Two "final transcripts" brush screen: self-discipline and undisciplined children

Two "final transcripts" brush screen: self-discipline and undisciplined children

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recently, the children have scored in the final exam one after another.

two final transcripts have been hot searched one after another a few days ago.

the first report card comes from Ning Xinran, a 13-year-old girl.

during the Spring Festival last year, she was stranded in her hometown of Jingmen in Hubei Province. because she was in a hilly area and the signal was too weak, she had to move her desk to the top of the hill behind the house and take online classes in places with good signals.

A set of desks and chairs, a mobile phone and a small rechargeable lamp. She studies for three hours every night.

in this year's final exam, Ning gladly lived up to expectations and won the first place in the class at one stroke.

the second report card comes from the girl who broke down and cried in the video.

it turns out that the girl studied hard every day until 10:30 in the evening, and finally got a double hundred in the final mock exam.

after getting the report card, the first thing the girl did when she got home was crying with her father in her arms.

behind the hot tears, there is bitterness and excitement, but also the emotion and joy of hard work and reward.

time lived up to the dedicated people, and I was really happy for these two little girls.

these two heavy transcripts not only solidify their daily sweat and hard work, but also give them the best reward for their hard work.

I have to sigh that it is always those children who are self-disciplined that are severely rewarded in this world.


Holidays are hotbeds of depravity

after the final exams, children also enter the winter vacation one after another.

in this long and cold winter vacation, children spend most of their time at home.

so the children put on a variety of holiday poses at home.

some children never relax even during the holidays, never stay in bed, take online classes and take notes seriously.

while other children begin to completely indulge themselves, sleeping late, chasing dramas, and playing games.

Last year, during the winter vacation, the peak DAU of "Arena of Valor" reached 1.2-150 million, setting a new record in a single day.

the peak of games such as "Game for Peace" is also rising.

behind this peak value, there are thousands of children who have chosen to indulge and be happy.

these children strained for a semester, finally got out of the control of the school and teachers, and indulged in nothingness happiness and freedom.

but forget that learning itself is sailing against the current, and if you slack off, you will drift down with the tide.

there was a mathematical formula circulated on the Internet:

if you think of it as a child's study, 1.01 means that if you work a little harder every day, after a year of persistence, the child will make great progress.

and 0.99 means that if you slack off a little every day, after day after day, the child will gradually be beaten back to the starting point.

in this way, there is an insurmountable gap between self-discipline and undisciplined children.

the difference of 0.01 points today is the difference between tomorrow.


Children who are self-disciplined and undisciplined

there will be two levels of differentiation in the future

just a few days ago, someone in the group of parents sent a meaningful picture:

A bird nests comfortably in its nest, and in the distance, a flock of birds is flying higher and higher in the vast blue sky.

with a sentence:

"son, I know you are tired, but everyone else is flying."

think about it carefully, isn't this a true portrayal of those children who still choose self-discipline after the winter vacation?

at a time when most children begin to relax and become lazy and decadent during the winter vacation, those self-disciplined children are still rowing desperately, quietly leaving everyone behind.

there used to be a winter vacation schedule for high achiever senior high school students in Wuhan.

the rows are full every day from 6: 40 a.m. to 11: 50 p.m. Even New Year's Eve and his New year greetings made use of all available space to arrange their study plans.

as he wrote on the schedule:

those who discipline themselves strengthen themselves, and persistence can make the plan meaningful!

there is no winter or summer vacation in life, it's not that success doesn't come fast enough, but it's not hard enough on yourself!

Yes, a teacher who has been a key junior high school for more than 10 years once pointed out the truth:

in the first exam after each holiday, there will always be obvious polarization in students' scores.

those children who work hard during the holidays will make significant progress at the beginning of school even if they are not usually very good, while those who are lazy and indulgent will fall sharply and lag far behind, and it will be difficult to catch up in the future.

it is clear at a glance whether children work hard or indulge, self-discipline or non-discipline during the holidays.

the writer Tonghua has a good saying:

"every wasted holiday in a child's life is a slide to a mediocre life."

A child spends his life as he spends his winter vacation.

therefore, parents must tell their children:

do not be the temporary king in the game, but be the king of glory in this game of life.

dawdling around now is actually wasting the best time and betting on your future.


all the outstanding people behind

are clenched teeth

Yoji Yamamoto once said a paragraph that was regarded as the motto by countless people:

I never believed anything.The freedom I yearn for is a broader life achieved through hard work and hard work, which is precious and valuable.

I believe in the law of ten thousand hours. I never believe in the inspiration of pie in the sky and the achievement of waiting.

be a free and self-disciplined person and live seriously with a determination that is bound to be realized.

Yes, behind all the excellent and broad lives in the world, there is often extreme self-discipline and persistence.

do you still remember the "real Naoki" who once became a hit on the Internet?

this little brother, who was a doctoral student in Tsinghua Medical College in 1994, has spent seven years now. He is not only handsome, but also has acquired talent skills:

piano, guitar, photography, editing, sports. I'm absolutely proficient in everything.

people can't help but wonder: how can there be such a perfect person? it's just a normal life.

but in fact, the so-called "open hang" is just another name for "self-discipline".

Let's take a look at the daily routine of high achiever at Tsinghua University: he shows up in the laboratory of Tsinghua Medical College at seven o'clock every morning.

by the time the work is done, it may be midnight, or even all night. In the lab workshop, you have to find time to shoot video and edit.

there is no natural excellence, just working hard anytime and anywhere.

you will find that these so-called high achiever and great gods do not rely on talent or luck, but on habits formed over time and self-discipline engraved in their bones.


the degree of self-discipline of children

determines the height of future life

there is a very classic saying in the Twenty instructions of the Harvard Library:

No one can casually succeed, it comes from thorough self-management and perseverance.

in fact, everyone's learning accumulation is like an S-shaped curve.

A man who gives up halfway can never succeed.

only those who have been highly focused and persevere can taste the fruits of victory.

Theodore Roosevelt has a classic saying:

there is a quality that can make a person stand out from the mediocre.

this quality is not talent, education or IQ, but self-discipline.

self-discipline is to find a goal, whether you love it or not, but once you have made up your mind, you have to pay 100% investment and enthusiasm for it.

A child's life may depend on his parents and birth, but these are all external forces, and what really comes to the end depends on strong self-discipline.

therefore, parents must let their children know this immutable truth:

those who exercise self-discipline stand out and those who are lazy are out.

the winter vacation is fleeting. Please tell your child that every minute of time you fail now will be the deepest regret in your future life.


in the Japanese campus TV series Dragon Sakura, the teacher Yamamoto once said:

"after you were mercilessly thrown into society that day, what awaits you is only the reality full of discontent and remorse."

as we all know, learning is really hard, and persistence is really hard.

but children, you should know that if you can't suffer from self-discipline today, you will have to suffer from mediocrity and society in the future.

the road always has to go step by step, and you have to eat in one mouthful, cramp and peel in order to break the cocoon and become a butterfly, but there is no shortcut.

Lu Yao said: everyone has a period of awakening, but the time of awakening determines the fate of the individual.

for parents, their children's education is an irrevocable live broadcast, with only one chance in a lifetime.

so wake up the indulgent and lazy child around you as soon as possible and tell him:

in this world, there has never been luck for no reason, let alone casual success.

whether your future life will be smooth or bumpy, bright or dark, is actually the result of today's self-choice and efforts.

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even if the night is long, there is always a time to stay up until dawn.

just like the little girl who won the first place in the class would rather feel happy:

this winter vacation, let's be self-disciplined with our children.

after the start of school, you will have a good scenery!