Today, on the 26th, there was a joke on the 21st.

Today, on the 26th, there was a joke on the 21st.

Will I be beaten if I am so ugly?

"you should do something warm in winter."

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long time no see, tell a story.

when I was a child, I didn't know if I watched too many Hong Kong movies. I had a serious bad habit. When I was idle, I wanted to do justice when I was in a panic. Everyone encountered campus bullying more or less when they were in primary school or junior high school. You may be the one who bullied others, the one who was bullied, or a bystander. In fact, in my opinion at that time, all three were wrong, one was self-righteousness, the second was not daring to resist, and the third was silence.

I remember that there is an open space behind the primary school, which must be passed after school. At that time, it was the legendary "fight field". If you say the wrong thing or offend people, you have to talk about the heart of the road every day. That's where A was surrounded. A was the leader of my team. Strictly speaking, I didn't talk to her. An is not high, a little fat, ponytail, dew forehead, there is a big mole on the forehead, in a word, is not a pleasant kind, the character is "silly and sweet" in today's words, in their words at that time, it is "affected".

outside the human wall, I watched her being surrounded by men and women in the crowd, pushing and shoving, one by one, like an inflatable doll in the mall, expressionless and beaten. One of the boys gave a big push, A could not stand and fell, and her forehead was scraped. I remember clearly the position of her mole.

I don't think about it when I walk in through the crowd, because whenever I think about it, I won't do it. He went to A, squatted down, flipped through the tissue in his schoolbag, handed it to her, and pulled her in. The whole process was so smooth that there seemed to be no one around. The person who took the lead in bullying her is the bully that everyone in our school is afraid of. Every school always has such a role. The bully is my friend. I think this may also be part of the reason why I dare to go out without thinking. When I took An away, the bully was so angry that he stopped me with one hand and said, "Why are you helping her when she is so ugly?" I remember rolling my eyes and replied, "Why didn't you hit me when I was so ugly?"

this is the story of primary school. I didn't know that year. I probably brainwashed "returning pearls". I always believed that "the first one was fatal". I didn't know how to write the dead word, but I soon learned a lesson. Great changes have taken place in junior high school. I didn't want to talk to people for a long time, and gradually people became very cold. I almost had no friends when I came down from junior high school.

in my first year of high school, I encountered a similar situation when a psychology teacher taunted a student in front of the class with a serious personal bias. No one in the class stood up to say a word, including me. I rehearsed it in my heart a hundred times, thought about it a hundred times, and finally didn't say anything. The picture of the monitor standing alone that night still haunts me today. It's not that he's pitiful, but I'm scared. I don't know when to start, and I don't like to "stand up".

all right, that's the end of the story. To talk about what happened today, the "No. 21" girl was complained and attacked for appearing on the list of goddesses in a university, and even personal information such as contact information was put on various WeChat groups. The reason is that they think that the girl on the so-called "goddess list" is not "pretty". This semester, our major has an assignment for a feature film. My topic is "language violence". I always think that this kind of thing will happen in many corners of this society, but it won't happen to me, because I live in an undergraduate university. the people around me have received more than 12 years of education. I never thought that when I encountered a bottleneck in the middle of doing this film, it happened. I watched a group of people use language as a knife and gun to walk towards a girl without saying a word. Today's whole day's uneasiness is like the fear of late study in high school.

I have always believed that when I do not know a person or a thing, I should never comment arbitrarily, so I will not say anything about the actions of anyone who has been involved in this matter. Let's just say, I think it's funny what happened to primary school students in college, don't you think?

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I chose to turn a blind eye to such obvious sarcastic remarks as "the pure smile of girl No. 21 warmed me throughout the winter". I didn't stop some mischievous people from voting for girl 21. Maybe I have a "protect myself" mentality, so I don't mind my own business. I didn't click on the vote either, because I thought that if I were that girl, if I saw the cynical sentence that everyone retweeted, I think I would have serious doubts about my appearance and live in the self-denial given to me by others for a long time.

in this Internet age of entertainment to death, we are too easily incited by online public words and emotions, but I think if we want to follow the public or satisfy our own bad taste, at least consider our own bottom line. Just like in the American TV series the Walking Dead, when everything is out of order, chaos is surging, there are no rules to obey, there are no rules that can stop you, you are free, but you can't be unscrupulous. You still need to draw a line in your heart to limit yourself. This is not the so-called non-freedom, but the bottom line and principle. In a simple and clear sentence, there is no need to base your happiness on the sufferings of others, not to mention that it is a "happiness" that exposes your own quality.

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