To give is to get, and to give is to give up (depth)

To give is to get, and to give is to give up (depth)

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the world of mortals is just a pipe dream!

Life is a process of constant gain and loss.

giving up with gain is the way to deal with the world.

as the Buddhist sutra says,

only by being calm and calm can life go smoothly and be at ease!


without cause, there is no effect; without giving up, there is no gain.

can not give up desire, so can not get happiness; can not give up, so can not get harvest; can not give up obsession, so can not be let go.

that's the way life is. The more you don't want to lose it, the less you get what you want.

I remember reading such a fable:

once upon a time there was a landlord who regarded money as his life.

once he crossed the river with a bag of gold on his back, but he was caught in a storm and the boat was about to be overturned by the waves. The boatman advised the landlord to throw away the gold to save his life, but he held on to the bag tightly. At last, he sank into the river with the bag of gold.

you see, people who are too attached to things outside their bodies and are not willing to give up will end up not giving up their wealth or their lives.

and really smart people know that giving up is not giving up, but learning to lighten the burden for life.

only by giving up those heavy, tedious and life burdens in front of us can we get more and farther ahead.


there is a house, there is a person

, there is a house, there will be something.

there is a saying in the Buddhist sutra: give one get ten thousand rewards.

A simple sentence reveals the wisdom and truth of "willing" in life.

when you get it, you should know how to give up the loss; at the same time, you should know how to find yourself from giving up.

as the saying goes, I am lucky to gain, but it is not a kind of gain to give up when I lose my life.

believe that what is lost in life will be returned to you in another way.

it's like giving away hard work and getting money, which is called heaven's way of rewarding diligence;

when you have money, you give it away and people get it; this is called gathering people with light wealth;

when there are people, give up love and get your career.

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most of the time, people have nothing to give up and have nothing to gain.

so do good deeds and don't ask about the future. God will not be kind to those who are willing to give.


A person's life is repeated in the process of continuous gain and loss.

learn to take when you take, give up when you give up, give up when you can, and be good at giving up, so that you can deal with it calmly.

as there is a saying in Caigen Tan:

rather than insisting on what you do not belong to and being frustrated with what you once had, it is more important to let nature take its course and go and stay.

after all, people live as they wish all their lives.

what should come will come sooner or later, no matter it is good or bad, no one can stop it.

only, treat well with sincerity, cherish hard, face calmly, gain and lose calmly, will not push yourself too hard.

the best rest of life is to learn to let go of your troubles and let your mind calm down.

May you and I in the world be able to enjoy the peace and gain, and then the flowers will blossom and fall, and be at ease sometimes.