Walk with good people, work with reliable people, get along with people who understand you

Walk with good people, work with reliable people, get along with people who understand you

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The founder of Yahoo once said: "your social circle is your net worth."

indeed, a person's social circle, like an invisible guide in life, guides you to the path of good or bad.

what kind of person you are with, what kind of person you will become, what kind of life you will have.


traveling with good people

Buffett once said:

"you'd better hang out with people who are better than you and partner with them." in this way, you will unconsciously become better in the future. "

how to keep your posture in the journey of life often has a lot to do with the people around you.

the people around you work hard, and you will work hard;

the people around you are confused, and you will do nothing all day.

Super orator champion Liu Yuanyuan once shared a story in her book, which was quite impressive.

Liu Yuanyuan knows a friend who graduated from a well-known media college in Beijing. according to her friend's education and qualifications, she can stay in Beijing and choose a good job with a bright future.

but after graduation, my friend chose to leave Beijing, return to his hometown and become a choreographer at the local TV station in his hometown.

my friend explained: "it is easy to stand out where there are few talents. I would rather be a big brother in a place with shallow water than a younger brother in a place with deep water." I'd rather be a chicken head than a chicken tail. "

it wasn't long before my friends regretted the decisions they had made.

the reason is that friends gradually find that most of the people around them are content with the status quo and lead a quiet life every day.

stay in such an environment for a long time, over time, the spirit and ambition of friends will be eroded.

on the contrary, friends like Liu Yuanyuan, who stay in Beijing, have made great progress in dealing with all kinds of excellent people.

this is the greatest charm of traveling with good people.

those excellent people, their excellent qualities, self-discipline habits, and excellent abilities, will make you deeply inspired and can not help but work hard silently.

excellent people always use their time to refine themselves, so you are ashamed to waste your time.

excellent people find ways to learn new skills through various channels, and you will also be eager to try.

excellent people have very good habits of self-discipline, and you can't help but give up laziness and change yourself.

there is a good saying: "if you want to fly like an eagle, you cannot keep company with wild geese, but walk with eagles."

being with good people will not only change your growth path, but also determine the success or failure of your life.

you can make as many friends as you want to be and try to fit into the circle.

only by traveling with good people can you go further and have the life you want.

the biggest shortcut to success is to grow up with good people.


work with reliable people

Li Ka-shing once said: "to find reliable people to do things, smart people can only talk."

when you work with reliable people, you will feel secure and secure; with unreliable people, you will only feel uneasy and uneasy.

the TV series "ordinary Glory" profoundly interprets the possible consequences of working with unreliable people.

Wu Yanzhi is an investment manager of a financial company. In a transaction, Wu gave his colleague Xu Taiping the documents needed for his work according to the process.

Xu Taiping got the document and omitted a supplementary agreement carelessly in the process of submitting it to the leader for review.

as a result, the leader found out that a fire broke out on the spot.

who would have expected that Xu Taiping not only did not admit his mistake, but also tried to put the blame on the intern.

Wu Yanzhi, an upright character, fought for the intern, exposing Xu Taiping's shameless behavior, and then the two had a heated argument.

the quarrel between the two became more and more fierce, and Xu Taiping began to pour dirty water, claiming that the supplementary agreement was missing from the document Wu gave him at the beginning.

as a result, it was obvious that Xu Taiping did not work carefully, but in the end, Wu Zhi was dragged into the water and criticized.

this is the end of working with unreliable people.

when things go wrong, you not only have to bear the grievances, but also pay for the other person's mistakes.

only by working with reliable people can you take fewer detours and suffer a lot of grievances.

A reliable person does not lie in what earth-shaking achievements he has made, but in that he can stick to his duty and do everything he tells him well without dropping the chain or dragging others down.

some netizens have talked about such a little thing.

once, when I was handing over a project with a colleague, I found a detail missing.

because she was preparing something else at hand, she hurriedly called her colleague and told him what to do.

my colleague verified the problem first, and then sent over the revised file in about ten minutes, and the revision was perfect.

although it is only a trivial matter, she is deeply moved by her colleagues' attitude of not procrastinating or passing the buck.

there is a good saying on the Internet: "reliable people have an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything."

A person's best ability is to make the matter at hand reassuring.

the more experience I have, the more I feel lucky to work with reliable people.

the road of life is full of gullies, sharing with reliable people.Things will be more reliable.


get along with people who know you

people will meet countless people in this life, but the greatest happiness is to meet someone who knows you.

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he understands your experience and experience; he understands the silence behind your desire to speak; he understands your loneliness in the hustle and bustle.

Hawthorne, author of the Scarlet letter, ushered in a low ebb in his life at the age of 35.

unemployed at home, the family's expenses depend on his wife's meagre salary.

Hawthorne wanted to stick to his dream of writing, but he couldn't bear to see his wife busy.

his wife saw through his troubles and comforted him:

"I have always believed that you can and must be a real writer. I have hands and feet and can take care of both of us."

under the comfort and encouragement of his wife, Hawthorne did not give up his beloved writing and insisted on it silently for many years.

until the Scarlet letter was published, it was widely praised and became famous for a while, and Hawthorne finally had a chance to stand out.

mention the person who wants to thank most, Hawthorne said emotionally, Thanksgiving to God, let me meet my wife who understands me.

without the support of his wife, perhaps Hawthorne would have given up writing and had to spend his life in mediocrity.

writer Rikas said: "the best tacit understanding in the world is not that someone understands what you mean, but that someone understands what you want to say."

people who really understand you must understand what you really want in your heart, even if you are at a low ebb.

people who really understand you, no matter what decision you make, will stand behind you silently.

writer Liao Yimei said: "in this life, people encounter love, encounter sex, are not rare, rare is to encounter understanding."

those who understand you can understand your humor;  those who understand your sadness feel the same way;

those who understand you are happy to share.

having someone who really understands you is much luckier than having someone who loves you.

Life is really hard. Just live up to your heart and time with people who understand you.


John Donne said, "No one can live alone in the sea like an island." Everyone is like a piece of soil, connected to form a whole piece of land. "

in life, we can't help getting along with all kinds of people.

the most important and difficult thing is to choose what kind of person to be with.

the road can be long-term only if you walk with good people.

things can only be done properly with reliable people.

days, it's worth living with people who know you.

the rest of your life is not long. May you stick to your heart, walk with the right person, and live the way you like.