To speak well is to change your destiny.

To speak well is to change your destiny.

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"the combination of sayings" says: "the words of a piece must be careful, and the foundation of happiness is also."

mouth is the door of blessing and misfortune. A man who speaks well can bring good luck to himself; if he does not choose his words, he will bring disaster to himself.


speak appropriately. If you know what to say and what not to say, you won't offend others and hurt yourself.

Kou Chun, prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, lost his official career because he did not choose his words.

once, Zhongshu Province held a banquet, which was attended by Kou Chun and Deputy Prime Minister Ding Shu. During the meal, Kou Zun accidentally sprinkled the soup on his beard. Ding said that after seeing it, he hurriedly came forward to caress the soup for Kou Zun.

seeing this, Kou said with a cold face, "you are a deputy prime minister, you are unexpectedly whispering to your boss, like what to say!" After listening to this, my colleagues looked at each other, and Ding said that he could not come to Taiwan for the time being.

from then on, Ding said he was bitter about it, waiting for an opportunity to find Kou Chun's "pigtail".

once, Song Zhenzong had a physical illness, which coincided with Kou Zhong's ineffective work, which angered the emperor and aggravated his illness. Ding said that he saw the right time and impeached Kou Zhong, which led to Kou Zhong being demoted to Leizhou Peninsula and eventually died in a foreign country.

it is said in Little window's secrecy: "words that excite people do not care about their interests."

only pay attention to the pleasure of the tongue for a while, but regardless of the gains and losses, they will eventually hurt others and themselves, and can not escape the fate of eating bitter fruit.

born a human being, it is an instinct to speak, and a skill to speak well. Only when a person knows how to respect others, put himself in other's shoes, do not say arrogant words, do not say arrogant words, can he be helped and accompanied by loved ones.


good words, good words. Kind words are as precious as gold and jade, as warm as the spring breeze, so that those who are at fault are right, and those who are stupid are suddenly enlightened.

there is such a story:

one day, a disciple came to the Zen master in trepidation: "Master, when I was cleaning the Sutra Pavilion, I accidentally got the scriptures wet. The ancient scriptures handed down before the construction of the temple were damaged." With that, he bowed his head and waited for the Zen master to be punished.

seeing that the Zen master did not respond, the disciple slowly looked up, only to find that the Zen master was smiling: "are you waiting for me to scold you?"

the disciple replied cautiously, "the disciple is stupid and has made a big mistake, and is willing to accept any punishment."

the Zen master said, "you have damaged the scriptures. Even if I punish you, the scriptures will not be restored." What's more, you already know your mistake, and if I scold you again, it will not only make you sad, but also hurt my mouth. "

after listening to this, the disciple suddenly realized, "Thank you for master's lecture, and the disciple understood." People should pay attention to their words and deeds. Getting angry at will will not change the facts, but will also damage their own practice. "

be lenient to others and accept the mistakes of others with a compassionate heart. It is the best practice to use good words and good words to influence others to do good.

the Analects of Confucius said: 'words are few, deeds are few regrets, and money is among them. "

there are fewer mistakes in words and fewer mistakes in actions, and fortune comes naturally.

through the ages, people with great virtues are broad-minded, gentle with others, and do not get angry wantonly, let alone say bad words to each other.

because they understand that kind words are spiritual practice, and that to cross others is to cross oneself.


speak well and change fate

as the old saying goes, "the mouth can spit roses as well as thistles."

to spit roses in your mouth is to practice oral virtue; if you have a good mouth, you will have a good aura; if you have a good aura, you will have good luck; if you have a good fortune, you will have a good fate.

there is such an allusion.

Emperor Qianlong especially liked the Lion Forest in Suzhou. Once, when he was playing in the fake mountain in the Lion Forest, on a whim, he wrote down the words "really interesting" and asked the followers around him for advice.

the followers see that these three words are not up to Qianlong's standard, but if they say they are well written, they will end up with the crime of "deceiving the monarch". If they say they are not well written, they will also be "contemptuous of your Majesty", and they will be in a dilemma.

at this time, a local accompanying official praised the emperor's good handwriting and asked the emperor to reward him with the word "you". Upon hearing this, Qianlong sensed the true meaning and readily rewarded the word "you".

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after the official's "witty remarks", the word "really interesting" suddenly showed elegance, Qianlong's heart was very happy, and the official's post was sealed, which made him famous, and he had a bright future.

it can be seen that being able to talk and say nice things can not only save the face of others, but also change your own destiny.

this is true for a person, especially for a family.

Liang Qichao has a happy marriage and has nine children, all of whom have grown up, which is inextricably linked to his practice of "talking well."

one day, my second daughter Liang Sichuang only got 16 places in the exam. Liang Qichao was very depressed. Liang Qichao said with relief, "Zhuang Chuang, it's good that you can get 16 places out of 37 people."

not only that, he also warned his children: "I admire Zeng Guofan's two words most in my life: but ask hard work, don't ask about harvest." What you achieve in the future, you can do whatever you want, do what you can, and do whatever you want to do. "

there is no autocracy, no beating and scolding, only encouragement and respect. Under the influence of such a family style, Liang Qichao's family "has three academicians and nine talents."

"Zhuangzi's Theory of all things" says, "Great knowledge is idle, small knowledge is between; big words are hot, small words are Zhan Zhan."

people with great wisdom must be magnanimous, have a more long-term and thorough view, and will not stick to small flaws. Their words are beautiful and warm, and people are convinced after listening to them.

how can there be no good fate for a person to do things in a sincere and willing manner?


wrote at the end

Zeng Guofan said: "fate can be changed, only by yourself."

A thought, a word, and a deed can change fate.

those who have a poisonous mouth have more misfortune, but those who have an evil mouth are less blessed. Oral karma is the easiest thing to commit in one's life.

A person with a good mouth is lucky. Be careful with your words and deeds, so that the road of life can be more and more smooth.

if you want to have a good fate, start with good words.