking forward to it, and people ran to Chen's house excitedly.Want to accompany them to witness the birth of the champion.

at that time, the Chen family did not have a decent TV. Finally, the village head moved a TV set, and the villagers gathered around to watch the game.

everything is ready, just waiting for Chen Lijun to win the championship.

who knows, fate made another big joke.

Chen Lijun tried to lift it for the first time on stage, but he didn't lift it, and he had a muscle cramp.

he limped off the stage nervously and painfully.

the second time, it was a cramp.

in this state, there was no way to continue the game, so he had to announce his withdrawal.

Chen Lijun became a "losing army".

No one expected such a situation, and everyone was fooled.

surprise, regret, disappointment, sadness.

of course, Chen Lijun is the most painful.

after the game, he called his mother and said in an inaudible voice that he didn't know what was going on.

for a long time later, he was in poor spirits.

the defeat was like a mountain, which overwhelmed him.

-after more than ten years of hard practice, I finally stood at the door of my dream, but somehow I fell down without firing a shot.

this is really excruciating.

however, Chen Lijun has a superhuman will, and even though he is in great pain, he still maintains a normal training state and has never been slack off.

he pinned all his hopes on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

however, after four years of painstaking persistence, the Olympic Games were postponed because of the epidemic.

he has no choice but to keep on training and keep his performance at the top of the world.

Last October, he suffered a serious injury at the National Championships and ruptured his arm tendon.

his right arm left a 13-centimeter-long scar, which was shocking.

only half a year after the operation, he won the gold medal in the Asian Championships.

he held his breath and tried desperately: "I just want to win the Olympic championship."


finally, the Tokyo Olympic Games have begun.

on the evening of July 25, Chen Lijun came to the moment he had dreamed countless times in the men's 67 kg weightlifting final.

probably because of tension and pressure, Chen Lijun was not in good shape at first, losing two games in a row and lagging behind his opponent 6KG.

in the clean and jerk, although the referee was controversial, the opponent finally decided on the good result of 180KG.

Chen Lijun is 11 kilograms behind the other side.

in such a gap, anyone who knows about weightlifting knows that it is difficult to reverse, and people almost give up hope.

and Chen Lijun decided to fight to the death.

he directly aggravates 12KG.

this is an unimaginable span, and everyone is sweating for him.

as a result, Chen Lijun succeeded in the nervous and breathless gaze of thousands of people!

he overtook his opponent 1KG and won the gold medal!

countless people who watched the live broadcast shouted excitedly, Chen Lijun, that's awesome!

Chen Lijun waved his hands and roared up to the sky. He finally waited until this day!

the referee turned on the light, and the two coaches rushed onto the stage and picked him up.

big reversal! It's just a plot in a novel.

at the press conference, Chen Lijun choked up several times.

my mother and grandmother in my hometown can't help crying.

after so many years of hardship, the family has finally realized its dream!

the grievances, bitterness, hardship and joy among them are really indescribable.


the news that Chen Lijun won the championship was instantly brushed online, and netizens were very excited: this is the power of China!

Chen Lijun's Weibo has not been updated for two years.

but everyone still went to leave a message for him, praising him for being great.

soon, Chen Lijun posted his first Weibo post since 2019: against the wind, I can't help it!

is very domineering and inspirational.

in fact, not only Chen Lijun, but also many weightlifters come from poor backgrounds.

they suffer a lot, suffer a lot of tiredness, and often get injured in training and competition.

they make their bodies different from ordinary people, and some of them are not very good-looking.

but for a dream and a chance to counterattack, they persisted and held on until they stood on the field and held that share high.

many netizens who know Chen Lijun's experience are appealing:

take a look at our weightlifters! They are too bitter and too unnoticed.

can you give them an endorsement for domestic brands? We will certainly give more support!

Yes, it is not easy for poor children to counterattack.

how hard did they work hard to get to the top and win an honor?

I hope their efforts will not be disappointed.

I hope that everyone who grits his teeth and works hard on the road of life can realize his dream and have a bright road ahead!