We chose wine between poetry and poetry.

We chose wine between poetry and poetry.

That drunken night couldn't stop us.

Wen /eel whale

my favorite poem in 12 years of exam-oriented education is

"it's getting dark. Can we share a glass of snow?"

when I was a child, adults came to the house for dinner and played on the side stove. In the hustle and bustle, I stole my father's wine. At that time, I thought wine was a great drink. After a cup, my face became hot. Then I stood on the chair and sang and danced around. "you're drunk." that was the first time someone said that to me. So the first time I got drunk was a joke that made adults laugh and cry, and it was happy. Just like when my brother stole Grandpa's cigarette and lit it with a match under the antique bed in his room when he was three years old, he took a sip and choked before he was found. That is an interesting story that can still amuse the whole family many years later.

in "Lao Pao er", there was a scene in which the sixth master and Xiaobo father and son were drinking in a small restaurant. After watching the movie, I talked to my companions. I said that the details of this piece were really well handled. Xiaobo asked the sixth master to make peace. He added wine to the sixth master cup and raised the wine glass, saying that after drinking this glass, the sixth master was at peace with each other. "the glass is low, no big or small". Later, when Xiaobo touched the glass, the glass was 1/3 lower than that of the sixth master. This is a small detail, but it is one I like very much. In that wine, in a less complicated scene in a winter pub in Beijing, father and son opened up and nearly fought each other, and then decided to turn the story over. They also talked about the future, the stubborn father and the self-righteous younger generation, and the two generations shook hands and made peace through a drink.

so the meaning of wine to the family is: lively, happy, reunited.

if drinking before college will be called "you have nothing to do to learn bad", then drinking after college has become a common thing. Three or five friends have nothing to do in the evening to buy a few bottles of beer to blow water on the playground. Chat about the situation, talk about the future, talk about everything, how bad the food in the canteen is, you can talk about the quarrels between male and female friends, career prospects, marriage views, no particular reason. Maybe college is supposed to be like this.

most friends drink and go back and forth, even if they come from different hometown, different majors, different ideals, and have nothing to do with men and women, but a few times down is like establishing a revolutionary friendship.

when it comes to graduation, Zhang Xiaohou, a good sister, told a story. He said that during his junior year, a group of people in the hallway at the entrance of the dormitory saw a group of brothers lying drunk downstairs on the lawn downstairs. Noisy, pointing to the sky and shouting, "We must be strong!" To get along better "and so on. At that time, Xiao Hou was upstairs pointing at them and scolding idiots. More than a dozen brothers downstairs suddenly wailed without scolding, just lay there and replied," you will have the same day. "

in the year I graduated from high school, I traveled with three friends and spent a few days in a seaside city. Before we left that night, we decided not to go anywhere, not to go shopping, not to catch up with scenic spots. Instead, we found a quiet pub in the alley at the entrance of the hotel. From dinner until the wee hours of the morning, we didn't really know each other. The only thing worth remembering is that we passed the damn barrier of the college entrance examination together. Sometimes high and sometimes low grades and sometimes good and bad mood is the only common memory, but that night we are almost unreserved open to say, talking, drinking, and then actually cried. I remember saying at that time, "in fact, I know that we will probably not meet again after graduation, so I think this is the last night, so say what you have to say."

if graduation must have a ceremony, then I hope it is not the graduation ceremony, but simply three or five people talking about the wine.

drinking when saying goodbye, one is to have fun, and the other is to get drunk can make it easier to leave. All the sad and hypocritical stay that night, you can hug that night, you can drink and puke that night, and you can hug a whole class of people that night just to hug one of them. When you wake up the next day, you don't look so sentimental and regretful when you move out.

Miss A, who has worked for many years, broke up with her boyfriend who had been with her for many years when she was supposed to talk about marriage. When she was supposed to talk about marriage, she encountered the man's sudden cheating. Miss A said that she dared not go home after work and went out for a drink with a group of colleagues. She dared not go home until her family went to bed. She was obviously drunk and began to wake up as soon as she lay down in bed. "it's really scary to wake up alone," she said.

drinking is an emotional thing. It frees you from repetitive, mechanical daily life. It also pulls you out of your body and mind and falls on the wall.

-- Charles Bukowski

before the end of "Kangxi comes", the guests were Fan Bingbing and Li Chen. Fan Bingbing said in the program that on the night Wu Zetian killed the youth, she drank at the victory banquet and told Li Chen that she wanted to go home, and everything was normal before going home, but as soon as the door opened, she lay down on the carpet, motionless. In fact, she knew that she was really drunk to the point where she couldn't hold on, but even if she wanted to get drunk, she had to go home and fall down.

after coming home from winter vacation, my brother would go out every night, and my mother would say "Don't drink" either in the kitchen or in the living room. In the past, when I had a happy party with a friend I hadn't seen for a long time, I had two more drinks. The friend said, "I only let you drink when you are with us. Don't drink when you go out with others."

western prom outfits will make sure you radiate glamor and desire. Nowhere else you will find such a superb choices of collections.

people who have no sense of alcohol choose to drink only because they are happy, and because of high pressure or sudden negative emotions. But drink back to drink, focus on adults, to be measured. Therefore, there is also a fastidious about the handling of the drinking object, you can drink freely if you can let it go, you can have fun if you can talk to each other, you can get drunk regardless of worry and get drunk if you can trust, and there is another kind that you like. You can do what you like.

A told me that I used to like wine, lips and teeth, and now it's a habit. B says he only likes tipsy but doesn't like hangover. C says drinking was once a skill worth showing off. D says he doesn't like wine but teaches her to drink the first glass of wine.

I don't think drinking is a cool thing.Emotion, to me, is just a ritual. Through it to convey emotions, vent emotions, and temporarily escape from reality, people can not always be awake or numb forever. There are two ways to temporarily break away from mechanized daily life. One is to go to a place where no one knows you, and the other is to get yourself drunk directly. I calculated that the second kind of cost is lower.

they always say, "I have wine, do you have a story?" it means that I trade wine for your story. I don't know when we use "have a story" to define a person. People who drink have to have stories. People with stories are more attractive, but you have stories, I have stories, whose fucking life is not a bunch of stories.

"Why are you drinking? Are you unhappy? Why are you unhappy? "

they show concern with noisy questions

, but more often I just want to say:

"do you want to drink?" Okay, I'll stay with you.