Truly blessed women all have these three characteristics. If you find one, you should congratulate them.

Truly blessed women all have these three characteristics. If you find one, you should congratulate them.

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among the older generation, there is a saying:

the true blessing of a woman is not how well she marries, but how beautiful she can live her life.

relying on others is a blessing that is not desirable; relying on yourself is a blessing earned for a long time.

Women with these three characteristics are blessed, and men are blessed when they encounter them.


be kind to others

as the saying goes, the face is a mirror that reflects the heart.

A person with a good mind always gives people a sense of friendliness and amiability in appearance.

such a woman, sensible and general, moistens all things and quietly sows goodness, warms herself and fragrances others.

Grandma has always been an introverted and quiet person in the eyes of our younger generation. She is extremely gentle to her family and children, gets along well with her neighbors and colleagues, and is very friendly to everyone.

in theory, such an old lady should be very popular, but most of the time she is a loner and a person for shopping and fitness.

for a time, we thought that she had no friends, and sometimes she often went to see her when she was distressed.

it was only later that I learned that grandma had three good girlfriends. They have known each other for more than 70 years, and now they still have contacts.

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I just understood what Grandma said:

being kind to others is not only the reward that can be seen right now, but also the best conscience of a woman.

when a woman has a good heart, she can naturally attract blessings and become a lucky and blessed person.

Feng Lun once told about a female investor who was not highly educated and had met both good and bad guys along the way. But no matter under any circumstances, when she can help others, she chooses to help others. She has never changed her original mind, and virtually her reputation in the eyes of others is getting better and better.

like the dignitaries she met later, they all came from her experience of helping others.

in her words, her success stems from her kindness.

Women may not be beautiful, but they can't be unkind.

the more kind-hearted a woman is, the more friendly she is to others and the softer her face is, and God will give all her good luck.


A loving couple on the 10th floor is fighting each other.

A normally strong Alice on the ninth floor is secretly crying; the little sister on the eighth floor finds her fiance with her best friend.

Qianqian on the 7th floor is taking her antidepressants. Ah Fat, who is unemployed on the sixth floor, buys 10 newspapers every day to look for a job; Dean Zhang, who is respected by everyone on the fifth floor, is stealing his wife's stockings;

Peter on the fourth floor is breaking up with her boyfriend; the old man on the third floor is looking forward to someone visiting him every day; Su Su on the second floor is still looking at pictures of his husband who has been missing for half a year.

she regretted: "before I jumped, I thought I was the unluckiest person in the world. After looking at their situation, I suddenly felt that I was actually doing well."

indeed, life is like a multi-faceted mirror, you always look bleak here, but from another point of view, you will find that life is colorful and the key lies in contentment.

as the Nebula Master said:

We always say that women who love to laugh are not too unlucky. That is because the woman who can still laugh when she is in trouble is not stupid, but optimistic and strong engraved in her bones. Optimistic women smile brightly and feel cheerful, even if they encounter great difficulties, they will survive; on the contrary, if they always let go and care about everything, then good things will turn into bad things.

there are two neighbors around me. The hostess of one family is gentle, and she would rather suffer losses than owe others when she gets along with others. She seldom quarrels with others about anything.

the hostess of another family, although she is smiling on the surface, she always takes advantage of others, and she always has to win or lose when it comes to matters of interest.

over time, there are more and more neighbors who are always considerate of others, and there are more and more friends around them. People always think of her when they have good things, and her family life is getting better and better, and families with daughters still want to become in-laws with her.

the neighbor, who is fussy and always wants to take advantage, is gradually isolated by everyone, and no one wants to associate with her, even from children.

in this world, if you are kind to others, others will be nice to you. No one is really stupid. Everyone has an account in their hearts, but they just don't say it.

some things are yours, and no one can take it away. It's not yours, so it's no use arguing again.

sometimes, taking a step back is ostensibly a loss, but it wins a blessing.

therefore, when women reach middle age, they should not think too much and put aside unnecessary distractions, so that blessings will come uninvited.


enjoy life and be kind to yourself

someone in Zhihu has asked a question: how can it be called loving yourself well?

one answer goes like this:

Don't be too hard on yourself, eat whatever you want and do whatever you like, but there must be a bottom line.

do not easily change yourself for others, do not wronge yourself, be happy every day, that is, love yourself well.

Yes, the good fortune of a woman is to be herself firmly and keep the truth, goodness and beauty in her heart.

writer YanAt the age of knowing her destiny, GE Ling still has a girlish figure, excellent temperament and full femininity.

Chen Chong, her best friend who has been dating her for more than 20 years, has "exposed her shortcomings". Yan Geling is a woman who is "willing to spend money" and has never seen her without makeup.

Yan Geling said:

"if you love your husband, you can't eat out of shape, relax your muscles, or look haggard. This is the discipline of love.

although I live a rough life, writing makes my life positive and vigorous, so I look younger than my peers. "

I think so!

A person who loves life must have a heart to love life, even if the worst situation will come.

Marriage leaves many women's world with nothing but firewood, rice, oil and salt, warm in winter and cool in summer, except for their husbands and children.

but often the more dedicated a woman is, the more likely she is not to be cherished.

you can give or even give a little more in your relationship, but what you fear most is to break into the besieged city of marriage and lose yourself.

Zhao Wei once talked about the concept of marriage in an interview. "I don't expect too much about marriage," she said. "my bottom line is to always be myself in marriage."

No matter what age group, women should not neglect themselves for the sake of their family, let alone pin their own happiness on others.

Women who support themselves spiritually will only bring their own barren aura, while those who know how to be kind to themselves will be more and more blessed.

if women want to have a good life, they must first learn to love themselves.


there is no good luck falling from the sky, all the blessings are accumulated by themselves.

people with a good heart will only be fooled for a while. One day, God will supply you with what he owes you one by one.

I hope you try to do what you like and have fun, manage your life seriously, and practice being kind to yourself.

May you be a truly blessed person without fear of the future, without thinking about the past, holding the spirit of heart, fearless from afar!