Waiting is a sad thing.

Waiting is a sad thing.

The weather is getting cold. I hope this article will warm you up.

be in such a hurry to ask others to wait and wait.

sometimes bored, I will stare at this moving picture and listen to a song. Every time you switch a song, you will think of something different. You can try and see if you can see yourself.

as a matter of fact, after writing the above story, I really couldn't write anything. I deleted it when I wrote a love story, and I deleted the story that my mother was usually waiting for me to call at home, because the "waiting" in these two stories is not as profound as the one above.

it rained on the day of burial, and the road was so muddy that we had to kneel down every part of the way, covered with cardboard, and was told not to look back. At the back, someone was beating the gong and blowing the suona. I used to see such a scene in the movie, and I didn't feel a little sad, but I burst into tears on the road that day.

my mother said, why doesn't he want to wait one more day?

suddenly I remembered what I was told at our funeral. Don't look back.

then I understand why.

at five o'clock yesterday afternoon, after finishing this story, I packed my backpack and went home. Then I called my mother: "Mom, I'm on my way home."

my mother jumped to her feet angrily and said, "I told you to call me when you get home. Where are you going to buy food at this time?"

I said, it's all right. I'll just eat out.

my mother said, then why come back all of a sudden and miss your mother?

then he giggled over there.

it's raining bitterly on Saturday.

have you forgotten to call the people who are waiting for you?

if you can live backwards

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