True upbringing is not to embarrass people.

True upbringing is not to embarrass people.

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everyone has a different way of dealing with others.

some people make people feel like spring breeze, while others make people feel embarrassed.

in fact, a person's real upbringing can be seen by his attitude towards others.

well-bred people never embarrass people.


not embarrassing, it is a kind of high EQ

Minister Li Hongzhang of the late Qing Dynasty once handled official business and passed by the residence of his former teacher, so he planned to visit.

when he arrived outside the teacher's house dressed in official uniform and majestic, the waiter saw Li Hongzhang coming and hurried back to report.

when Li Hongzhang saw this, he immediately stopped the waiter and told him not to rush to inform him.

instead, he asked him to borrow a suit of ordinary people's clothes, and after he had finished wearing it, he asked the waiter to report.

the entourage did not understand, so he asked him the reason for doing so: "others are happy to return home in their studies. Why are you doing this?"

Li Hongzhang smiled faintly and replied, "if you wear this official uniform to see the teacher, I am afraid the teacher will give me the gift of the government and the people." This will not only embarrass the teacher, but also go against my original intention of coming to see him. When we meet in casual clothes, we are all more comfortable. "

after hearing this, the entourage immediately showed a little more respect for Li Hongzhang's conduct.

writer Hugo said: "the highest virtue is to think of others."

the more advanced people are, the more they know how to think of others in every detail, and they know how not to embarrass people.

how to avoid embarrassment precisely reflects a person's virtue.


is not embarrassing, it is a kind of education

is a kind of kindness

human nature has a weakness, that is, when you are in an advantageous position, it is difficult to let go of your sense of superiority, not to be domineering and to treat others in a dilemma.

whether a person is cultured or not is not when he is in the lowest position, but when he is in a high position.

I have heard such a story:

at the end of the year, the boss of a large company specially held a cocktail party to thank his customers for their care.

the reception was a great success, but at the end, there was a small interlude.

because the reception is more advanced, I specially wash my hands with exquisite silver plates.

there is a foreigner among the clients. when the waiter brought a plate of hand sanitizer for everyone, he thought it was a water drink for the guests.

so he picked up the silver plate and drank it in one breath.

when the other guests saw the scene, they were first taken aback, and then all laughed madly.

Foreign customers wake up instantly when they see the reaction of the people around them, and their faces turn red.

all this was seen by the company boss, who made a move that astonished everyone. He also picked up the plate, drank it clean, and relieved the atmosphere by saying, "drinking water after a meal helps digestion."

the embarrassment was defused cleverly with the thankful look of foreign customers.

after the reception, foreign customers not only thanked the boss again in private, but also promised to cooperate with a bigger order.

this is the case with educated people, who can push themselves to others and think of others.

Chekov said: "A cultured man does not eat without sprinkling soup, but do not go to see him when others sprinkle soup."

the true upbringing is never to show one's sense of superiority when others are in trouble, but to be considerate of other people's difficulties and understand their situation.

when necessary, they can help others out with their own actions, and often when they do so, the world will repay them more.

this is not only a real kindness, but also a more advanced pattern.


it's a powerful aura.

there was a question on the Internet: which quality do you like best in others?

there is an answer that many people agree with: the ability to resolve embarrassment.

once heard a story told by a college classmate:

there was such a female classmate in their class, who was not as beautiful as those beautiful girls, but made many boys and girls in the class like her very much.

even the boys in the class thought she was the prettiest.

when asked why, they replied, "she is very smiling, gentle and kind."

talking about some specific details, the classmate said:

"once, when the teacher asked him to stand up and answer the question, he just didn't listen carefully, just when he was embarrassed to accept the ridicule of the teacher and classmate. I heard her whispering answers to me and helped me out. At that time, she was radiant in my eyes."

I asked him, "aren't the class girls pretty enough?"

they smiled and said, "Beauty is beautiful, but affection is not clear."

the best thing about this female classmate is that both men and women kill each other, and the girls also like her very much.

there was a PE class in which boys played football on the playground and girls rested on the edge of the playground.

all of a sudden, a boy accidentally kicked the ball on the girl and left without greeting him. The students next to

are all waiting to see this girl's joke.

the girl saw this and stopped the boy on the spot and asked him to apologize to the girl who had been kicked.

although reluctantly, the boy finally apologized to the girl.

afterwards, the girl who was kicked admired the girl so much that stars appeared in her eyes every time she looked at her.

it's not embarrassing, it's a strong tenderness, it's not weakness, butIs an inviolable force.

there is a saying in Huai Nan Zi: "it is big enough to accommodate the public, and virtuous enough to be far away."

to help others resolve their embarrassment is a kind of inner calmness and aura.

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the warmth released by them is like a torch on a cold night, which makes the people around them feel warm and shining, and can be praised by the people around them.


during the Starbucks interview, there was a question:

when a customer orders a hot latte, tell the clerk not to add sugar. If you are a clerk, what should you say?

A shop assistant who had worked as an intern at Starbucks said, "the most correct answer is yes."

you don't need to explain to the customer that the latte doesn't add sugar in the first place, in order to avoid the customer's embarrassment.

customers do not need to know this knowledge, what they need is a comfortable and decent purchasing experience.

I have heard a saying that makes a lot of sense: "successful people are great not only because they have appeared in great causes, but also in the details of how they behave."

not embarrassing, knowing how to resolve embarrassment is not only a kind of high EQ, but also a kind of kindness and compassion for people's sake.

the philosopher Plato said: "be merciful. Everyone fights a tough battle in his own life."

in life, it is a noble personality not to embarrass others, to be aware of other people's difficulties, and to know how to take care of other people's feelings.