To May: talk less, do more when you are free, and exercise frequently.

To May: talk less, do more when you are free, and exercise frequently.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time flutters its wings across the May sky.

in the twinkling of an eye, 2021 has already passed 1max 3.

with the warm sun and the heat wave of early summer, we bid farewell to the most beautiful April day and went to the brand-new May.

the first day of May was International Labour Day.

Gorky said:

the festival full of vitality has laid a positive rhythm for this month.

I hope that in the coming days, we can all work hard to live, talk less, do more, exercise frequently, and become stronger ourselves.


there is nothing to talk less

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as the saying goes, "if you say more, you will lose."

it takes us a year to learn to speak, but a lifetime to learn how to shut up.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, Yang Xiu was extremely clever, but unfortunately he was found guilty of his words.

once, Cao Cao ordered people to build a garden.

after it was built, Cao Cao wrote the word "alive" on the door, and people around him wondered.

when Yang Xiu saw it, he said, "if you add the word 'live' to the door, it means' wide'. This is because the door is too wide."

the workers changed the door smaller according to Yang Xiu's suggestion.

after Cao Cao knew that Yang Xiu read his mind, he did not like to turn to anger.

on another occasion, Saibei Jin offered a basin of crisp to Cao Cao, on which Cao Cao wrote the word "Yi he Crisp".

everyone was puzzled, but Yang Xiu calmly picked up the cake and distributed it to everyone, saying that since it said, "one person has a mouthful of cake," he dared not disobey orders.

Cao Cao said nothing, but he hated Yang Xiu more and more.

later, when marching and fighting, Cao Cao used chicken ribs as military orders.

Yang Xiu figured out that Cao was worried about retreating, so he told everyone to pack their bags and get ready to go back.

this time, Cao Cao couldn't stand it and killed Yang Xiu for disturbing the morale of the army.

Yang Xiu talked a lot over and over again, but his cleverness was mistaken by his intelligence, and he got himself killed.

eloquence is a good thing, but proper silence is even more commendable.

speaking regardless of occasion and babbling at any time will only be counterproductive.

after Mrs. Xianglin, written by Lu Xun, lost her son, everyone around her sympathized with her.

however, endless complaints and endless cries are tiresome after all.

in her repeated outpouring, suffering turned into a joke, and people were afraid to avoid her.

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "hope is natural."

the so-called "hope word" means to talk less.

the number of words is poor, so it is better to keep the middle.

living in this world, keeping your mouth shut is a lifetime of spiritual practice.

Don't let the "speech value" be low, which will bring down your good appearance.


do more things when you have time

Sister Lan is the head of the finance department of the company. Some time ago, she was really too busy, so she hired some interns to help reconcile the accounts.

Xiao Ai, an intern, is smart and has a job in his eyes. Every time I finish the account, I will ask Sister Lan what else I can do to help.

as he does more things, he knows more about the business and becomes more familiar with his work.

after the internship, Sister Lan knew full well that there was no establishment in the department, so she specially applied to the boss and wanted to keep Xiao Ai.

Xiao Yan, on the other hand, thinks that doing more and doing less is the same, and so is the internship certificate.

what's more, it's much more wrong to do more, so you don't have to make fun of yourself.

Xiao Yan commutes to and from work every day. After chirping and checking her accounts, she sits on her desk and plays with her mobile phone as if no one else should be disturbed.

as a result, Xiao Yan left the company before her internship was over.

Liu run, a business consultant, once wrote: "it's not a bad thing to do more work. The more you do, the more people you come into contact with, the more resources you have, the greater your role in the organization, the greater the value, and the more secure your position."

those who do nothing seem to live comfortably, but in fact they will soon fall into the dilemma of boiling frogs in warm water, resulting in a dilemma.

in a speech, Luo Zhenyu compared the difference between people who do things and those who do nothing.

people who do nothing like to discuss abstract questions: "which is more important, emotion or reason?" How to balance ideal and reality? "

people who do things are more likely to think about practical problems and care most about how to do the task at hand.

most of the time, we get confused because we think too much and do too little.

when you really take action, many problems will be easily solved, and you will become more confident in your day-to-day efforts to get rid of the sense of powerlessness.

it doesn't matter if you make a fool or step in a hole in the process of doing it.

Life is meant for trial and error. Only after we have learned a lesson can we grow and shine savagely.


exercise frequently

recently, the topic "what will happen to people who do not exercise for a long time" has gone viral on Weibo.

in the comments section, some netizens said: "my biggest exercise is work. Apart from work, I just want to lie down."

and netizens said: "everyone knows that exercise is good for the body, but it is too lazy to move."

there is nothing more rewarding than exercise, but in a busy life, exercise is the first thing many people give up.

according to World Health Organization (WHO) 's survey, lack of exercise is one of the main risk factors for premature death worldwide.

if a person does not exercise for a long time, the function of his body organs will decline and his metabolism will slow down.

people who exercise and those who do not exercise lead two completely different lives.

When I watched the variety show some time ago, I was surprised by the state of Li Ruotong, the "immortal sister".

in her 50s, she is radiant, without a trace of aging, and can be called a "frozen beauty" by wearing a 17-year-old school uniform.

people often say to her, "Auntie, you are too thin. You should eat more."

she replied: "I never advocate dieting and eating more. The way to keep fit is to exercise all year round."

for more than a decade, she has maintained high-intensity exercise almost every day, can do 250belly rolls in one breath, and most of the activities posted on Weibo are related to fitness.

We often envy the invincible beauty of the years, but forget the efforts behind the beauty.

sometimes, we always take no time as an excuse for not exercising. We would rather lie in bed and swipe our mobile phone for an hour than exercise for 10 minutes.

actually, exercise really doesn't take you much time.

some studies have found that middle-aged people do only more than 10 minutes of intensive physical exercise every day, which helps to maintain the brain.

if you don't exercise in May, you will only be sad in June.

the new May, let's start with 10 minutes of exercise every day, build the future with sweat, and make every day feel refreshed.


summer is coming, the temperature is getting warmer and everything is full of life.

bathed in the breeze, clouds cover hundreds of flowers and butterflies dance on their wings.

this May, when you are overwhelmed by life, you may be able to live in a different way.

nothing, talk less, do more when you are free, and exercise frequently.

I hope we can all work hard to cultivate ourselves, do not say beautiful words, but do not forget to do beautiful things;

hope that we can have the abundance brought by the years, stop daydreaming and anxiety, and firmly move forward towards our dreams;

I hope that all the unpleasantness of April will be over, welcome May together, and make a little progress every day.