To parents: in the new year, please stop giving mobile phones to your children in various names!

To parents: in the new year, please stop giving mobile phones to your children in various names!

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with the popularity of mobile phones, more and more adults can not do without mobile phones.

Today, mobile phones cast a gray shadow over children's world.

A junior high school student was addicted to mobile games. His father grabbed his mobile phone and threw it into a tall building. He immediately jumped down with his mobile phone and fell to his death.

A freshman in Haikou City jumped from the 14th floor and died after being criticized by his mother for playing games with his mobile phone all day.

A girl in the third year of junior high school in Liaoning Province lost 60,000 yuan a month for playing games, committed suicide because of guilt and fear, and fell to her death from her balcony.


the world in the mobile phone is so wonderful that the children addicted to it gradually forget the real world and get a little closer to the irreparable abyss.

playing with mobile phones is becoming the source of tragedies for teenagers and children. in the new year, please stop giving mobile phones to their children in various names.


Why do children tend to be addicted to mobile phones?

China's first children's cyber security research report (2016) shows that

among children aged 3-6, the mobile phone contact rate is as high as 91%; children aged 9-10 in primary school are not much different from adults in their use behavior.

Today's children are more and more likely to be addicted to mobile phones.

read such a passage on the Internet, I have a deep feeling:

Thirty years ago, people exclaimed that pop concerts would destroy the next generation;

Twenty years ago, people exclaimed that TV programs would destroy the next generation;

Ten years ago, people exclaimed that computers and the Internet would destroy the next generation.

now, people begin to cry that mobile phones will destroy the next generation.

it seems that people have reached a consensus that behind every problem, the culprit is neither the parents nor themselves, and there is always a scapegoat.

but children's addiction to mobile phones is just the appearance, and the hidden truth is the psychological needs of children that have never been met.

in Juvenile Shuo, a child complained to his parents in tears:

when I was a child, I thought the mobile phone was the child of Mom and Dad. Every time I look at them, they are staring at their cell phones. They want me to be quiet and not to make trouble, so they throw me their cell phone and let me play. "

parents are the wall between children and addicted to mobile phones.

the lack of parental education is the root cause of children's obsession with junk happiness.


playing with mobile phones destroys children's lives

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children who often play with mobile phones and children who do not play with mobile phones. Ten years later, the difference is unimaginable!

A survey was conducted abroad, in which 100 children were selected, of which 50 had no access to mobile phones at all, and the other 50 had become obsessed with mobile phones.

Ten years later, only 2 of the 50 children obsessed with mobile phones were admitted to college, while all the other 50 were admitted to college, and 16 received full scholarships.

the impact of playing with mobile phones on children will last a lifetime, and there may be earth-shaking changes in children's lives without waiting for 10 years later.

in 2017, a game called "Blue Whale" was introduced from abroad and became popular in domestic universities, primary and secondary schools.

games specifically attract children with depression and self-harm tendencies, instigating them to carve words and draw characters on their bodies, and complete a series of tasks, the ultimate task is suicide!

A boy under the age of 18 in Changshu, Jiangsu Province was abetted to commit suicide by jumping into the river. Fortunately, the Changshu Internet police sensed it was wrong and went to the police to rescue him in time.

the boy said that it was netizens in the game who taught him to do this, and if he didn't do it, his family would be threatened.

Mobile phone is just a communication tool, but once addicted, this tool may destroy a child's life and even life.


playing with mobile phones destroys children's health

do you know what it means to children to play with mobile phones for a long time?

means cervical vertebra deformation.

A 9-year-old boy in Jiangsu often felt sore neck and numb fingers. His parents took him for CT examination.

do not know, a test startled, the child's cervical vertebra has become a straight line! (the normal cervical vertebra has the arc of anterior curvature)

it turns out that the child has bowed his head and played with his mobile phone for a long time, resulting in serious deformation of the cervical vertebra.

you know, when adults bow their heads and play with their mobile phones, they add an extra 27 kilograms to their spine, which is equivalent to a six-or seven-year-old child sitting on his neck, and the damage to the child will only be greater.

means the degree of myopia is getting deeper and deeper.

Zhejiang Eye Hospital found that children's eyesight decreased by an average of 41.7 degrees when they played tablet computers for 20 minutes and by mobile phones for 20 minutes.

means that the personality becomes withdrawn.

