Transporting oneself is the ability, transporting others is the pattern.

Transporting oneself is the ability, transporting others is the pattern.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a very compelling story-

A black driver picked up a white mother and son in a taxi.

the child makes no choice: "Mom, why is the skin color of the driver's uncle different from ours?"

Mother smiled and said, "God created people of different colors in order to make the world colorful."

at the end of the trip, the driver thanked the mother and son.

he said:

after reading this story, I only feel sad.

who would have thought that the fate of a person's life would be tied up early in a childhood sentence.

people often say that nine times out of ten there are unpleasant things in the world, but the key lies in how to let go of the inner burden and how to live in peace with the people around you.

transporting oneself is the ability, while transporting people is the pattern.


crossing oneself is an ability

many people have asked a question: why do people feel pain?

there is an answer: unable to get out of the self-definition, a lifetime of entanglement and unease.

think of Aisha, the little girl in Grandma's letter of apology. She is smart enough to retell the story of Harry Potter from memory at an early age.

I also study very hard. If I don't know, I ask, and I understand a lot of human truth.

she, who has been mature since childhood, seems out of place among her peers.

students will bully her, follow her all the way after school, reorganize the family and neglect to take care of her, giving her a strong sense of insecurity.

growing up in such an environment, she is self-abased and sensitive, always worried that she will not be liked and that she will be abandoned at any time.

fortunately, she has a grandmother. When everyone around her blamed Aisha, her grandmother told him to be brave and be yourself at all times.

because only people who are different can change the world.

with the joint efforts of Aisha and her grandmother, she gradually freed herself from her helplessness to life.

Open your heart and communicate frankly with your parents and classmates.

this process is very difficult, but in the end, she stepped out of her self-limitation and gained double affection and friendship.

I have read a saying:

the meaning of life is not to take it seriously with yourself, but to let go of everything and let go of yourself.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself and don't let yourself be a fool who can only mess with you.

this is true. Life has a long way to go. If there are more obsession and restrictions, the pain will naturally deepen, and happiness will naturally go away.

in this life, there are some things you can get if you work hard, but you may not get what you want when you try your best.

the only thing we can do is to start from the heart, reduce our inner obsession and look down on the troubles of life.

Let go of the burden in your heart, and life will be easy.

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Ferry is the pattern

in this world, some people are willing to use their bodies to help more people who are unable to do so.

in Lingshang New Village, Qiantan Town, Jiande City, Zhejiang Province, there is a rural doctor named Wu Guangchao.

when he was assigned to work as a doctor here, Wu Guangchao was only 20 years old.

the daily task is very simple: carrying simple medical equipment, go to the villagers' homes for physical check-ups, cure diseases, and be on call.

because the conditions are too simple and there is no career path, many colleagues have given up.

only Wu Guangchao is here.

without the opportunity to come into contact with more advanced medicine, Wu Guangchao constantly improved his level through self-study.

the villagers are poor and have no money to pay for medical expenses. Wu Guangchao set a standard: only one yuan is charged for seeing a doctor.

he also often goes up the mountain to collect medicine and distributes the processed herbs to the poor villagers.

A big hospital in the town offered to hire him with a high salary, but it was also rejected.

he said: I can't just walk away. The villagers can't do without me.

Wu Guangchao persisted for most of his life from a 20-year-old boy to a man in his infancy.

he regards the health of the villagers as the most important thing in his life, and does his best to protect their safety.

he said: I want to work in the clinic until I can't.

and there are too many people like Wu Guangchao in this world.

they don't have to do anything earth-shattering. All they have to do is lend a helping hand to the people around them in their trivial and complicated daily life.

maybe just giving a hand as much as you can is enough to dispel the haze of another person.

No one is an island in life.

everyone is not only a person who wants to cross the river, but also can reach out to be someone else's ferryman.


people spend all their lives

Buddha saying that in this world, there is no meeting for no reason, and everyone appears in your life for a reason.

some people teach you to grow up, some help you through ups and downs, and others warm you with his generosity.

there is a very impressive story-

A Zen master happened to run into a thief when he returned to his residence in the evening.

he was afraid of scaring the thief, so he just stood at the door and waited for him to clean up.

the thief searched for a long time, but did not find anything before, but bumped into the Zen master on his way out, and was a little panicked for a moment.

the Zen master said, "if you come all the way to visit me, you can't let you come back empty-handed."

so, he told the thief that it was cold at night, and after adding more clothes, he put his coat on the thief.

look at ZenAt the teacher's move, the thief blushed and left.

looking at the back of the thief, the Zen master was filled with emotion: poor man, I wish I could send you a bright moon!

unexpectedly, when the Zen master opened the door the next day, he saw that last night's coat was at the door, neatly folded.

Bonnie Bo said that to be considerate of others and accept their sufferings is true tenderness. What is more valuable than a pleasant face is a gentle heart.

in this life, long is long and short is short.

there are people who are willing to help you be strong and fearless, and there are people who are willing to give you warmth and strength.

No matter which one you encounter, it is the right person to appear in the dark.

their presence always teaches us something.

every experience of life will become the most precious treasure of this life.


count the past carefully, and the rest of your life will be long.

May everyone be warm in their hearts, give up what should be given up, and persist in what should be given up.

May every experience you have will help you become a better person.

May your consideration for others will be full of kindness in the end.