Traditional Chinese medicine jingle is super practical! Better memorize it!

Traditional Chinese medicine jingle is super practical! Better memorize it!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the cold starts from the feet and the disease enters from the mouth.

the radish came out of the ground, but the doctor didn't notice.

people say bitter gourd is bitter, but I say balsam pear is sweet.

ate October eggplant and starved to death.

garlic is a treasure and often eats it in good health.

two apples a day, there is a detour.

if you don't avoid mouth when taking medicine, you will break the doctor's leg.

drink plenty of cold and white boiled wine, and health will come naturally.

if you make tea with white water, you can live more than a hundred.

drink fasting tea and crawl out of the body.

Rip is desperate to drink tea without washing the cup.

drink less alcohol as much as possible, and take a detour.

A cigarette after a meal can do great harm.

if you want to avoid insomnia, cook porridge and white lotus.

three-character classics of health preservation:

coronary heart disease, eat ginkgo biloba.

eat fresh oranges to prevent stroke.

eat grapefruit to prevent blood thickening.

eat onions.

eat garlic to reduce blood lipid.

mushroom meal, anti-thrombus.

eat fresh ginger and Xuezhikang.

Auricularia auricula vegetable, fast fat reduction.

Chrysanthemum tea can lower blood pressure.

eat chili and eliminate fat.

Oolong tea is good for losing weight.

have a good figure and eat potatoes.

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deficiency of qi and blood, eat litchi.

the grape is sweet and tonifies the blood source.

to moisturize, cherry tonic.

often eat jujube, do not look old.

Oat soup, skin glossy.

eat honey and have fine skin.

radish soup is used to treat stomach distension.

steamed sweet potatoes, defecate.

onions are good to prevent meningitis.

Loquat-Shaped Cake, for cough.

Tremella stew can clear the lungs.

coconut fruit, clearing liver fire.

eat balsam pear, stomach fire.

Persimmon cream to treat tongue sores.

eat sesame and raise hair.

calm the mind and eat jujube kernel.

eat mango and stop vomiting.

eat pepper to dispel rheumatism.

take yam to tonify the spleen.

eat lilies to tonify the lungs.

to strengthen the brain and eat walnuts.

eat apples to tonify the kidney.

eat grapes and tonify the liver and kidney.

eating fresh peaches benefits the five internal organs.

Don't be in a hurry when you get up in the morning.

stretch before getting up.

sit by the bed, don't worry,

stand up in half a minute.

warm boiled water, drink half a cup,

unobstructed blood is the most precious.

defecation, emptying,

intestinal detoxification and garbage clearance.

it's important to have breakfast.

early and nutritious.

after sunrise, morning exercise is appropriate,

the air is fresh and beneficial to the body.

refers to comb your hair, dry wash your face,

keep your face clear.

wash your nose, rub your eyes, and

stay away from colds and blindness.

teeth often knock, tongue often turn,

Shengjin appetizer teeth are firm.

Health acupoints, regular massage,

fitness has many benefits.

stride, small stride,

ten thousand steps a day is better.

step by step, keep constant,

insist on the inevitable spirit all the year round.

quit smoking, limit drinking,

keep an open mind and don't worry.

after lunch, sleep

self-regulation to reduce fatigue.

less dinner should be light, and

is good for health and sleep.

after supper, take a walk

relax and sleep.

before going to bed, soak your feet and

massage Yongquansheng to take medicine.

emphasis on health, in psychology,

mental health number first.

loving, remember that

it is meaningful to be indifferent to life.

keep youthful years, and

the whole family will be happy forever.