A child turned into the kitchen because his father did not allow him to play games, picked up a kitchen knife and cut it on his wrist.

some children gradually suffer from severe depression because they are too addicted to mobile phones and are unwilling to associate with their peers.

the harm of playing with mobile phone can not be underestimated, even if it can not be seen for a short time, it will cause fatal harm to the child over a long period of time.


playing with mobile phone affects children's values

1, and affects children's view of money.

remember that 17-year-old who sold kidneys to buy iPhones?

he found an intermediary on the Internet, had a living kidney transplant, got 22000 yuan, and bought iPhone 4 and iPad.

however, after the operation, his health became worse and worse and he could only stay in bed. He was 1.9 meters tall and slimmed down to just over 90 jin.

the wrong view of money will affect the child's whole life.

2Affect children's outlook on life.

psychologist Adam Art said: "Entertainment products such as games, gossip and live broadcasts, like drugs, are addictive when they are not careful."

the terrible thing is that our children are more and more inseparable from this junk happiness.

they don't even want to study hard, they just want to be online celebrities who make quick money. More and more minors on live streaming platforms are the biggest crisis.

3. Affect children's world outlook.

in recent years, school violence has attracted a lot of attention, with children beating and kicking their peers while holding mobile phones to record the whole process.

they are not aware of their badness, and even upload videos to the Internet to win clicks.

because of the influence of the network environment full of pornographic and violent information from an early age, some children have abandoned the basic moral standards and even embarked on the road of breaking the law and committing crimes.


playing with mobile phones threatens children's learning

A foreign child behaviorist has found that the brains of children addicted to mobile phones tend to shrink more than those of ordinary children.

Children who often play with mobile phones are significantly worse than ordinary children in terms of cognitive ability, imagination, thinking ability, concentration and hands-on ability.

1. Affect the ability of language expression

every hour when the screen is open, the number of words that children hear from their parents decreases by at least 500. If they watch too much TV and mobile phones, their language expression will become slow.

0-5 years old is the key period of children's language development. if they use mobile phones too early, children will not be willing to practice their speaking ability.

2, influence the development of thinking logic

the mobile phone is basically image content, which can not exercise children's thinking ability. When children begin to rely on the learning software on the mobile phone, they will be lazy to think and only pursue speed. It greatly affects the way they think.

3, affect the development of interest in learning

the head teacher concluded that top students seldom use mobile phones, while ordinary students became addicted to mobile phones a long time ago.

the temptation of mobile games for children is huge. Once a child can't let go of his mobile phone, his study will be abandoned.


playing with mobile phones and disrupting children's communication

"students jumping from a building" in the Middle School attached to Beijing Institute of Technology is a typical tragedy.

addicted to the mobile phone, once he left the mobile phone, he was unable to study, so he asked his father for his mobile phone back.

the father refused to give it, and the exasperated child jumped off the balcony on the 11th floor of his home and died on the spot.

after the tragedy, the mother of the child was so devastated that she jumped to her death one after another while her family was off guard.

because of one mobile phone, two fresh lives come to an end, and a family is destroyed!

addicted to mobile phones, children not only have a worse relationship with their parents, but also find it difficult to get along with the people around them.

there are children who are eloquent and make a lot of friends in the small world of mobile phones, but return to reality with few words, and they are extremely unpopular.

face-to-face communication, they are afraid that only through a screen can they do whatever they want.

Studies have shown that a person who uses a mobile phone for more than 68 minutes a day has a risk of depression.

No wonder some people say that mobile phones are like spiritual opium, sucking away a child's full and vibrant state of mind. It is the biggest killer of children in the information age.

not good at communication, not good at talking, hiding in their own small world, children will one day waste their own life.


parents, don't let mobile phones steal children's dreams!

1. Parents play less by themselves.

parents are the best teachers for their children. If parents put down their phones, their children will not be addicted to it.

be sure to set a good example for your child, and you must do what you want your child to do first.

2. Often accompany children.

most children who are addicted to mobile phones transfer this dependence to mobile phones because of the lack of companionship of their parents.

companionship is the best education, even if it is only silent companionship, it will benefit children a lot.

3. Change the family atmosphere.

parents spend their time playing with their mobile phones reading books, playing games with their children, or taking them for outdoor activities.

first change the family atmosphere, so that children are willing to take the initiative to put down their mobile phones before our education can be effective.

4. Cultivate children's interest.

Let the child have at least one hobby, so he can practice calligraphy when he is bored, touch the piano when he is sad, and sing when he is happy.

playing with mobile phone is definitely not the only entertainment for children. Cultivate children's interests and hobbies and make their life rich and colorful.

5, control time content.

set APP usage object and time, set web browsing restrictions, and guide children to use mobile phones correctly.

make three rules with your child beforehand to let your child understand that mobile phone is just a tool and can't be addicted to and dependent on.

Mobile phones don't destroy children, but parents don't lead them astray.