To us who are getting old! How well written! )

To us who are getting old! How well written! )

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time passes quickly,

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year after year, it passes quickly.

We always think that the years are long and the future is promising, but we haven't noticed that

you and I are both getting older.

youthful frivolity is a thing of the past.

ignorance of the world is a thing of the past. When I was twenty years old, I envied the happiness of my teens.

when I was thirty years old, I envied the appearance of twenty years old.

when I was forty, I envied the free and easy of thirty.

in fact, who didn't walk through these ages,

was in the game, didn't enjoy it,

went out of the game and looked back. In fact,

each age has different insights, and

each stage has different gains.

in different positions, the mentality is also different,

in different ages, the feelings are different.

Young is not necessarily good, old is not necessarily sad.

the more people experience, the more they understand what they want. As we walk, we slowly grow old.

our attitude towards life is more optimistic, and

has a more thorough understanding of life.

No longer care about some things, more tolerance,

no longer hate some people, a little more forgiveness.

begin to focus on your life, fit into worthy circles,

know how to live for yourself, and know how to be responsible to your family.

as we walk, we slowly grow old.

look down on the gains and losses and stop complaining.

let go of our feelings and stop demanding.

cherish what you have and don't fight for what others have.

knowing that fate is the right result is the right result.

knowing to let go is the best relief. Walking, we slowly grow old,

began to pay attention to health, fall in love with exercise,

the most worry is the body, the most fear is illness.

early to bed and early to rise, and regular meals.

I don't want to fall ill and affect my family one day. As we walk, we slowly get older.

want less and less, and

look down on more and more things.

Don't worry about things that don't go well with you.

people who are not sincere are no longer close, ignore suggestions, ignore gossip, live for themselves with

, and try to be happy. Life is short and things change.

when you reach a certain age,

you can open up, open up, and let go.

you can be magnanimous, calm and broad-minded.

on the road to getting old,

don't dwell on the past, don't be afraid of tomorrow,

let yourself grow old and better,

make your life full.

is the greatest gain in this life!